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Dirty Electricity

by Barbara D. Allan
Author of Conquering Arthritis

Electricity can be our friend, but some types of exposure can make us ill or even kill us.
electrical power lineelectrical outlet with plugsome electrical exposures can cause death

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By removing an ongoing drain on our health, energy is freed up for healing arthritis or anything else that ails us. One of the ongoing drains for many people is exposure to dirty electricity.

What Is Dirty Electricity?

It used to be that appliances used the full 60 Hertz electrical charge that is supplied to the electrical outlets in homes. The 60 Hertz signal is easy on the body and using the whole signal was fine from a health point of view. A smooth 60 hertz signal is considered clean electricity.

clean electricity

Then energy saving appliances came along--a great idea for the environment, but with unfortunate health-damaging effects.

 Health Hazard when not neutralized 

Most of these energy saving devices save electricity by using only a portion of the 60 Hertz signal.  The bad news is that the unused fragments can emit frequencies that are unhealthy for the human body.  The good news is that with the right filters plugged into your electrical outlets, you can bothl save energy AND eliminate the hazardous electrical frequencies.

Devices that Produce Dirty Electricity

dimmer switchFluorescent liightsfluorescent light

The worst devices for producing dirty electricity are dimmer switches, fluorescent lights and electronics such as TVs, computers, and printers.

electrical outlet

Even if you have none of these devices in your own home, dirty electricity can flow through the power grid into your home through your homes wiring.

 How Can You Get Rid of It?

Graham-Stetzer filters ground out the problematic frequencies and return the electrical signal within your home to a healthy one. These filters cost about $30 each and plug directly into electrical outlets. My three bed room home took 14 filters to bring it back into a healthy range. It typically takes about 20 filters for an average home.

Greenwave filters also ground out the problematic frequencies.  Instead of one kind, there are two, each with a different frequency range.  When these two kinds of Greenwave filters used together they do an even better job than Graham-Stetzer filters at eliminating dirty electricity.  Depending on the volume of filters your buy, these filters cost between $22-25 each.

Greenwave filter
Graham-Stezter filter           Greenwave filter

See for further information about the production and elimination of dirty electricity.


Installing the Filters

The meter which reads the level of dirty electricity costs about $100. Ideally the reading at each outlet in your house will be 20 or less, but 50 or less is acceptable. Over 50 indicates the need for a filter to bring the levels back into a healthy range.

 Rather than purchasing a meter myself, I had an electrician come out and install these filters on a trial basis for me. Most electricians don’t install these devices. This guy does it on the side because he knows there are a lot of people who are sick because of exposure to dirty electricity and he wants to do what he can to help them get well. I was particularly fortunate to find someone who believes in charging only those who experience a positive change from his work. (If I hadn't, he would have reclaimed the filters and used them elsewhere.)

He used the meter to test each outlet in my house. Then he added Graham-Stetzer filters to the outlets closest to the circuit box. This was so we could first screen out the dirty electricity flowing into my house from the outside. It took several filters plugged into the first several outlets along this route to bring the dirty electricity levels along that side of the house from about 250 back into healthy levels. He placed a few more in the kitchen to cancel out the effects of my microwave, a dimmer switch and some of my kitchen appliances. The outlet where I have the TV and VCR/DVD player needed one and my office needed several to cancel out the effects of all my office equipment. The office started out around 250 and we were able to bring it down to about 50.

 How the Filters Effectively Doubled the Living Area in My Home

Before I had the Graham Stetzer filters installed, I was only using about half of my house. There were beautiful areas that I avoided because when I sat there for longer than 5 or 10 minutes I just didn’t feel quite right. It turns out that all of those areas had meter readings from about 200-250. The areas of my house that I loved the most and spent the most time in had initial readings of 18 or less. Since I have had the filters installed, it now feels good to be anywhere in the house. Furthermore, I can now spend hours at my computer without experiencing a drain just from being in my office.


Who Benefits?

When I reported back to the electrician a few weeks later, he was, of course, pleased that I liked the results so well. He wasn’t sure how much of a difference it would make for me since I wasn’t sick and, in his opinion, my dirty electricity numbers were not all that high. He frequently sees meter readings of 500, 1000, or more. When the numbers are that high, the effects of installing the filters tend to be dramatic, especially for folks who have blood sugar control problems, multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia. He pointed out that the symptoms of fibromyalgia are almost identical to the symptoms of radiation poisoning. He didn’t have experience with folks with arthritis, but I imagine that because arthritis is such a stress related illness, removing the stress of dirty electricity is likely to have a strong positive effects.


One Way to Test Your Sensitivity

This electrician also suggested that one way to test your sensitivity to the effects of dirty electricity is to visit a store that has lots of fluorescent lights (like Home Depot). Notice if you feel a little off when you are receiving that kind of exposure and whether you feel worse the longer you are there.


Installing Filters Yourself

It is not that hard to install the filters yourself. All you need is the meter and the filters. They can be purchased below through or the company that makes Greenwave filters.


Greenwave Filters

Assuming you need 20 filters and the meter, doing it yourself will run you about $700 plus shipping. I know it isn’t cheap, but for some of you it may be worth it.


Let Me Know

If you do install these filters in your home or office, please let me know what effects you notice.

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