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Who Gets Well (Attention Is Power!)

by Barbara D. Allan
Author of Conquering Arthritis

This article is the fifth in a series on the whys and hows of emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

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You have heard this from me before, but the ideas next paragraph is so critical to healing from arthritis that I am repeating them.

Over the years, I have spoken with many people who either have, or once had, arthritis. One of the most striking things about those who are able to completely heal themselves is that they have integrated emotional, mental, and spiritual healing with their attention to their physical bodies. This has reinforced my own knowing that, with an illness as difficult as arthritis, it is generally mandatory to address the body but that alone isn't enough.

A recent article explored the importance of dropping the 'old story.' This newsletter gives you a powerful tool for changing disempowering stories into something more empowering.



Our Mind Creates Our Reality

Our mind creates the personal reality we each live in.

Look around the room for 10 seconds focusing on everything in view that is red. Now, from memory (without looking) name everything in the room that is green and everything that is blue.

Yes, I just pulled a trick on you. I did this to give you a direct knowing of how focusing on something makes it expand in awareness and how not focusing on something makes it contract, or even disappear from awareness.

Do you see how you could have the possibility of staying the same, getting worse, and healing all present for you, but depending on how you were focusing your attention, only one of those possibilities would be a conscious part of your reality?

What you focus on creates your reality. Attention is power.

If you focus on disempowering thoughts, like 'I can't ______________' or 'I could never _____________' or 'there is no way I ______________' then those thoughts will create your reality.

If you open yourself up to new, more empowering thoughts, then more empowering thoughts will create your reality.

Tool for Mental Healing

Pick a perception you want to give away.

Then say,
'I name the mind of __________________
'It has nothing to do with who I am.
'However, it has served me well. (Name three ways it has served you.)
'I give this mind away from everywhere it is stored in my body.
'I give this mind away from everywhere it is stored in my being.
'I give it back to the source from which it came.
'I open myself to new consciousness.'

Ask yourself,
'What do I now know?'

If you make this a daily practice, you will notice that you will be able open up deeper and deeper layers of your being to higher and higher levels of empowerment.

This tool comes from one of my teachers, whoin turn learned it from a grandmother in Greece.

Using this powerful tool can change your life.

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This article is sixth in the Who Gets Well series. In the next article I will talk about making and sticking to new choices.


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