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Reader's Response: What Has Helped One Woman with Her Rheumatoid Arthritis

by Barbara D. Allan
Author of Conquering Arthritis

Here is one woman's experience with rheumatoid arthritis:

I wanted to share with you some of the things that I use to help manage my RA. I have to say the minute I saw the cover of your book with you holding a mountain bike over your head, I was so happy that maybe I found a source to help me cure my disease and I did. That was one year ago. As a positive person I am never really depressed, however I was depressed and feeling sorry for myself. I think we learn from our diseases as our body is trying to tell us something. While, your book gave me hope; the RA actually taught me how to not feel sorry for myself and not be a victim.

Photo by Wicker Paradise

I started feeling RA pain, first in my knees about 18 months ago. Then my fingers, wrists, ankles, elbows, shoulders and hips. Then came the dizziness, tiredness and sick feelings. I was diagnosed with sero-negative RA (or blood test negative) in Aug. 04'.

After reading your book (and implementing your teachings) as well as doing other research, including reading the RA pack sent to me by the World Research Foundation in Sedona, AZ - I am 80-85% better than I was a year ago.

The diet and fasting are very difficult for me to keep following 100% every day. I tend to fall off the wagon when I go on vacation. However, it is so clear to me when I go off the diet how important it is to stay on it.

Besides the diet and fasting I wanted to let your readers know that the following has also worked for me:

Supplements: Zyflamend (by New Chapter). This is a natural anti-inflammatory mixture. It does wonders. Also, MSN, Bromelein, ginger and turmeric. The ginger and turmeric are herbs with natural anti-inflammatory properties. Also the herbs prickly ash, devil's claw and sarsaparilla have all been very helpful as well in controlling my pain and inflammation. In addition, regular visits to the hot tub have also been great. I can also tell you that I felt wonderful while visiting Hawaii. So I'm not sure if it was the weather or if my RA is very stress related.

Thank you - Hope this helps.
Kathy K.
Marina Del Rey, CA


Barbara's Response:

How to Decide If What Works for Someone Else Might Help You

First, thank you Kathy for sharing what has worked in your quest to cure your RA. Sharing what has worked for us personally helps us all understand more clearly the full range of strategies for healing arthritis. It helps us generate new and better options for ourselves because there is no one way to heal this disease.

Second, I want to share what I know (and don't know) about Kathy's recommendations. Some of her strategies are ones I fully recommend and feature in my book, such as the diet and fasting methods, and also the use of bromelein, ginger, turmeric.

In contrast, the use of hot tubs varies greatly with the individual. During the worst of my arthritis, hot showers were one of my few pleasures. I loved the relief it gave me. Even now, completely healed, I find regular visits to a hot tub make me feel great. However, for some folks with arthritis, the extra heat makes them feel worse. So go with your own experience on that one.

I don’t have enough information to endorse the other methods that Kathy mentions such as the brand name of herbal anti-inflammatory she uses, or prickly ash, devil’s claw, and sarsaparilla. These herbs have helped Kathy, but I don’t have enough knowledge to know exactly how these remedies need to be applied, who is most likely
to benefit, how large that benefit is likely to be, and if there are any hidden drawbacks.

We are all individual in the exact details of what needs to happen for us to heal. The larger the pool of good options we have to draw from, the more likely we are to find everything we need to completely heal.

If you are looking for new options for yourself, Kathy’s letter certainly provides some leads. As always, do your homework first. For any potential healing method, find out all you can about it. What is known about it? How does it work? Does it merely suppress symptoms or does it remedy underlying causes? Are there any hidden risks or drawbacks? What kind of track record does it have for helping or curing arthritis? What exactly must you do and for how long for it to be effective?

If after all of your due diligence research and fact checking, a potential healing method makes sense to you and seems appropriate to your situation, give it a fair trial. Only by testing these remedies in your own life will you discover exactly what works for you.

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2 Comments On Reader's Response: What Has Helped One Woman with Her Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hi Jeri, you certainly have choices in how you treat your arthritis. Usually it is good to see a rheumatologist, at least at first to make sure you have an accurate diagnosis. Otherwise you might think you have one thing, but really have another. Knowing exactly what you have makes getting the right treatment in place for you much easier. As to whether you need to take the drug methotrexate, it is common for rheumatologist to start people on methotrexate. It doesn't work for everyone and not everyone chooses to use drugs to treat their arthritis, but it usually the first drug option a doctor will give you. Whether you decide to take methotrexate, of course, depends on your situation and what you feel is best for you.

Date : 28th May 2020   |  By : Barbara Allan
My question is do I have to a drug called Metotrexate, and do I always have to see a rheamologist?

Date : 28th May 2020   |  By : Jeri Lee Brown

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