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I have been on an arthritis diet from the book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Balsh & Balsh since 1992 when every doctor I went to told me I was crazy - that food had nothing to do with arthritis. I have been completely pain free since I started the diet. I met Barbara about a year after I had been on the diet and she was the first person in St. Louis who I had met who was also successful in conquering her arthritis through diet. She has been working so diligently on researching and writing this book since I have known her. I found her book to be very impressive -- congratulations for all of your hard work and a job well done.

Shirley Chrenshaw, clinical social worker who formerly had rheumatoid arthritis
St. Louis, MO
It's beautifully written. It's very clear and easy to follow. WOW. This is a very important book - putting together all these kinds of information in one place. What a gift to the world.

Jan Adamson, extensive food allergies
Ottawa, Canada
You have a great accomplishment in your book and one which is certain to benefit many people. I applaud your work!

Rosemary DeCoursey
Business Administrator and Massage Therapist
Phoenix, Arizona
A 'must-read' book for arthritis sufferers

Barbara Allan's story of how she regained her health is truly inspiring. Every time I read it, I find another bit of information that I can try or pass on to my mother who has severe osteoarthritis. We found the chapters on exercise and diet particularly helpful to us both. Ms. Allan has provided a well-researched and clearly written book that should be read by all those suffering from severe arthritis as well as those who are experiencing some of the early symptoms. Thank you, Barbara!

Judith H. Smith
Huntsville, Alabama
A new way to look at an old pain... Barbara Allan not only talks the talks, she has walked the walk. Her detailed book is a forthright study of one woman's obsession to not only get better for herself, but also to share her conquest of arthritis with others. She admits not everything she does will work for everyone, but as an arthritis sufferer, her ideas add to the ammunition I already have to fight my own daily battles. Thanks, Barbara, for the book and for the hope. This is definitely a book worth more than a glance.

St. Louis, Missouri
I think the book, based on what I've read, is very good, clear, easy to read, practical. I hope it gets published; I can imagine it benefiting lots of people. And it seems as though you have covered a wide range of topics, with lots of authority, both from personal experience as well as research.

Carol Wilson
Meditation Teacher at Insight Meditation Society
Barre, Massachusetts
Conquering Arthritis is a book in a category of its own-easy to understand and detailed step-by-step instructions. A great strategy for managing such a complex and puzzling disease as arthritis. A must read for anyone not satisfied with their current treatment.

Monica Tegeler
medical student with rheumatoid arthritis
St. Louis, Missouri
Of enormous importance, is that this book teaches a lesson to all of us who ever have been, or ever will be, told by our health care provider that we are afflicted with a disease for which there is no certain cure.

William C. Mootz, M.D.
St. Louis University School of Medicine
Barbara Allan has taken a lot of time out of her busy schedule because she felt that this book Conquering Arthritis needed to be written so that other people would not have to suffer the way that she had. It took her years of research and trial and error to get well, but with all her knowledge and experience set down in the clear concise form she uses, it should not be difficult for anyone to follow her example and heal themselves from food allergies and arthritis. As her proud mother, I have shared this book with many friends. Quite a few have come back to tell me, "Hey, I don't have arthritis yet, but there is so much good information on healthy living in this book, I have been inspired to live and eat by it. I already feel better and hopefully I'll never get arthritis!"

Barbara has been very meticulous in putting this book together. She has shared her expertise in every aspect of the illness from how to diagnose the food allergies, how to deal with the pain to how to travel and eat in restaurants while suffering from food allergies. Her recipes are good too! I hope this book helps a lot of people lead healthier lives!!!

Inge Allan (Barbara's mother)
Huntsville, AL
As Barbara Allan's father I am extremely proud of her book. She was extremely sick for many years and when she could not find help from the medical profession SHE WOULD NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. She set out on her own to find a way back to good health. For years I watched her suffer extreme pain. During this time she was constantly doing research and learning by trial and error the information she has put in her book. It is well written and easy to follow but takes will power to get results. The results should be a lifesaver for those with arthritis or food allergies.

Barry Allan (Barbara's father)
Huntsville, AL

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