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Food Sensitivities - One Woman's Yeast Story

by Barbara D. Allan
Author of Conquering Arthritis

As you know by now from reading my book and my articles, food sensitivities are a major underlying cause of many cases of arthritis and other diseases. Because of my own experience, the specific food sensitivities I am most familiar with are corn, rice, wheat, and beef.
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One of my readers wrote with questions about sugar and yeast problems.  For the best answers possible I turned to Christel, whose life experience has made her an expert. Christel has had a severe problem with yeast most of her adult life and is currently doing well.

Before I share Christel's answers, I want you to know that even if you do have a problem with sugar and yeast, your problem may not last as long as hers. However, if you do experience frequent yeast infections like Christel describes here, it may be useful to restrict your diet in a similar manner for 3-6 months.

Here is what Christel had to share:

My saga began about 20 years ago and I am now doing great after much trial and error. The major thing one must learn when one has vaginal yeast infections is that Candida albicans resides in one's system from the mouth to the bitter other end. If the little critters in our digestive system are fed sugar of any kind they love it and multiply instantly.  This is not just white sugar or honey or any of the many other sugars like dextrose, maltrose, sucrose, etc. - I think there are 9 different names for sugar, but also grains and food high in carbohydrates.

I found I could control my yeast infections a little by living off protein and veggies. In addition, my adrenal glands were almost non-functioning and I had a very high copper content, as well as mercury in my system. They were so high the graph did not fit on a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper.

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I tried many things over the 20 years - since I was living on will power -and a small glass of wine or a bit of yogurt kicked off feeling bad and a horrible yeast infection for days. Major things that helped were having the mercury taken out of teeth, not allowing root canals, and doing chelation and IV vitamin treatments, along with lots of sleep, exercising when I could, eating only proteins and veggies, no fruit, no milk products, no carbohydrates or grains for many years.

I am now so well that I can do nuts and fruit again in moderation - last night I sinned
and boy it was back with a vengeance today...but it also goes away within 24 hours.

A book which might be of interest is by the late Dr. William Crook, "The Yeast Connection: A Medical Breakthrough."  I hope this brief synopsis helps some – I have had no real sugar for 20 years and only in the last few months have been adding fruit in moderation - it ain't easy but it is worth it to be alive again.

I walk up to 6 miles a day and swim a half a mile daily - it is great to be feeling good again.

Good luck,


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1 Comments On Food Sensitivities - One Woman's Yeast Story

It's exciting to know that arthritis can be eliminated. I am the chief caretaker for my 97 year old mother. Once we found she is allergic to dairy we began giving her lactose free dairy products whenever possible and add Lactaid to those with lactose. What that did was stabilize her health and gave her a whole new lease on life! She has been absolutely on an even keel since June the longest period in years.

Date : 23rd Jun 2013   |  By : Lorena

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