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I like the careful explanations and visuals that help me get a good idea about each and every aspect of arthritis and how to cure it. It is very carefully thought out and put together so that I can take bites out of all there is to know and learn about getting well. The course is working so far to help me soak in information in baby steps. It seems to keep me motivated to get well and helps me clarify what it is I am up against and what I need to...

Alecia Fred

Thank you very much for helping me overcome my arthritis. It really is one of the greatest gifts! I am back to normal since November....

Ferdinand Wong,
Hong Kong

I signed up for your 6-month coaching in January this year. A year into my elimination diet and meditation regime, I've gone from 7-8/10 daily pain to 1-2/10 daily pain. Those meditations have been rofound for me and helped me gently release very old deeply buried pain. Yesterday, I even accidentally ate cheese at a Christmas party, and wow... no increase in pain or headaches tod...

Susan Handran Smith
Mullumbimby, Australia

I like that it keeps me connected to ideas and possibilities, and give me hope to overcome r/a. Hearing someone who has gone through the gauntlet and thrives is balm to my soul. The course is keeping me in touch with the reasons I was drawn to Barbara's book and philosophy. I like the course very much, especially on the days I've been to see my doctor - he just offers me meds. I like that it is 1/2 hour, more info may be a bit much. I gave ...

Pat Deshon


The Conquering Arthritis Course:

The 17 Secrets Method  

This 28 week course guides you step by doable step through the arthritis healing process. Barbara delivers the lessons by online video.

Conquering arthritis is no small feat – it takes determination, perseverance, and focus. When you're battling pain and fatigue, these qualities don't often come easy and taking all the necessary actions for healing may seem daunting. Having someone to guide you through the process in small doable steps can make healing much easier and much quicker.

Barbara Allan created The Conquering Arthritis Course: the 17 Secrets Method specifically for this purpose. Based on the 17 secrets she learned healing her own arthritis and coaching others through the healing process, the course is like a guided expedition to better health. Barbara's many years of knowledge and experience form this comprehensive and effective online course for getting well and truly conquering arthritis.

Through a series of weekly videos, she takes members, step by doable step, through the process she used to heal her own arthritis. By the end of her 28-week course, the goal is to not only achieve symptomatic control, but to fully heal the underlying causes and be completely arthritis-free!

The course is presented in an online blog format so that members can leave comments and questions at the end of each lesson. Barbara, as well as other members, then answer or respond, providing members with optimal feedback and support.

Membership Pricing

If you enroll as a Basic Access member or a Deluxe Access member, the first two weeks of the course are only $5. After the first two weeks, the monthly pricing begins. This allows you to try out the course and see if it's for you.


Basic Access$47 per month
($47 x 6 months = $282)

Deluxe Access with
Support$97 per month
($97 x 6 months = $582)

Full Access$450 flat

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Enroll Now! Enroll now!
Access Weekly Weekly Entire 28 weeks
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response to
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Barbara Allan

Basic Access
is only $5 for the first two weeks and $47 per month after that, for 6 months. With this type of membership you will gain access to new course content each week and have the ability to view and post questions and comments. However, the Basic Access membership does not guarantee Barbara Allan will have time to answer any of your questions.

Deluxe Access with Support is only $5 for the first two weeks and $97 per month after that, for 6 months. With this type of membership you will gain access to new course content each week and have the ability to view and post questions and comments. The Deluxe Access with Support membership guarantees Barbara Allan will answer any questions you post in the course. This is extremely advantageous for your healing. For $97 a month, you have arthritis expert and author of Conquering Arthritis, Barbara Allan answering your healing questions and coaching you through the healing process.

Immediate Full Access is a flat fee of $450. This option saves you over $100 and gives you immediate and complete access to all the course material and comments. The Immediate Full Access membership also guarantees Barbara Allan will answer any questions you post in the course. This option is ideal for people who are highly self-motivated to heal and wish to move through the course more quickly than 28 weeks.

Check out the Course Content Below!

The first week of the course is a gentle introduction given in short daily videos. These videos prepare members mentally for active healing and give some hints about how to best utilize the course format.

After the first week, the course switches from short daily videos to longer weekly videos.

In weeks two through six, members will identify and address their arthritis risk factors, learn the underlying causes of arthritis and how to treat them, and increase their awareness of the first barrier that keeps people from healing their arthritis. They will also learn about the ALCAT Test and its role in healing arthritis.

Week seven takes members through the basics of meditation, as it can be an amazing tool for pain management, before symptomatic control is achieved.

After learning how to use meditation for pain management and deep healing, members will learn about the second barrier that keeps people from healing their arthritis in weeks eight through ten.

Then, in weeks eleven through thirteen, Barbara will guide members through their first therapeutic fast (optional). Fasting is the most successful, time-tested, natural cure method for healing arthritis. At this point members typically achieve symptomatic control of their arthritis.

Following this, weeks sixteen through twenty help members modify their recipes, diets, and lifestyles to avoid their food sensitivities while still eating satisfying, delicious meals.

Weeks twenty-one through twenty-four detail how to move past symptomatic control and completely heal arthritis and food sensitivities with the basic healing diet.

In the final four weeks of the course, members will learn how to clear up any residual pain and stiffness, as well as how to use emotional freedom technique, exercise, and the five bonus secrets to completely heal.

Interested in a specific part of the course?

Check out the Course Modules Below

Introduction and Healing Mindset The Underlying Causes of Arthritis Barriers that Keep People From Healing Arthritis How to Use the ALCAT Test to Heal Arthritis Meditation and other Emotional Healing Methods Therapeutic Fasting How to Cook, Eat, and Travel with Arthritis The Basic Healing Diet Plus Strategies for Healing The Home Stretch: How to Clear Up Stiffness, Get Moving Again, and Continue Healing Support for the Conventional Method

View full list of course modules here.

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This book provides practical, detailed information that is critical for the successful healing of arthritis, but that has never before been collected in one place.

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This 28 week course guides you step by doable step through the arthritis healing process. Barbara delivers the lessons by online video.  You have a chance to ask questions after each lesson.

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Meditation CDs
These are the meditations that helped Barbara Allan fully conquer her arthritis.  They retrained her response to pain, providing deep physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

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ALCAT Blood Test
The ALCAT test screens for inflammatory reactions triggered by over 350 common foods, food additives,molds, medications and chemicals in our environment. This test gives you a huge head start in your healing process.

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Speak directly with Barbara Allan for her help in personalizing her system to your specific needs and overcoming any obstacles you encounter on the path to healing.  

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One of Everything
The One of Everything package includes all of the support materials Barbara Allan offers.  If you're ready for the whole enchilada, this is for you.

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An online community of support for those healing their arthritis, food sensitivities, or other autoimmune diseases.
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How is Barbara's health is now? She's doing fantastic, with no arthritis at all since 1999. She still enjoys cooking. This is where she shares her delicious recipes for curing arthritis.
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Articles on arthritis and what it takes to heal it. A treasure drove of information.
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