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Barbara's 9 Secrets for Healing Arthritis

The 9 secrets work together to heal arthritis. Every time you correct one of the underlying causes of your arthritis, you become healthier and more able to heal. Every step you take to increase your overall health, whether it specifically addresses an underlying cause of arthritis or not, increases your ability to heal. The goal is to increase your healing capacity enough to get well again.

You create a healing synergy, what might be called a "virtuous circle," the opposite of a "vicious circle." Healing starts to snowball. Soon you are feeling positively good again.

How to Use the 9 Secrets to Heal Arthritis

Because of the synergy, you can benefit from implementing many of the strategies in any order. However, common sense dictates that implementing the strategies in the following order is most likely to bring about the quickest results.

Note that chapters 14-17 are available
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The 9 Secrets
The Related Chapters
1 How problem foods may be causing your arthritis. See Chapters 1-3
2 How to check for food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances. See Chapters 4 and 5
3 Consider therapeutic fasting as a way to activate healing. See Chapter 5
4 If you test positive for problem foods, (a) learn to avoid them and (b) learn to procure safe food. (a) See Chapters 6, 7, 8, and 9
(b) See Chapters 10, 11, 12
5 If you test positive for problem foods, take steps to eliminate the underlying causes. See Chapter 13
6 Take supplements and eat foods that specifically promote the healing of arthritis. See Chapter 14
7 Learn how to break the vicious stress-tension-pain circle and replace it with the virtuous pleasure-relaxation-pain-reduction cycle using meditation. See Chapter 15
8 Learn strategies that will allow you to get the most out of exercise even if you are very weak or very sick. See Chapter 16
9 Clear up residual pain and stiffness by erasing pesky myofascial trigger points. See Chapter 17

Just in case the nine secrets are not enough for you, I have included 5 Bonus Secrets. These Bonus Secrets are how to find additional strategies, in case you, with your unique situation, require something more to achieve complete healing. These Bonus Secrets are given in the Conclusion.

To Heal Arthritis,
How Many Secrets Do You Need?

If you are really sick, like I was, and want to reach a high level of wellness again, you may have to use all the secrets. It may take that much positive change to activate that much of your healing potential. If you are not as sick, your job may be much easier. Just a few small changes may put you back on track for getting well.

Think of health as an election. In a tight race, just 1 or 2% of the vote can determine who wins. When you are close to the illness-health line, small gains and losses can make the difference between recovery and further decline. If you are way behind in the polls, you need to mount a more vigorous campaign in order to win.

Of course, if you find that you enjoy campaigning for your health, you can continue to make healthy changes even when you are "well." High level wellness just means that most of the precincts in your district are actively supporting you and your initiatives.


Arthritis Healing Secret #1

Chapter 1: False Friends-How Some of Your Favorite Foods May be Perpetuating Your Pain

Better the Devil You Know? Eliminating problem foods can eliminate arthritis pain. Strangely, it is often our favorite foods that cause the problem. Includes case histories of people who went from crippling pain back to pain-free, highly productive lives.

Chapter 2: Food Sensitivities-What They Are

Proper Treatment Depends on Proper Diagnosis. Ignorance within the medical system keeps many people sick with arthritis, fatigue, and other very serious symptoms. When drugs don't help, many doctors claim that your case is hopeless or jump to conclusion that your problem is "all in your head". They seldom even bother to screen for food sensitivities. This report gives you the concepts and vocabulary you need to to fight back against this ignorance. Make sure that if food sensitivities are a problem for you, you know how to get the proper treatment.

Chapter 3: Food Sensitivities-How They Arise

A Little Knowledge is a Powerful Thing. Some doctors claim that there is no evidence that food sensitivities can cause arthritis and fatigue. Nothing could be farther than the truth. With extensive citations from medical journals, this report refutes that claim once and for all. It details how four different mechanisms contribute to food sensitivities causing arthritis and fatigue, how common arthritis drugs can actually make arthritis worse, and what you can do to correct these problems.
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Arthritis Healing Secret #2

Chapter 4: Food Sensitivities-How to Test for Them

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands. Knowing if you have food sensitivities and if so, exactly what they are, is powerful information in the quest to get well again. Luckily, you don't have to rely on a doctor for this. You can test for food sensitivities in the comfort of your own home. This report tells you exactly how. Includes small but important details critical for success.
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Arthritis Healing Secret #3

Chapter 5: Calming Inflammation and Activating Healing Potential-How to Therapeutically Fast

Fast Recovery. European Fasting Clinics have a long history of success using juice fasting to cure arthritis. It is an extremely powerful way to heal arthritis and food sensitivities. Learn the four ways fasting activates your body's natural ability to heal, and the six simple skills you need to successfully undertake a therapeutic fast. Also learn what to expect while on a fast and the most critical step-how to successfully break a fast, including how to identify food sensitivities with amazing accuracy.
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Arthritis Healing Secret #4

Chapter 6: Food Sensitivities-How to Avoid Offending Foods and Food Additives in a World of Vague, Incomplete, and Confusing Food Labels

Avoiding the Enemy. If you have food sensitivities, get this report. It explains how to get safe food despite two loopholes in the law that allow ingredients to be added that aren't listed on food labels. It also explains other hidden dangers to watch out for, how to find safe products, and how to protect yourself against genetically engineered food, which is a potential nightmare for people with food sensitivities.

