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Determination to Heal

by Barbara D. Allan
Author of Conquering Arthritis

This article is the sixth in a series on the whys and hows of emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

You have heard this from me before, but the ideas in the next paragraph are so critical to healing from arthritis that I am repeating them.

Over the years, I have spoken with many people who either have, or once had, arthritis. The most striking thing about those who are able to completely heal themselves is that they have integrated emotional, mental, and spiritual healing with their attention to their physical bodies.

This article explores the importance of the determination to heal, no matter what it takes. When you determine in a healthy way, you determine from the part of you that knows that healing is your birthright, that it is within your power and that it is worth the effort, no matter what it takes.

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The Gift of 100% Determination to Heal

For many years, in order to heal from my arthritis, I cooked almost all of my own food from scratch. This was because I reacted to wheat, corn, rice, beef and many food additives. When I ate any of those things, even in minute quantities, my arthritis flared up. When I didn't eat them, I was painfree. Most restaurant and prepackaged food has at least one of those ingredients. (Corn in particular seems to turn up everywhere.) So, whenever I went out, I took my own food with me.

My friends commented on how they could never do what I was doing. They said they could never stay on that kind of diet. But eating that way was much easier for me than being exhausted, in pain and unable to walk. It was much easier for me to keep to the diet and thus able to walk freely, think clearly and be able to sleep at night. (As many of you know, pain makes thinking and sleeping difficult.)

And all that was true, as far as it goes.

But there was also something even more important at play: I had determined to do whatever it took to get well.

This determination gave me the perseverance and positive attitude to do the research and experimentation that allowed me to figure out exactly what I needed to do to heal.

This determination got me from the hard place of being in pain and not knowing what to do, to the place where I finally knew everything I needed for my own healing. It also helped me take all the necessary steps. (The arthritis is now completely gone and I can eat whatever I want.)

Why Severe Arthritis Is Often Easiest to Heal

Making any change, including getting well, requires motivation. That is just human nature. Why put in the effort to change unless there is a compelling payoff?

Healing from arthritis is not trivial. It can take a great deal of effort.

Many people with only mild arthritis are not willing to make the changes necessary to heal. For them, making small lifestyle changes is often more work than living with mild arthritis.

People with severe arthritis, however, are often willing to do whatever it takes to heal. Once they know what they need to do, they are willing to do it 100% of the way, 100% of the time.

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7 Comments On Determination to Heal

Hii barbara, first thing I want to know is what is the relation between weight loss and rheumotied arthritis...My mom she is loosing her weight since last year doctor told because of RA. I think may b because of her meds she is taking medrol since 3 years what you think about weight loss pls help me... And as iam following paddison program the Clint said that too much fruits are also not good for RA after finding him ...I found you mentioned in the paddison program of Barbara Allan's how you successed with diet...And Clint told that sunflower oil safflower oil is not good for RA.. so hope I'll get my Answer thanks.

Date : 8th Jun 2018   |  By : Minha
Dear Minha, I do not promote a diet that is the same for everyone, like the Paddison Program does. It is too limiting and it doesn't work for everyone. I promote a diet that is individually tailored . First it is important to test to find out what foods are triggering the inflammation and which are safe foods. The answers vary widely from one person to the next and can even change over time for the same person. Once we know the reactivity pattern, then and only then can we create a safe and healthy diet. It is important, as you well know, to create a diet that includes enough calories and the right kind of calories, to maintain a healthy weight.

Date : 5th Jun 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Excellent a practicing physical therapist at healthclues, Hyderabad i want to mention that swimming and water aerobics also provide a total-body workout of cardiovascular exercise and resistance for muscle strength, they’re not the only water-based activities that can provide arthritis relief. Even just soaking in a tub of warm water or a heated spa can soothe aching muscles and joints.

Date : 30th Nov 2016   |  By : Healthclues
Dear Monica, The type of immune system reaction that is behind chronic inflammation, like occurs with arthritis, is a type IV immune system reaction, also called a delayed food or chemical sensitivity. Unlike type I immune system reactions, also called classical food allergies, type IV immune system reactions can often be healed by avoiding the problem food for 6 months to 2 years and then not overeating that food once the reaction has healed. Like anyone, I feel better eating a healthy diet, but I know longer have any foods that trigger the systemic inflammation that caused my arthritis. I am not fearful because if I were to redevelop the type of inflammatory reaction to certain foods and chemicals that was the cause of my arthritis, I would just retest for my reactive foods and cut them out of my diet again, long enough for those reactions to heal again. So far I have been arthritis free since 1999. That has been 15 years and counting that this strategy has worked for me.

Date : 3rd Jul 2014   |  By : Barbara Allan
Ms. Allan you state in the article above that you found that you were allergic to \"corn, wheat, beef and other addititives so that you had to cook your own food from scratch. Now that you are healed you can eat whatever you want.\" How can this be? Aren\'t you fearful of having a relapse by eating whatever you want? Thanks for your help.

Date : 1st Jul 2014   |  By : Monica
You can order the book on this website (see right side bar) or on

Date : 10th Feb 2014   |  By : Barbara Allan
Were can I order the book?

Date : 10th Feb 2014   |  By : Birgitta M Tew

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