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Thank you very much for helping me overcome my arthritis. It really is one of the greatest gifts! I am back to normal since November....

Ferdinand Wong,

Hong Kong

It’s been almost two months since I started my rotation diet after taking the Alcat Test. I am so happy, and it seems that, little by little, I am getting rid of the underlying cause for the remaining inflammation I had....

Rosanne Martins

In Sept 2011 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. In two months I had gone from a very active, physical athlete to walking with a significant limp. All sports activities came to a halt. I also have four children (under 9) that I was having trouble keeping up with. I was reluctant to get up and walk to the kitchen due to the pain I felt in my ankles and feet. After scouring the internet, I ran across Barbara's story. I called ...

Glenn Dickerson
Houston, Texas

My first phone consultation with Barbara was excellent! Besides all the detailed information she gives, you also benefit from her focused and calm energy! With faith am looking forward to start treatment with Barbara! ...

Monica Reis

I didn't realize all the support you offer for people that read your book and follow your instructions until I started on the journey myself. You have been a wonderful support that allows me to keep going. You have been so kind to respond to a few of my emails with in 2 days of me writing them. I also had a phone conference with you that helped clarify a few things. It's 123 days since I gave up all medication and 45 days follo...

Amanda Church

In July of 2011, I had what my rheumatologist called "a full blown world class case of reactive arthritis". At the time I alternated between crutches and a wheelchair and spent most of my days trapped in bed icing my knees, ankles, and hands as I suffered inflammatory attacks throughout the day. While I was receiving methotrexate and on NSAIDs I still had attacks. The number and severity of these attacks was greatly redu...

Matt Hangen

I had the Alcat testing done in January after experiencing increased pain from osteoarthritis and rashes after eating. I have had wonderful results. A lessening of pain in my joints and no more rashes except a few times when I ate something that I shouldn't have. In fact, I was getting cortisone shots in my thumb because of bone on bone and arthritis. I cancelled my last shot because my thumb has not been hurting. It's been over 4 months now...

Vicky Maki

I signed up for your 6-month coaching in January this year. A year into my elimination diet and meditation regime, I've gone from 7-8/10 daily pain to 1-2/10 daily pain. Those meditations have been profound for me and helped me gently release very old deeply buried pain. Yesterday, I even accidentally ate cheese at a Christmas party, and wow... no increase in pain or headaches today...!! I'm so grateful for your guidance and enc...

Susan Handran Smith,
Mullumbimby, Australia

One of Everything

The One of Everything package includes all of the support materials Barbara Allan offers.  If you're ready for the whole enchilada, this is for you.                       

If you're interested in this package, then you're probably someone who can take in a lot of information at once and has a lot of determination to heal. You have a clear goal and that goal is to get well. You're ready to implement changes in your diet and life in order to heal and you have the perseverance to do it.

Already, I'm confident that you will be able to heal your arthritis based on the level of commitment you are showing by desiring everything I have to offer now. I'll gladly supply you with all of the support materials you need to heal.

The One of Everything package includes all of the support materials I offer: my book, 6-month online course, 6-CD meditation set, arthritis drug guide, 17 Secrets DVD, membership to the Get Well Now Club, and the ALCAT Platinum Comprehensive blood test complete with a blood draw and deluxe consultation with me in which I work with you one on one and give you detailed pointers tailored to your unique situation. For details about the Deluxe ALCAT Consultation, see below.

With this package, you'll have all of the resources you need to heal at your own pace. You can watch an overview of the process with my 17 Secrets DVD. Then you can read my book and access all of the support videos on the online course, as well as ask as many questions as you need there. You'll also have my arthritis drug guide and newsletter for more information.

When you feel ready to identify your food and chemical hypersensitivities, you can schedule your blood draw for the ALCAT Test. Once you get your results, I will personally review them with you over the phone. This test will give you a huge advantage when you begin eliminating your problem foods.

At any point you can begin using my meditation CDs for pain relief and emotional healing.

Although you don't have to follow it's exact order of steps, the online course will guide you through the whole process. In the course, you will find support materials for everything from taking the ALCAT test to meditating to cooking safe food for yourself.


If you're sold on Barbara's methods and ready to start healing your arthritis today, this package is for you.

Deluxe ALCAT Consultation

This consultation package includes four 50-minute phone consultations with Barbara Allan, one before your results come in, one soon after, one a month after your first call for reassessment, and one to use whenever you'd like.

Before your results come in, you are invited to complete a pre-consultation questionnaire in which you can explain your medical history. Barbara will review your questionnaire and medical history with you to help you better understand your prognosis and answer any questions you may have.

After your results come in, Barbara will go over them with you in detail, alerting you to possible sources of hidden allergens. She will also explain how to use your ALCAT test results to heal. During this consultation, she will help you to make a personal action plan based on your results.

In the one-month reassessment call, Barbara will check your progress, help you troubleshoot, and fine-tune your diet. She will also help you to create an updated action plan. This can be helpful if you need extra support or have a particularly difficult set of sensitivities, like soy or corn.

Because this can be a lot of information to take in and remember, you will receive a written summary of both of your action plans and all consultations will be recorded for your later reference and so you may share them with family and friends.

This package also includes the privilege of three email questions to Barbara. These can be especially useful after you have been working with your ALCAT results for a few weeks and questions come up.

When this consult package is purchased al a carte, access to nine of Barbara's informational videos is added as bonus. However, when purchased with the One of Everything package, it comes with access to Barbara's entire online course, which includes those ten videos and many, many more.

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This book provides practical, detailed information that is critical for the successful healing of arthritis, but that has never before been collected in one place.

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This 28 week course guides you step by doable step through the arthritis healing process. Barbara delivers the lessons by online video.  You have a chance to ask questions after each lesson.

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Meditation CDs
These are the meditations that helped Barbara Allan fully conquer her arthritis.  They retrained her response to pain, providing deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

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ALCAT Blood Test
The ALCAT test screens for inflammatory reactions triggered by over 350 common foods, food additives,molds, medications and chemicals in our environment. This test gives you a huge head start in your healing process.

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Speak directly with Barbara Allan for her help in personalizing her system to your specific needs and overcoming any obstacles you encounter on the path to healing.  

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One of Everything
The One of Everything package includes all of the support materials Barbara Allan offers.  If you're ready for the whole enchilada, this is for you.

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An online community of support for those healing their arthritis, food sensitivities, or other autoimmune diseases.
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How is Barbara's health is now? She's doing fantastic, with no arthritis at all since 1999. She still enjoys cooking. This is where she shares her delicious recipes for curing arthritis.
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Articles on arthritis and what it takes to heal it. A treasure drove of information.
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