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I've just read your book and have visited your website and listened to your interviews. Your discoveries are a miracle! A month ago, overnight I developed a severe arthritic reaction/condition. Within 2 weeks I had discovered, ordered and received your book. I read it immediately and implemented as many "secrets" as I was able to. In the last 2 weeks I have gone from being completely unable to walk, to walking pain free, symptom free!

Kerry Harrison
Things have been happening in small steps. I never went to sleep one night to wake up the next day pain free, as it all began. However, every day has been a step ahead, and when for unknown reason a joint got swollen I, immediately, was able to pinpoint why.

By now I am 98% inflammation/pain free, and most importantly, no medicine at allllll!!!!!

Rosanne Martins
I cannot express what a blessing this book is in our lives. My husband's arthritis began at only 22 years of age and it was progressing fast. years of age and it was progressing fast. He has been off ALL medication for almost 6 months now and we are on our way to complete recovery. His right hand is totally normal now. The info here WORKS!!!!!!

Atascadero, California
I picked up your book a week ago and I swear it is going to give me my life back. I'm on day 3 of the juice fast and I am in amazement that I do not have joint pain. I cannot remember the last time I have not had constant bone-crushing pain in my hands, ankles, neck, not to mention the accompanying fatigue and inflammation pain. I cannot believe what a "fool" I have been for the last 12 + years that I listened to "Western Drs." who told me they had done all they could for me. I've already told 2 friends they have to get your book and trust me I want to go out with a bull horn to tell more people.

Siobhan Long
Thank you very much for helping me overcome my arthritis. It really is one of the greatest gifts! I am back to normal since November.

Ferdinand Wong,
Hong Kong
In Sept 2011 I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. In two months I had gone from a very active, physical athlete to walking with a significant limp. All sports activities came to a halt. I also have four children (under 9) that I was having trouble keeping up with. I was reluctant to get up and walk to the kitchen due to the pain I felt in my ankles and feet.

After scouring the internet, I ran across Barbara's story. I called her and we talked about a program for healing. To my surprise she suggested I go on medication temporarily to prevent long-term damage. I try and avoid aspirin much less the toxic medications that are prescribed for arthritis. But the fact that she was not attached to any one approach of healing convinced me that she knew exactly what she was doing. Others I had spoken to were exclusively holistic but my symptoms seemed far beyond a holistic cure at this point.

I told Barbara I would do exactly what she told me and stick to any diet she advised. I took the ALCAT test and we created a 6-month diet that would have me avoiding foods I was sensitive to.

I started Humira injections about the same time as the diet with the plan to wean my self off the medication as the diet healed me. After 6 weeks the pain was almost entirely gone and I was as active as I had ever been. I was off the medication in roughly 4 months and sticking to the ALCAT diet.

After 6 months I had no pain at all and worked my way into a mostly vegan diet with an emphasis on raw foods consisting mostly of vegetables and fruits.

It is now 180 days since I have had a Humira shot and I am 95% pain free. I am due for another ALCAT test as I believe I have developed some food sensitivities recently that are causing some minor twinges but I am fully active and in very good shape.

My Dr. refuses to give the diet any credit but at the same time is impressed with my recovery and his diagnosis that I would be on medication until the day I die.

Without Barbara I would most likely had been relegated to the toxic, expensive medications that were offered. She was very patient and was the lone voice of hope in the early dark days of my diagnosis.

I strongly urge anyone who is struggling with this disease to seek her help.

I am available via email for questions if you have any. Please ask Barbara for my contact info

Glenn Dickerson
Houston, Texas
I don't have RA but, I do have acute arthritis in my right foot and ankle due to an accident that I had when I was young. As I got older the arthritis got worse and some days I would have flare ups that were so bad I couldn't walk. My doctor kept increasing my dosage of anti-inflammatory medication until it was getting me sick. He then said that he didn't have any more tricks to help me. I got on the internet and found your book and I have been working on my situation for about a year now. I started with fasting and eliminating suspect foods. I then isolated foods that triggered a food intolerance reaction. I started having positive results from the first week and have increasingly gotten much better. Thank you for all the diligent research that you have done on Arthritis and thank you for you book.

Rhode Island, USA
I had a sudden onset of what was initially diagnosed as RA in early to mid-June. I was completely debilitated, could not walk, could not use my hands, even my jaw was painful. After finding Barbara's book, I did a comprehensive elimination diet. The pain receded and has been steadily getting better. Now in September, I am very near where I was when the onset occurred.

There is really no way to thank Barbara for her extrordinary, well-researched and well-supported work. The result has been miraculous, truly.


