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Updated Allergen List

Why an updated list of allergens?

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The Lists

Why an updated and expanded list of allergens?

Since my book was published I have found more than over 100 new names used on product labels that can indicate the presence of hidden allergens. Some of them are fairly obvious but are included for completeness. Others are more unexpected. For instance, both dry powder type asthma inhaler and latex gloves can be a hidden source of exposure to milk allergens. These new names and products are posted below.

As many of you are probably already aware, if you have either classical food allergies or food sensitivities (the difference is explained on pages 30-32 of the book Conquering Arthritis) avoiding hidden allergens is a critical part of getting well and staying well. Knowing exactly where these hidden allergens are found is an important part of being able to avoid them.

If you have more names to add to my hidden allergen list, please send them to me at:


The Lists


• anything with the word “ovo” in it
• dried eggs
• eggnog
• egg shells
• egg yolks
• globulin
• ice cream
• lecithin
• liquid egg substitutes (such as Egg Beaters®)
• lysozyme (used in Europe)
• margarine (some margarines contain lecithin which can contain egg allergens)
• mayonnaise
• marzipan
• meringue
• ovalbumin
• ovavitellin
• powered eggs
• quiche
• “Simplesse®” artifical fat (made from skim milk and egg whites)
• soufflé

Products that May Trigger People Sensitive to Eggs

  • vaccines (People allergic to eggs sometimes react to vaccines if they have been cultivated in eggs. They may also react to bird feathers.)


• anything labeled “kosher dairy” (even if there are no dairy products listed on the label, this designation indicates that the equipment used to make this product may have been contaminated with dairy)
• artifical butter flavor
• Barbarian cream flavoring
• brown sugar flavoring
• butter
• butterfat
• butter oil
• coconut cream flavoring
• Cool Whip® and most other brands of “non-dairy whipped topping” (contain casein)
• curds
• custard
• dry milk
• ghee
• half and half
• high protein flour
• hydrolysates
• casein hydrolysates
• milk protein hydrolysates
• protein hydrolysates
• whey hydrolysates
• whey protein hydrolysates
• lactulose
• ice cream
• ice milk
• lactoglobin
• margarine (most contain milk or milk derivatives)
• milk
• milk derivative
• milk powder
• milk protein
• milk solids
• malted milk
• condensed milk
• evaporated milk
• dry milk
• whole milk
• low-fat milk
• nonfat milk
• skimmed milk
• goat’s milk
• milk chocolate
• natural flavoring (can indicate the presence of bread made with milk)
• nougat
• pudding
• Recaldent (a dairy derived ingredient found in some chewing gums)
• sherbet
• “Simplesse®” artifical fat (made from skim milk and egg whites)
• soy cheese (many brands contain casein)
• spices (can indicate the presence of bread made with milk)
• whey
• whipped cream
• whipping cream

Products that May Contain Milk

  • some asthma inhalers, the dry powder kind, contain lactose
  • latex gloves, some contain casein
  • medicine (some contain lactose as a filler)


• arachis oil
• groundnut oil
• lechitin (usually egg or soy but, very rarely, peanut)
• peanut butter
• satay sauce


• spring rolls
• some noodles (rice noodles are whiter than noodles made with wheat flour)


• vegetable gum
• vegetable protein
• vegetable starch


• blue cheese (can contain traces of wheat since bread is used to inoculate the cheese with blue molds)
• cereal extract
• cereal starch
• cracker meal
• chilton
• dinkel
• einkorn
• farro
• flour
• bread flour
• brown flour
• durum flour
• enriched flour
• graham flour
• granary floor
• high gluten flour
• high protein flour
• hard flour
• soft wheat flour
• strong flour
• whole wheat flour
• wholemeal flour
• fu
• germ
• gravy
• gravy powder
• ground spices
• ice cream
• icing sugar
• kamut
• malt
• modified food starch
• mustard powder
• natural flavoring
• pasta
• spelt
• stock cubes
• triticum
• triticale
• udon noodles
• wheat berries

Products that May Contain Hidden Wheat Allergens

  • ice cream, candies, soup, sauces, salad dressings, cream cheese and cottage cheese may contain stabilizers or thickeners derived from wheat or other cereals


• beer
• bouillon cubes
• bread
• buttermilk
• cheese
• cider
• dried fruit
• gin
• miso
• malt
• meat extract
• pizza
• sour cream
• soy sauce
• whisky
• wine




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