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Honoring Heart's Desire

by Barbara D. Allan
Author of Conquering Arthritis

Passionate involvement in our lives is a powerful agent of healing. Unfortunately, simple practices that can strengthen this power in our lives are often overlooked. Sometimes we even get so caught up in tending to the physical details of our lives that we forget how simple it can be to simultaneously make choices that deeply honor our spirit.
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The following practice is one way to deeply honor ourselves and thus increase our capacity to heal.

I challenge you to do this every day for one month. It has the power to change your life.

Take a few moments each morning before you get out of bed to check in with your heart's desire for that day. Then before your head hits the pillow that night, make sure you have done whatever is necessary to satisfy that desire.

Heart's desire for the day is never something that is bad for us or is something too large or impossible for that day. Often it doesn't even take long to do.

If healing your arthritis is part of your heart's desire, doing this exercise will strengthen the inner trust and faith in yourself that you can and will do whatever is necessary to heal.

It will train your awareness of how much deep healing often comes from carrying out small, doable, often enjoyable steps, on a consistent basis.

It teaches you how to honor yourself even in the midst of a difficult life situation.

It will open you up to your own inner knowing and authority.

→Sometimes Meditating Can Help
→Resolve to Honor Your Heart's Desire

2 Comments On Honoring Heart's Desire

Hi Friya, Thanks for sharing on this topic. Are you a joint-cracker or did you used to be? I am curious why you decided to share with us on this. Joint cracking isn\'t not something people usually ask me about.

Date : 15th Oct 2013   |  By : Barbara Allan
There have been no studies that prove that cnlkciig your joints leads to arthritis.However, depending on how you do it, it is still not recommended as you are putting excessive pressure on the joints if you just pull the finger away from your hand and it clicks then this is fine as it does not put excess pressure on a single point of the joint.

Date : 15th Oct 2013   |  By : Friya

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