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Reader's Question: Why Break a Fast with a Baked Potato?

by Barbara D. Allan
Author of Conquering Arthritis

Dear Barbara,

If potatoes (nightshades) should be avoided by people with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) why is a plain baked potato one of the first things you add to the reintroduction after the fast?

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Dear Reader,


Many, many different foods can cause arthritis. If you or I were to avoid everything that caused someone arthritis, there would be nothing left to eat. The trick is developing a personalized list of those foods that are a problem for you, and then avoiding them.

Only some people with RA need to avoid nightshades. People with type A blood tend to have more problems with the nightshades than do others, but it isn't a very tight correlation. (I have type A blood and have never had any problems with potatoes or tomatoes.)

If potatoes are a problem for you personally, I would recommend testing millet and kudzu powder as two alternatives. Here is why.

The reason for the potatoes in the broth and when breaking the fast is that they are alkalizing. Arthritis is a disease of acidity and the body throws off a lot of acid when fasting. Alkalizing foods help move the body into a healing pH range.

Most sources of carbohydrates have an acidifying effect. Potatoes and millet are two of the few good sources of carbs that are alkalizing. Kudzu powder is another, but it is expensive and can be hard to find.

The other reason for breaking the fast with a plain baked potato is that most of the other easily available starches tend to be even more problematic than potatoes. Adverse reactions to grains such as wheat and corn are even more common.

Hope that helps,


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2 Comments On Reader's Question: Why Break a Fast with a Baked Potato?

Dear Valerie, Thanks for your comment. I'm glad the info on potatoes and pH balance was helpful for you. Since potatoes happen to agree with you, they are an excellent food for you. As a note to my other readers, some of my clients do react against garlic and or turmeric, so make sure if you like these, that you individually test them to make sure they also agree with you.

Date : 3rd Jul 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank you for the info on potatoes as a ph balance. I love them too. I have read so many conflicting stories about them. I tend to think its the stuff you put on potatoes, like acidic sour cream, yogurt etc. that might be the reactionary stuff. I started putting garlic and turmeric on potatoes and it is good with a little butter.

Date : 3rd Jul 2015   |  By : Valerie merrill

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