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Reader's Question: Tetracycline Treatments for Arthritis, and Ingrid's Story

by Barbara D. Allan
Author of Conquering Arthritis

A reader wrote:

I'm a 29yo (VERY) active male who was finally diagnosed with reactive arthritis about a year ago. Like you, I suffered immensely. After weeks of research, I found a proven protocol to beat RA with tetracycline. I’ve been on antibiotics for 6 months and I'm getting better. (I'm also eating very fruits and veggies).


Here's the site I'd like to share with you:


This is based on the theory that RA is caused by an INFECTION and antibiotics cure your arthritis by killing the source, not by treating the symptoms.

I'm VERY interested in your book, however, I'm wondering how your book differs from using antibiotics to kill your infection. I would agree that some arthritis cases are caused by a food allergy, or leaky gut syndrome, however, I really NEVER ate that poorly in the past. I've always been active, and I could tell you the day I started to get my RA...after a urinary tract infection!

So I'm really curious if the information in your book will help, if my case is purely a resolving infection.

Any thoughts?


Barbara's Response:



Thanks for writing me and sending the informative link. For some people antibiotics seem to work. If it works for you, there is no arguing with success. Interestingly enough, recent work indicates that tetracycline, which is one of the antibiotics mentioned on the website you mention, works not only as an antibiotic, but also as an immune system modulator, so it may be having its effect on RA by ratcheting down autoimmune responses, not by combating infectious agents. Other classes of antibiotics that only function as antibiotics don't seem to have as beneficial effect on RA.

The problem with antibiotic treatment for arthritis is that many people have to stay on it for years and years, or even the rest of their lives, which to me says to me that for them it really doesn't eliminate the cause—it only lessens the symptoms.

My book has nothing to do with taking tetracycline or any other antibiotics. It does include lots of information about checking for food sensitivities, avoiding a personalized list of problem foods, and then healing your system so that you no longer have food sensitivities. Not everyone with RA has food sensitivities, but many do. When this is the case, the info in my book is invaluable to getting well.

Like you, I never had any problems with food allergy and ate a healthy diet up until I developed the infection that triggered my reactive arthritis. It was a sudden change for me. Although my reactive arthritis lasted for years, once I was able to correct the underlying problem the arthritis went away completely and has remained gone ever since.


Importance of Exploring Both Sides of an Issue

Photo by ktulinho 

I do not endorse, nor have I personally explored antibiotic based treatment for arthritis because of my concerns about the long term health implications of taking any kind of antibiotic, especially on a long-term basis.

However, it is always good to learn what thoughtful, well-informed people have to say on both sides of an issue. Furthermore, the complex nature of arthritis as a disease means that different strategies work for different people. That is why I was willing to include the informative pro-tetracycline treatment link in the letter above.

In response to publishing the letter above, I received the following letter from a reader who tried tetracycline for her rheumatoid arthritis. For her, the negative side effects were just too bad:


Ingrid's Negative Experience with Tetracycline but  Profound Healing with Other Methods


I would like to comment to the chap using tetracyclines. I've had RA for many, many years. I also tried every so called cure, and believed I ate healthily.

I did the tetracycline thing for about three years, and yes it did lessen the pain dramatically, but I was desperately ill after the weekly (once every 6 week) course of this medication. Headaches from hell, unbelievable nausea, in fact I even entertained thoughts of suicide. I stopped using these drugs 5 years ago and am still struggling to get my intestinal flora back where it should be.

Surely this is not the way to go!!! So I started researching (thank goodness for the internet).

I read Dr. Hulda Clark's book The Cure for All Diseases and implemented several of her protocols. Big step forward. Then I progressed to buying a QXCI (now SCIO) and that helped me immensely. But it was only when I read Barbara's book and understood that food sensitivities could play a roll that I hit the jackpot.

This coming September will be 2 years that I am totally free of any medication and the pain is almost non-existent, in fact far less than when I was in medication. I believe that the little bit of joint pain I have now is due to the damage the disease has caused over the years and only manifests itself when I accidentally bang any of the affected joints.

Drugs will never ever cure an autoimmune disease. (Yes they help take the pain away and thank goodness for that), but as soon as you can pinpoint the cause and remove it your body will heal itself.

We are very complex creatures and what works for one may not work for another. We forget that our bodies function on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and these levels are totally intertwined. Often an emotional or spiritual blockage can prevent healing, so we must look at those levels as well if
healing eludes one.

What I do know, without a shadow of doubt is that we were not meant to be ill, and that nature has supplied us with all the tools to be well. We, sadly, are no longer in tune with her.

