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Guided Meditation MP3s

The Meditations in this 6 Album Set helped me fully conquer my own arthritis.

They retrained my response to pain.  They provided deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. 

Once the deep root causes of my arthritis were gone, my arthritis disappeared.


Most people with arthritis find these guided meditations quite valuable and have no problem with the production quality, but be warned, if you are a trained muscian or otherwise have a highly discriminating sense of hearing, initially you may not be happy listening to these CDs. 

If that is the case, I suggest you use the irritation you experience while listening to these meditations to work through your adversive tendencies around sound.  Working through your adversive tendencies to any particular simulus, be it certain sounds, certain images, or certain body sensations, can lead to physical healing. 

Certain sounds were personally some of my deepest aversive triggers.  Using meditation to become aware of how I reacted physically in a way that caused physical pain, enabled me to retrain myself so that the same sounds that used to cause extreem pain, no longer caused me pain at all.

No matter what your particular triggers are, if you find yourself experiencing adversion, I encourage you to continue using these guided meditations, in order to heal that pattern within yourself.  Meditation is the key that can unlock that advesion and release those energies as healing.

Album #1 explains everything you need to get started, even if you have never meditated before.

Album #2 teaches an ancient Tibetan form of meditation called Tonglen that provided my first profound relief from can't-sleep-at-night, just-want-to-scream levels of pain.


Album #3 teaches two highly effective meditations for dealing with and breaking through that hallmark of arthritis: physical pain.

Album #4
focuses on meditations for identifying and releasing deep-seated fear.

Album #5
teaches a special meditation for identifying and releasing deep-seated anger, anger so deep you may not even consciously know you are holding it in your body.

Album #6
takes you through a special meditation for releasing resentment and bitterness.

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This book provides practical, detailed information that is critical for the successful healing of arthritis, but that has never before been collected in one place.

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This 28 week course guides you step by doable step through the arthritis healing process. Barbara delivers the lessons by online video.  You have a chance to ask questions after each lesson.

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Meditation CDs
These are the meditations that helped Barbara Allan fully conquer her arthritis.  They retrained her response to pain, providing deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

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ALCAT Blood Test
The ALCAT test screens for inflammatory reactions triggered by over 350 common foods, food additives,molds, medications and chemicals in our environment. This test gives you a huge head start in your healing process.

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Speak directly with Barbara Allan for her help in personalizing her system to your specific needs and overcoming any obstacles you encounter on the path to healing.  

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One of Everything
The One of Everything package includes all of the support materials Barbara Allan offers.  If you're ready for the whole enchilada, this is for you.

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An online community of support for those healing their arthritis, food sensitivities, or other autoimmune diseases.
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How is Barbara's health is now? She's doing fantastic, with no arthritis at all since 1999. She still enjoys cooking. This is where she shares her delicious recipes for curing arthritis.
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Articles on arthritis and what it takes to heal it. A treasure drove of information.
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