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Cookbooks for Food Sensitivities

The author of this excellent book has sensitivities to wheat, corn, all dairy products, beef, fruits, tomatoes, peppers, and potatos. I highly recommend this book if your list of food sensitivities is similar.
Bette Hagman is gluten intolerant and has written several excellent books that focus on eliminating gluten from the diet and still eating well. These books are useful for those who are gluten intolerant or wheat intolerant, but rely heavily on corn and rice products. The recipe sections are thus of little value to those of us with wheat, corn and rice intolerances.
There are many more recent editions of this book, but I find that older editions, as well as older cookbooks in general, are more useful. The recipes in older editions use fewer pre-processed ingredients, use a broader range of ingredients, and give better descriptions of how to make things from scratch.
I recommend you find this or another gluten-free cookbook if you find that you cannot tolerate gluten. Bette Hagman and others have written many gluten-free cookbooks. Any of these will provide you with a treasury of already modified recipes.
This book explains the basic principles and gives many recipes for baking using whole foods and minimally processed ingredients. It is a useful guide.
Nicolette Dumke successfully healed from food sensitivities so extensive that the only way she could survive was on a very strict rotation diet that was based on many uncommon and exotic foods. Her book is a very practical guide that includes information on how to buy and cook these foods.
This cookbook is a collection of recipes from Mennonites who lived all over the world and learned to make good meals from simple, inexpensive, relatively unprocessed ingredients.
This gem of a book modifies Jewish recipes from all over the world. The results are some great lowfat versions of simple, tasty, traditional fare.

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