Chapter 7: Food Sensitivities-List of Names on Food Labels that can Indicate "Hidden Allergens"

Preventing "Terrorist Attacks"-Part I. If you have food sensitivities, get this report. Without this information, it can be next to impossible to avoid hidden allergens. Your only alternative might be to make everything you eat or touch from scratch.

Chapter 8: Food Sensitivities-List of Products that Can Contain "Hidden Allergens"

Preventing "Terrorist Attacks"-Part II. If you have food sensitivities, get this report. Without this information, it can be next to impossible to avoid hidden allergens. Your only alternative might be to make everything you eat or touch from catch.

Chapter 9: Additives to Avoid

Extra Security. If you have arthritis or food allergies, avoid these additives. Even if you are not allergic to the first nine additives, they can make your condition worse. The other nineteen additives are suspect because it is difficult to know what they were made from, thus what sorts of hidden allergens they might contain.

Chapter 10: Eating Well Despite Food Sensitivities-Strategies for Eating at Home

Good Home Cooking. You have food sensitivities. What next? This report gives six hints for restocking your kitchen with safe food. It includes instructions for modifying your favorite recipes and includes an extensive substitution guide with many unusual items that you are probably not allergic to.

Chapter 11: Eating Well Despite Food Sensitivities-Strategies for Eating Out and For Traveling

Travel the World. If you don't want food sensitivities to cramp your style, you need this report. Includes five important steps for getting a good and safe meal at a restaurant, and ten hints for eating well on an extended trip.

Chapter 12: No Need to Feel Deprived-Forty Six Quick and Delicious Recipes for Healthy, Allergen-Free Food

Recipes for Allergen-Free Food. Even my friends without arthritis have been asking for this report, because they like my cooking so much. They also know that I seldom make anything unless it is quick and easy, and they want to know my secrets. This report also includes a section on the arthritis-healing effects of the foods used in these recipes.
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Arthritis Healing Secret #5

Chapter 13: Ridding Yourself of Current Food Intolerances and Avoiding New Ones-Thirteen Strategies

Going for the Big Win. If you have food sensitivities, get this report. The previous reports show how to manage food sensitivities, often so well that you become symptom-free. For me, that was a life-altering miracle. This report takes that miracle one step further. As extensive as my sensitivities were, I had thought I might have to be on a highly restricted diet the rest of my life. Not true. All my food sensitivities are now completely gone and have now remained completely gone for over two years, with no return in sight. The most useful and comprehensive discussion I have ever seen on how to completely heal from food sensitivities.
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Arthritis Healing Secret #6

Chapter 14: Superior Nutritional Support-How to Eat to Maximize Healing

Eat, Drink and Be Merry. Healing from arthritis can be as easy as eating well. This chapter tells you how to do just that. The previous reports focused avoiding problem foods. This one focuses giving your body just what it needs. Learn the thirteen advantages of this type of healing diet and eight types of food and supplements that can help make even painful arthritis a distant memory.

Arthritis Healing Secret #7

Chapter 15: Not Just for Mystics Anymore-What Meditation is and Why it is so Useful for Dealing with Chronic Pain

Transforming Pain. What is Meditation? Why is it so useful? What does it involve? Learn the answer to these and other questions. Featured are two supremely useful meditations that you can use right away with any pain that you are currently experiencing.

Arthritis Healing Secret #8

Chapter 16: Partaking of the Elixir of Youth-How to Gain Maximum Benefits from Exercise

Back in the Saddle Again. Exercise is critical to the recovery of anyone with arthritis. It can lead to dramatic recoveries in muscle strength, bone mass, range of motion, energy level, and general joy in being alive. Yet if you do it wrong, you can do more damage than good. Learn the four keys to exercising safely even if you your arthritis is still very bad. Learn the seven best types of exercise and how to get the most out of them. Say yes to a healthier, happier you.

Arthritis Healing Secret #9

Chapter 17: Clearing Up Residual Pain and Stiffness-How to Erase Pesky Myofascial Trigger Points

Return to Robustness. For years I thought that my arthritis had done permanent damage to my hands. Not true. Turns out that the pain was caused by tight spots in the muscles of my upper arms. Tight spots that I could easily release myself using the techniques detailed in this report. Learn how to locate and release your own pesky trigger points. It's easy.

5 Bonus Arthritis Healing Secrets

Conclusion: How to Get the Most Out of these Special Reports Plus How to Find the Perfect Mix of Healing Strategies for Your Unique Situation

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck. This report explains how to get the greatest benefit from the healing methods detailed in these special reports. It also lists five healing secrets you can use if you need to come up with more healing options tailored to fit your unique situation.
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