Kind regards,
Ingrid from South Africa

Anyone else out there willing to share their experiences with tetracycline or any other alternative treatments?

The more we share with each other our stories of what does and doesn’t work, the better able we all our to understand exactly what is needed to heal.

Of course, I am always most interested in what works, but sometimes it is important to also warn people about treatments that may seem reasonable but in practice can be quite damaging.

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9 Comments On Reader's Question: Tetracycline Treatments for Arthritis, and Ingrid's Story

Dear T. Salam, Thank you for your clarification. It was because of your statement in your first post that arthritis has been proven to be caused/started by infection, with no clarifying comment there that you didn't mean all arthritis, that I said what I did. I know from long experience that many of my readers will take an unclarified statement like that and take that to mean all arthritis. I'm happy for you to provide a link to this work so that others can more easily look into this themselves. Can you please send it again? I removed the link from your first post only because when I clicked on it took me to a page not found error message. Thank you so much for your willingness and dedication in sharing this important information with others.

Date : 24th Apr 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Barbara, thanks for posting my clarification. I am in total agreement that no misleading information or assertions should be made by anyone on such matters. I was focusing in my earlier response on the specific subject matter of this sub-forum, as this was the subject being discussed in this area of your website and perhaps this is why my first sentence came across this way. I am re-attaching the link to the information I tried to send earlier. I hope it works this time. The video and links to the various research on the subject are all very interesting and provide some valuable information. Here is the link again: Thanks.

Date : 24th Apr 2016   |  By : T. Salam
Dear Barbara, It is very important to clarify that I was not in anyway "asserting" or implying that ALL types of arthritis are caused by infection. This is certainly not true. As you said, the triggers vary from person to person and case to case. I am not a physician and am NOT stating facts or my opinion here, just simply wanted to share a link with a wealth of information on the decades worth of documented research on the infection- arthritis connection subject matter. The link also had a video on the subject with 2 physicians discussing the subject. It was just some information I felt may be relevant and useful to some people. But in no way am I asserting that this is the sole cause of arthritis. So I wanted to make sure my contribution to this forum is not taken out of context. Arthritis is a serious disease and I hope that all those who are suffering from it are able to finally find out, one day, what is triggering the conditiion they have so they can erradicate it at the source. Thank you for your kind response.

Date : 22nd Apr 2016   |  By : T Salam
Dear T Saleem, The link you provided did not work, so I removed it. Despite your assertion, not all arthritis is triggered by infection, although some it. Antibiotics have their place in arthritis treatment, but they are not the blanket solution for early arthritis that you imply. As with any treatment, what is important is treating what is actually going within an individual, instead of blindly insisting on any particular form of treatment for everyone, just because it works for some. A problem with antibiotics, which is the same as with any drug, is that sometimes the side effects are worse than not having taken them at all. That being said, thank you for your important contribution to this discussion, because for some this information may be important.

Date : 19th Apr 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Please see link below to video and links to 40 years of research papers by Dr. Ebringer of Kings College in England (and others), proving arthritis is caused/ started by infection - specifically urinary tract or intestinal (common bacteria Proteus Mirabilis and another type). Briefly, the research supports treating infections at early stages with antibiotics and following with one year vegiterian diet to eradicate/ starve bacteria persisting in the body. Antibiotics work only if started at earlier stages of arthritic disease. Apparently not as effective later on. Tetracyclines do not work on this bacteria, they are highly resistant to these. This bacteria mimics the collagen structure in the body, thereby causing the body's immune system to attack its own joint collagen with the bacteria - leading to arthritic conditions. Thank you for sharing your efforts.

Date : 19th Apr 2016   |  By : T. Salam
Actually, a Dr Brown has been a strong advocate or minocycline, a variant of tetracyclin. It seems to have worked for some, although people who didn't take probiotics at the same time evidently* suffered many consequences. (*) How could docs not know to supplement probiotics when prescribing antibiotics ..

Date : 30th Apr 2014   |  By : Andre10011
Slam dnukin like Shaquille O'Neal, if he wrote informative articles.

Date : 23rd Jun 2013   |  By : Demelza
Dear Evans, If you have gonorrhea is is important that you have it treated as soon as possible. You need to find a medical doctor who can provide this treatment. According to the Center for Disease Control, tetracycline was once successfully used to treat gonorrhea, but it is no longer the treatment of choice. Here are the latest CDC recommendations for gonorrhea including its current treatment recommendations:

Date : 21st Jun 2013   |  By : Barbara Allan
Pls help me to treat ghonorrea with tetracycllin

Date : 21st Jun 2013   |  By : Evans adjei

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