JDM, Ann Arbor, Michigan

In 1999 I was diagnosed with RA after quickly progressing to feeling pain in all my joints. After an initial nightmare of the first MD telling me to come back in 3 months, I found a Rheumatologist who started me on meds. A friend heard of Remicaid early on, and for nearly 10 years I received infusions every 8 weeks.

Luckily, at the time when I could no longer afford the Remicaid infusions, I was given the name of a Naturopath who diagnosed me with a corn sensitivity. For a year I cut out all corn products, big and tiny ingredients. I didn't eat much processed foods so it was relatively easy to go back to basics.

After the year, I went off the meds....It's going on four years now!  I am nearly pain-free. If I get achy, I stop whatever food irritates my joints (no corn still, potatoes, tomatoes, breads). Your book certainly helped support my efforts personally, and better still, I passed it on to my dad and another friend.

I am now in the second day of a juice fast that I'm already benefiting from.  I prepared the vegetable broth according to the guidelines you outlined.  Before starting the fast, I saw my colon hydrotherapist for a colonic.  Tomorrow morning, I plan to supplement all of this with a 1 quart enema.  While I only use enemas sparingly as I am quite regular, I am new to colon hydrotherapy. I have found it relieves any discomfort I have from arthritis.  I am convinced that the protocols you give work far better than anything my doctor could prescribe.  In fact, my doctor didn't suggest anything at all after I said I didn't want medication. 

 This morning, I could put my shoes and socks on without pain, something I haven't been able to do since my diagnosis. 

Mike Barker

. I e-mailed you earlier to let you know how much I have appreciated your book, Conquering Arthritis, and to let you know how much I have already benefited from your "secrets".  This past April, I went on a 5 day cleanse where I made a vegetable broth and supplemented it with juices, mostly cranberry and carrot juice.  During the same period, I had two enemas to help with the cleansing process.  That worked wonders as far as pain relief from the osteoarthritis I have in my left hip.  Since then, I have added ground flaxseed to my daily cereal.  I have been so regular from it that I have not needed to take an enema, for which I am thankful.  Like you, I just don't like the idea of taking them, but I've found, like you, that they are really not so bad.  For now, I have no need to use them unless I undertake another fast as I did last May.  Prior to reading your book, I had seen a colon hydrotherapist for an occasional colonic.  After consulting a chiropractor acquaintance, I am seeing my hydrotherapist no more than 2 or 3 times a year.  

What I found about myself as a result of your book is that I have no identifiable food allergies, except that I am lactose intolerant.  I now use Almond milk and, along with a suitable probiotic, have no digestive upset at all.

Mike Barker update
Love your work, Barbara. You've saved me probably 30 more years of pain. 


The information contained in this book is amazing.  Barbara is very intelligent and has done her homework.  I  had the pleasure of doing phone consultations with her to review the results of the Alcat food sensitivity test she suggests. What a life saver she was. She truly cares about people and wants to get them well and achieved remarkable results in her self and others.  Do yourself a favor and buy her book!

Steve Depraida
Thank you Barbara, from the bottom of our hearts, you have been so detailed and thorough. Both Tabby and I are excited and ready for the challenge. I so appreciate the love you given my family. You are inspirational! you have given me courage and helped me recognise my purpose. Thank you. I know you are there if we need you x we will be in touch. 

Love and thanks from us all. 

Helen and Tabby
Thanks for the info!! I just broke a 4 day water fast and already feeling 90% better!!

Andrea Barkley Glasgow

I had tremendous swelling, heat in the joints, pain where I had to get cortisone shots. 

Well, today three measure of inflammation:  Creatinine, ALT (SGPT), and
C-Reactive Protein

WERE NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HAVE NEVER SEEN THEM NORMAL, NOT IN 8 to 10 years of having Reumatoid Arthritis. 

 The good news is that my doctor says (without my asking) that as we head into the cold weather lets see if I get the usual flares. If I do not, after several fronts, then we half the medicine. Then if it continues, I could stop the medicine.

Have you ever had a doctor say, "STOP THE MEDICINE"????? NOT ME.....

Anyway, I cried tears of joy. I am so happy. Thank you, Barbara, for your book.

Judy Hundley
Moody, Texas

Oh my word Barbara your book is soooo thorough!! you really thought of everything! Thanks so much!!!! you did a really awesome job with this book!! Gosh!!

Edla Kaumbi

I bought your book . Fortunately I have been able to stop the Methotrexate and control symptoms with diet.

I feel very well and can do things that I never thought would be possible to do again.

My rheumatoid arthritis is now well controlled.

Your book is awesome. I recommend it to EVERYONE.

Edla Kaumbi
Windhoek, Namibia

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