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Rosanne's Story of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Emotion Freedom Technique

by Barbara Allan

Author of Conquering Arthritis

Rosanne Martins is a client of mine from Brazil who experienced 95% improvement in her rheumatoid arthritis through taking the ALCAT test to discover her inflammatory triggers and then changing her diet and lifestyle to eliminate those triggers. However, she still had some pain in her wrist.

During a consultation with me, I suggested to Rosanne that this particular physical pain, although very real, probably had it origins in her feeling of being strongly called to write, yet she was not writing and promoting what most matters to her. Her pain was only in her right wrist so I asked her if she was right handed.  That question opened up an emotional space where she clearly knew it was important to release the emotional patterns that had been stopping her.  She realized she must write and promote what she so deeply knows she is here to share.

Since she had already had some success with Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, I suggested she use that directly on her wrist pain.


This is what Rosanne shared with me a few days later:

After talking to you on Monday I realized that EFT could be used in so many different ways that I hadn't thought about, and I felt determined to try it.

Somehow on that same morning that we spoke, I woke up very upset and distressed with the results of my work as I told you. And on Tuesday, despite the fact that I have been carefully following the rotation diet, my wrist was aching like crazy as it hasn't for a long time. So, my first reaction was to ask God for guidance in whatever I need to work with, and I started tapping for the pain in my wrist, just following intuitively my mental thoughts and words.

Suddenly, I realized that I was getting very emotional as if something was trying to make its way out of my stomach, and that was when I had my "ah ah" moment. Words came right out of my mouth without mind reasoning, and I said:

"I don't need to be sick to be loved, respected and successful! I can heal now! There is no need to hold on to this illness."

At this moment I felt very, very, happy, and while tearing I realized that, unconsciously, I have been holding on to this limiting belief probably for a long time. I was very impressed and amazed by the revelation, as if someone had stepped forward telling me a secret about my own self!

The pain started subsiding immediately after the EFT round, and when I woke up the next day the pain was gone! Just like that! I am holding on to this wonderful feeling of walking around wrist pain free, and being thankful to you and God!

From that day on I am continuing working with EFT and paying attention to what comes up. "Rejection" is a big word in my work, and I can see where it comes from. The more I work, the more I realize that the feeling of rejection is related to many events and traumas of my life, and RA fits just like a glove for someone who unconsciously wants to be respected and loved.

Why Rosanne Healed at Such a Deep Level:

Rosanne's story is typical of people who have profound levels of healing from arthritis.  She was willing to heal not just through physical interventions (dietary changes, for instance) but also through emotional, mental, and spiritual means.  If you notice in her EFT story, she started using EFT for emotional distress, but in the process she also called on God to help her and realized she was carrying limiting beliefs that were helping to create her pain.  She was willing to accept spiritual help and release these illness-causing emotional patterns and belefs.  

Mentally, Rosanne had also already shown a willingness to learn all she could about how to reverse her disease.  I know this because she avidly participated in the Conquering Arthritis Course using the 17 Secrets Method that I teach.  She took action on what she was learning.  She had several consultations with me to fine tune her understanding of what specific next steps she needed to take.  Her learning and action-taking led to deep healing.

If you would like similar results in your own life

Learn more about the 17 Secrets Method that Rosanne used to heal: 

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