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From the first listen I fell asleep, but then afterwards I could detect a lightness in my being. The next two I fell asleep also. It took the fourth attempt to stay awake, and now I stay awake thru them all. I have found these meditations profoundly healing. I've practiced Goenka style Vipassana for 20 years, but I never went deeper than the initial 10 day retreats, to get down to these deep levels of emotional ...

Susie Handran-Smith


Andrea Wilson

What I like about the guided meditations is that they help me stay awake! Plus, since they deal with RA they go directly to the problems. ...

Pat Deshon

 I like the combination of the full set of the meditation CD's - I thought that I was struggling with internal anger but have discovered I am having much stronger results with the meditation CD around fear....

Michelle Mills

I love them and they've helped me tremendously- while my body was in crisis I used them every day. I still use the principles daily. The tapes could use a remix- perhaps you've already done that. The edits and level issues, I find distracting and takes away from my using the CDs. Conceptually: A+; execution: C-...

Lisa Johnson

I love the meditation cd's!!! I completely agree with you that the spiritual/emotional pa...

Laurie Estey

Listening to your pain meditations today.  Thank you.  I could not cope without them....

Timber Pearl

Meditation CDs

6 CD Guided Meditation Set
for Arthritis Pain Relief


These are the meditations that helped me fully conquer my own arthritis.  They retrained my response to pain, they provided deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. 

Once the deep root causes of my arthritis were gone, my arthritis disappeared.
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Conquering Arthritis Meditation CD #1 - getting started CD #1 explains everything you need to get started, even if you have never meditated before.

CD 2-6 contain guided meditations that teach the skills you need
to release deep underlying causes of arthritis.

Conquering Arthritis Meditation CD #2 - Tonglen meditation for working with pain CD #2 teaches an ancient Tibetan form of meditation called Tonglen that provided my first profound relief from can't-sleep-at-night, just-want-to-scream levels of pain.


Conquering Arthritis Meditation CD #3 - more meditation techniques for dealing with physical pain CD #3 teaches two highly effective meditations for dealing with and breaking through that hallmark of arthritis: physical pain.


Conquering Arthritis Meditation CD #4 - meditations for releasing fear CD #4 focuses on meditations for identifying and releasing deep-seated fear.


Conquering Arthritis Meditation CD #5 - meditation for releasing anger CD #5 teaches a special meditation for identifying and releasing deep-seated anger, anger so deep you may not even consciously know you are holding it in your body.


Conquering Arthritis Meditation CD #6 - meditation for releasing resentment and bitterness CD #6 takes you through a special meditation for releasing resentment and bitterness.

Each of these guided meditation CDs is designed to help you bring about profound healing of arthritis. Used together they help release deep blocks that underlie arthritis.

Learning these skills can unlock deep reservoirs of healing potential you may never have known you possess.

Conquering Arthritis Meditation CD Set

6 CD Set: $127.00
Listening time: 330 minutes



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Meditation CDs
These are the meditations that helped Barbara Allan fully conquer her arthritis.  They retrained her response to pain, providing deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

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