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Barbara's Success Story Part 2

by Barbara D. Allan
Author of Conquering Arthritis

In the previous article, I discussed how breaking boards and healing from arthritis are related.  I began listing the principles needed to break a board:
  1. Striking All the Way Through
  2. Proper Technique
Now, I am picking up with the third principle.  If you would like to read the previous article, you can do that here.



The Third Success Principle:  Self Deservement

The second reason I failed to break that board was that the obstacle that I had written on that board was one that I hadn't resolved yet emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I didn't feel like I deserved actually to break through barrier that I had written down.  I used have a tendency to rescue people in my life.  I used to consistently put their needs ahead of mine. I didn't want to reflexively rescue anymore, but I didn't think I deserved to say “no” to pleas for help. Before I did this exercise, if I had any extra time and energy, I would often give it to somebody else, before even consulting with myself to make sure I still I would still have enough time and energy for my own personal priorities.  
Because I had not resolved this obstacle, I hurt (mangled) my hand.  In that moment the Soka(head) of my dojo said, "What did you just do?"  His question allowed me to realize that I had pulled my punch.  I didn't strike all the way the through.  That intensified the way I had hurt (mangled) my hand.  That was an illumination.  I realized that I had not thought that I deserved that free space behind the board. The free space represented reserving significant amounts of my time and energy to fuel wonderful things in my own life.  I realized I was the only one that kept me from doing that technique correctly:  1)  I hadn't inquired as to the right technique, and 2) I didn't think I even deserved to do it correctly, so I didn’t strike through.

The Fourth Success Principle:  Succeeding Can be Easy, Even When You are Hurt

My next big revelation came because my Soke said, "Okay do it again."  From the incorrect strike, my hand swelled up later that night and it took about three weeks to heal.  At that point I had a hand that was definitely mangled. It hurt.  However, when I actually connected with the space behind the board, when I connected with the fact that I deserved to be in that space, and when I used the correct technique, I never even felt the board as I broke it. It was so simple. It was so easy.  No additional damage was done at all.  This time, I had acted in accordance with the fourth success principle:  Succeeding can be easy, even when you are hurt.
Healing with arthritis is like that too. Often what keeps us from our physical healing isn't that we can't do it.  What prevents us is: 1) we are not using the right technique and/or 2) subconsciously we don't think we deserve to heal. There is still something unresolved emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually that keeps us from executing the proper technique with proper follow through.

Breaking Through Your Own Arthritis

Imagine you are going to break a board (I demonstrate this in the accompanying video.)  To get maximum benefit from this process, I want you to imagine the hard, solid board being whatever it is that's keeping you right now from healing from arthritis. Name the obstacle.  Write it down.  Connect with it. 
Then realize that even something as solid as this board or as insurmountable as healing your arthritis might feel, on a molecular level it's really an illusion that it is solid. It is mostly space. Atoms are mostly space. You obstacle is mostly space.  Connect with that spaciousness, and your obstacle will cease to exist as an obstacle.   In addition to that, I also want you to connect also with what it is in your life that truly makes your life worth living.  What could you could do more of, what could you could do better if you were free of arthritis?  What would be so wonderful that you would be willing to completely move through the board?  If you strike completely through that board, what wonderful experience is waiting there for you? 
Now it's time to break through whatever is preventing you from healing.  Imagine breaking through that obstacle.
Ready. Set. Go!  Hi-Ya!


Harvesting the Benefit

What did it feel like when the board broke (you moved through your obstacle)? 
Did you go right through that board (your obstacle)? 
Did you have any sort of mental, emotional, or spiritual block that kept you from breaking through your board (arthritis)? If so, this is critical information.  
If there is some sort of block and you have some inkling what it might be, now you can work with it. This is rich territory. There are many different ways that I give in my online arthritis coaching course that will allow you to eliminate this obstacle.  Make a note of what your block is so that you will have that available. 
No matter whether you were obstacle free-which is totally fantastic, or whether you hit an obstacle and you now have some inkling what it is, either way this is fantastic information for you to know.  If you chose to take my online arthritis coaching course, I will work with you to resolve these blocks and to help you develop the proper techniques for breakthroughs you need for healing your arthritis.  


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