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by Barbara D. Allan
Author of Conquering Arthritis

Sometimes I receive letters from readers who are hitting a point of overwhelm. In addition to the pain of arthritis, they may be experiencing new and scary symptoms, or other health challenges. On top of this, they ofen write of the additional difficulties that many people face, regardless of whether they have arthritis: a divorce, a lost job, a death in their family.

Any one of these challenges is difficult enough. What does it take to handle more than one simultaneously?

Before I share my response to these questions, I invite you to pause and consider what advice you have to give to someone in this situation.

What has allowed you to stay calm when your world was falling apart? How did you cope? What has worked for your own arthritis? If you have good advice to offer, please write me. I’d like to share it with others. Together we can come up with better and more complete answers than any one of us alone.

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The Importance of Hope

When someone writes to me in desperation, my first attention is always on hope. It doesn't have to be grand or elaborate. Sometimes what they most need to hear is that, yes, it is possible to make it through this. Yes, it is possible to heal.

Since I know many people who have cured their own arthritis, this part is easy for me. But hope does not depend on miracle stories to thrive. Hope can be found just by taking care of ourselves amidst the realities we are facing. This is summed up beautifully in the often quoted serenity prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”


One of the turning points in my illness, ironically, was making peace with the fact that I might never get well.

I thrashed around for a few years first, learning everything I could about arthritis and desperately trying anything I thought might work to heal myself. But it wasn’t until I came to a place of deep acceptance that I freed up an additional wellspring of energy for healing and started to get better. This energy had previously been trapped in desperation and negative judgments about myself.

I recommend using whatever spiritual path you are drawn to help develop this serenity. The Buddhist path and the yogic branch of the Vedic path helped me tremendously during my arthritis years, but any of the great spiritual traditions, including but not limited to, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and many tribal traditions, can help lead you to this type of deep spiritual healing.

Deep spiritual healing must sometimes happen before physical healing can make much headway.


The most effective arthritis treatments in the world will have no power to help you if you don’t have the courage to undertake them. In the case of arthritis, that may mean lifestyle changes including giving up smoking, changing what you eat, and how you exercise. It may also include developing a spiritual practice.


Wisdom is dependent upon knowing your options. Seeking information specific to your own situation is an excellent first strategy for figuring out what can be changed.

Wisdom also grows out of courage. Wisdom is not some aerie fairy kind of disembodied knowledge. Only by courageously undertaking promising treatments will you actually learn what you can change.


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