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Who Gets Well

by Barbara D. Allan
Author of Conquering Arthritis

Over the years, I have spoken with many people who either have or once had arthritis. One of the most striking things about those who are able to completely heal themselves, is that they have sought healing not just for their bodies, but also at the level of their thoughts, emotions and spirit. I have been struck again and again, how with an illness as difficult as arthritis, it is generally mandatory to address the body, but that alone it isn't enough.

In this article, I give examples of how emotional release can lead to healing. In the next several issues I will further explain the process and explore what often also needs to happen mentally and spiritually for complete healing to take place.

The Importance of Emotional Release

One December I developed chest congestion, fatigue and a high fever. You could say that I had caught what half of Phoenix seemed to have caught and on one level you would be right. But there is more to the story. No matter how much I rested, no matter how much I humidified the air, not matter what home remedies I used, no matter what prescription medicine I took, I couldn't seem to get over the lung congestion.

About a month into this congestion, I was talking with one of my teachers. She said what I was holding in my lungs was grief. And indeed I was grieving. When I did what she suggested to release grief, I felt a shift. Within half an hour my lungs had cleared enough that I could breathe freely. Within a day they were almost entirely clear

Emotional Release Often Doesn't Look or Feel Like What We Are Expecting

In the case of my arthritis, two underlying causes were fear and anger stored in my body. They were stored so deeply, that I couldn't have even told you they were there, until I reached a place during meditation where these emotions started releasing.

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Just like with the grief trapped in my lungs, when the fear and anger that had been causing my arthritis left my body, what I experienced was a slight shift within my being. If I hadn't have been paying close attention, I might have missed it. After the shift, there was a sense of more ease in my body and something returning to the way it should be.

With the releasing of grief there was no crying. With the releasing of anger there were no angry words or gestures. With the release of fear, there was nothing other than an uncomfortable feeling leaving my body. The healthful changes in my body were immediate and lasting.

Sometimes we think that releasing emotions involves some sort of big display. Emotions can release in a healing way at those times too, but those sorts of displays don't necessarily lead to healing. What is critical is not the outward display, but the release inside your being, which can occur whether or not anything is apparent at the surface or not.

How to Release Emotions in This Way

To help people learn this emotional release process, I have created a 6-CD set of guided meditations which teach some powerful and effective ways to do this release work. What I teach I learned through the Buddhist tradition, particularly the Tibetan practice of Tonglen and the ancient Buddhist practice of Vipassana, which is the modern day practice most like what the historical Buddha taught.

This article is the first in the Who Gets Well series. In the next article I will describe how to do Tonglen meditation.


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Let me guide you through the meditations that were instrumental to the releases of anger that lead to my own healing from arthritis.

Anger leads to inflammation in the body. Releasing it is critical to deep healing of arthritis. It is better than any anti-inflammatory drug.

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3 Comments On Who Gets Well

I am interested in the MP3 downloads, but confused about what the CD is. Are they more like an informative podcast or are there also meditations that you guide us through?

Date : 1st Mar 2018   |  By : KIMBERLY NARANJO
Hi Kimberly, The mp3 down loads and the CDs have the same content. Since you prefer the content in the form of MP3, chose that option. The CD option is for people who prefer that same content delivered instead on a CD.

Date : 1st Mar 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Another awesome video, Barbara! It is so true that being able to talk to anhetor person who has RA either in person or online is incredible. Being able to share common problems or share idea's of how to do every day things a little differently is a great help. You are reaching so many people with hope, support and understanding through your video;s, blog, and online support pages. You are the first and true Warrior for all of living with RA!!

Date : 23rd Jun 2013   |  By : Katita

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