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Finding a Doctor

by Barbara D. Allan
Author of Conquering Arthritis

How can you find a doctor who knows about the types of healing methods I recommend for arthritis?

First, ask for recommendations. Ask your family, friends and colleagues if they have heard good things about practitioners in your area who use alternative, naturopathic, or holistic treatment methods. You can also ask around at health food stores, health fairs, and massage schools, if any are in your area. If possible, you want to find someone who has a good track record in helping people as much like yourself as possible, including experience with your exact aliments.

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Second, pick up a copy of the free alternative healing newspapers and magazines that are often available at places like health food stores. Local practitioners are very likely to advertise in these publications.

Third, use the internet to search national and international databases for practitioners in your area. The following websites all contain databases of practitioners who have training in alternative medical practices.

Fourth, if you identify a local practitioner who has a good reputation for helping people, but whom works within a different field, you could ask them for a referral. Such a person is likely to be familiar with other alternative practitioners in your area.


Just Remember...

Just because a practitioner has been the perfect solution for someone you care about, or they advertise in a local publication, or they are listed in a national database, there is no guarantee that they will have the personality and the skills needed to support YOU in YOUR healing. Physicians and healers with these types of training and mindsets are much more likely to have the skills you need than if you go to someone who has only standard American Medical Association approved medical training. But you must still do your due diligence before choosing a physician.

Once you have identified a practitioner trained in alternative medicine, find out as much as you can about their training and track record, especially with arthritis. As much as possible, ask around to find out what kind of reputation they have for healing in your local community. Feel free to call their office and ask questions before making an appointment.

Once you have an appointment with a new practitioner, it's also important to establish good lines of communication in your first meeting. This helps you assess how well the two of you are able to work together, and also sets a good foundation for future discussions about your health and healing. In next week's newsletter I'll talk about the types of information and questions you want to bring to the first meeting with a new practitioner.


→The Questions You Need to Ask Your Doctor
→Learn to Understand Your Doctor Better

1 Comments On Finding a Doctor

It's great that this article explains how important it is to research the doctor's training and track record, especially with arthritis. If they have the proper training, they should be able to provide you with the treatment you need for recovery. In order to research the doctor's experience, you'd probably want to check out their website, which could also tell you what services they offer so you can make sure they provide arthritis treatment.

Date : 22nd Jun 2017   |  By : Tiffany Locke

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