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About Chapter 14: Superior Nutritional Support - How to Eat to Maximize Healing

Very reader friendly, practical and thoroughly documented.

Kelly Standing
Chrone’s disease
Sunset Hills, Missouri

About Chapter 15: Transforming Your Relationship to Pain - How to Use Meditation as a Powerful Aid in Healing

I loved it!

Mary Hamilton
Meditation Facilitator, Vipassana Support Institute
Glendale, California
The scope of information and personal experience is quite impressive.

Carol Wilson
Meditation Teacher at Insight Meditation Society
Barre, Massachusetts

Foreword to the book by William C. Mootz, MD

A good book teaches us more than one lesson. Sometimes an author presents a lesson in an overt manner. At other times, a lesson is presented more covertly. Covert lessons are those that may require us to 'read between the lines', or perhaps, to recognize a common theme, never explicitly stated, but which, nonetheless, runs like an undercurrent, throughout a book.

Overtly, Barb Allan's book contains lessons for those of us who have been diagnosed with arthritis. In particular, it teaches us nine secrets that Barb 'learned the hard way'. Less obvious, but of enormous importance, is that Barb's book teaches a lesson to all of us who ever have been, or ever will be, told by our health care provider that we are afflicted with a disease for which there is no certain cure. This covert lesson is the way in which Barb reacted to her own health situation. In a nutshell, she adopted a proactive attitude. Unwilling to remain passive, when her expectations for restoration of her health were not forthcoming, she took action. She read widely about arthritis, and in so doing, she learned about other treatment options previously unknown to her, as well as to her doctors. She applied her intellect to allow her to discern which of the treatments she learned about were worthy of serious consideration, and which were not. She applied the lessons she had learned, and then she listened to her body, and allowed it to offer guidance. She altered her dietary habits, she incorporated meditation into her treatment regimen, and she exercised. She refused to let her arthritis have its way, unchallenged. In so doing, she altered her life for the better.

As a graduate of an 'allopathic' medical school, I could well be described as one of the 'Doctors who don't tell you, because they don't know'. In fact, I can recall no medical schools classes on food sensitivity, and cannot claim expertise in this area. However, 25 years of practicing 'allopathic' medicine has taught me that how a patient approaches her/his illness, and the attitude that she/he takes towards restoring her/his health is usually the single most important factor influencing the prognosis. Barb Allan took charge of her own well-being and refused to surrender to her arthritis. Her overt lessons are there to help those with arthritis. Her covert lesson stands as an example to us all. Congratulations Barb.

William C. Mootz, M.D.
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

A special note from Shinzen Young,

Director of the Vipassana Support Institute

All over the world in traditional cultures, men and women voluntarily subject themselves to pain as a vehicle for radical spiritual transformation. The Sundances and sweat lodges of native North America are examples of this. As cultures become more complex, the shamanic ordeals of the tribe evolve into systems of ascetic and contemplative practice.

But what about involuntary pain? In theory, this too could be turned into a purifying ceremony or a sacred meditation. In practice it is exceedingly difficult to do this unless you are fortunate enough to encounter a competent guide in this area.

In this area, the qualifications for a competent guide are severe. The guide must be a person who has successfully used non-consensual pain to transcend their limited identity and unite with the source. Furthermore, to be a competent guide, one must have the creative communication skills to clearly convey to others how they could also do this.

Such people are very rare. Barbara Allan is one of them. And this, her book, will be a godsend to those in pain who are ready for radical growth.
Shinzen Young
Director of the Vipassana Support Institute

Forward to the book by Barry and Inge Allan, Barbara's parents

To our daughter Barbara,

It still seems like such a miracle that you are finally well. You were barely functioning outside of your bed for a few hours each day and using an electric cart whenever you managed to go out.

Barbara, when none of the doctors' medicines helped, you didn't give up and feel sorry for yourself. You read, you studied, and you used the brain that had always kept you at the head of your class in school, and when you found something that made sense to you, you had the courage to try it. May it be of great help to the many people who are still suffering from food allergies and arthritis.

With all our love,
Your Mama and Daddy

Barry and Inge Allan
Barbara's parents
I like the combination of the full set of the meditation CD's - I thought that I was struggling with internal anger but have discovered I am having much stronger results with the meditation CD around fear.

Michelle Mills
I had a sudden onset of what was initially diagnosed as RA in early to mid-June.  I was completely debilitated, could not walk, could not use my hands, even my jaw was painful.  After finding Barbara's book, I did a comprehensive elimination diet.  The pain receded and has been steadily getting better.  I am very near where I was when the onset occurred.

There is really no way to thank Barbara for her extraordinary, well-researched and well-supported work.  The result has been miraculous, truly.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

In 1999 I was diagnosed with RA after quickly progressing to feeling pain in all my joints. After an initial nightmare of the first MD telling me to come back in 3 months, I found a Rheumatologist who started me on meds. A friend heard of Remicaid early on, and for nearly 10 years I received infusions every 8 weeks.

Luckily, at the time when I could no longer afford the Remicaid infusions, I was given the name of a Naturopath who diagnosed me with a corn sensitivity. For a year I cut out all corn products, big and tiny ingredients. I didn't eat much processed foods so it was relatively easy to go back to basics.

After the year, I went off the meds....It's going on four years now!  I am nearly pain-free. If I get achy, I stop whatever food irritates my joints (no corn still, potatoes, tomatoes, breads). Your book certainly helped support my efforts personally, and better still, I passed it on to my dad and another friend.

Vicki Bruno
My rheumatologist was not familiar with the ALCAT and insulted I would even consider it. Now a year later, I am managing my flares with diet ALONE, thanks to ALCAT.

Gayle Ochsner Kelly

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