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How JM Healed Rheumatoid Arthritis with an Elimination Diet

by JM,  Michigan

Author of her own arthritis sucess story

Here is JM's story in her own voice:

 whooping crane in flight symbolizing good fourtune and healing
Photo by US Fish and Wilflife Service on
Note:  I accidently said in the voice recording that my arthritis started in 2003.  It actually started in 2013.

Also, because of my work, I asked that a picture of me not be used, but instead a picture of a crane in flight.  I am awed by the giant water birds, travel around the state to see them, and cranes are migrating now.

Like this crane, since I have healed, I can once again figuratively fly.  I fervently hope that you experience the same miracle in your own life.

I had a sudden onset of what was initially diagnosed as RA in early to mid-June 2013.  I was completely debilitated, could not walk, could not use my hands, even my jaw was painful.  After finding Barbara's book, I did a comprehensive elimination diet.  The pain receded and has been steadily getting better.  I am very near where I was when the onset occurred.  It is now October 2013.

There is really no way to thank Barbara for her extrordinary, well-researched and well-supported work.  The result has been miraculous, truly.


Symbolism of Cranes

In Asia cranes have long been symbols of good fortune, healing and happiness.  School girl Sadako Sasaki, who suffered leukemia as a result of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima and who went on to inspire generations of Japanese girls with her grace and courage, determined to fold 1000 origami cranes as a prayer for her healing and for world peace
She completed 644 before she died and her classmates folded the remaining 356 to honor her.  After this famous gesture, cranes became a world wide symbol of healing and hope during challenging times.  Now chains of origami cranes are often given to a person or a group who is suffering, as a prayer for their recovery.  For instance, after September 11 they were given to police and fire stations, museums and churches throughout NY city.

May this image of a crane in flight awaken in you new hope and bring speed to both your own healing and the healing of our  larger world.

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→Are you feeling overwhelmed?
→How did Barbara Succeed?

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