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I am now in the second day of a juice fast that I'm already benefiting from.  I prepared the vegetable broth according to the guidelines you outlined.  Before starting the fast, I saw my colon hydrotherapist for a colonic.  Tomorrow morning, I plan to supplement all of this with a 1 quart enema.  While I only use enemas sparingly as I am quite regular, I am new to colon hydrotherapy. I have found it relieves any discomfort I have from arthritis.  I am convinced that the protocols you give work far better than anything my doctor could prescribe.  In fact, my doctor didn't suggest anything at all after I said I didn't want medication. 

This morning, I could put my shoes and socks on without pain, something I haven't been able to do since my diagnosis. 

Mike Barker

. I e-mailed you earlier to let you know how much I have appreciated your book, Conquering Arthritis, and to let you know how much I have already benefited from your "secrets".  This past April, I went on a 5 day cleanse where I made a vegetable broth and supplemented it with juices, mostly cranberry and carrot juice.  During the same period, I had two enemas to help with the cleansing process.  That worked wonders as far as pain relief from the osteoarthritis I have in my left hip.  Since then, I have added ground flaxseed to my daily cereal.  I have been so regular from it that I have not needed to take an enema, for which I am thankful.  Like you, I just don't like the idea of taking them, but I've found, like you, that they are really not so bad.  For now, I have no need to use them unless I undertake another fast as I did last May.  Prior to reading your book, I had seen a colon hydrotherapist for an occasional colonic.  After consulting a chiropractor acquaintance, I am seeing my hydrotherapist no more than 2 or 3 times a year.  

What I found about myself as a result of your book is that I have no identifiable food allergies, except that I am lactose intolerant.  I now use Almond milk and, along with a suitable probiotic, have no digestive upset at all. 



Mike Barker
Love your work, Barbara. You've saved me probably 30 more years of pain. 


Thank you Barbara, from the bottom of our hearts, you have been so detailed and thorough. Both Tabby and I are excited and ready for the challenge. I so appreciate the love you given my family. You are inspirational! you have given me courage and helped me recognise my purpose. Thank you. I know you are there if we need you x we will be in touch. 

Love and thanks from us all. 

Helen and Tabby

Helen and Tabby
I have RA and in combination with the ALCAT, a good probiotic, and L-glutamine I am in remission after two week!

Betsy Usher, Los Angeles, CA

I had tremendous swelling, heat in the joints, pain where I had to get cortison shots. 

Well, today three measure of inflammation:  Creatinine, ALT (SGPT), and
C-Reactive Protein

WERE NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HAVE NEVER SEEN THEM NORMAL, NOT IN 8 to 10 years of having Reumatoid Arthritis. 

 The good news is that my doctor says (without my asking) that as we head into the cold weather lets see if I get the usual flares. If I do not, after several fronts, then we half the medicine. Then if it continues, I could stop the medicine.

Have you ever had a doctor say, "STOP THE MEDICINE"????? NOT ME.....

Anyway, I cried tears of joy. I am so happy. Thank you, Barbara, for your book.

Judy Hundley
Moody, Texas
Barbara was patient, honest and made recommendations based upon my current needs.

April Bergeler, Denver Colorado
I love the meditation cd's!!! I completely agree with you that the spiritual/emotional parts of us must be healed in order for our body to heal!

Laurie Estey
Listening to your pain meditations today.  Thank you.  I could not cope without them.

Timber Pearl

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