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How to Cure Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Naturally with Home Remedies

by Barbara D. Allan
Author of Conquering Arthritis

Photo by Mike Monaghan

This issue is for women who suffer from bacterial vaginosis (BV) - which is most of us gals at some time or another.  (You know: funny smells, itching, tenderness, and/or thin white or gray discharge.)   Solving this problem is definately a good reason to smile!

In this article I will explain treatment options that help reverse this condition while strengthening and preserving the intestinal flora you need to heal from arthritis.

The Problem

Bacterial vaginosis is relevant to arthritis because many doctors will tell you that antibiotics are the only way to wipe out the undesirable bacteria growing in the vagina.

Unfortunately antibiotics wipe out all the good bacteria, too (in the gut, the vagina and the bladder).  Eliminating good bacteria can wreak havoc with your whole body, including triggering arthritis or making it worse.

In addition, although the antibiotic metronidazole (Flagyl) has a 70% initial cure rate, that cure doesn't last long for many women.  The problem keeps recurring because the good bacteria that hold the bad bacteria in check have been wiped out.  Also, for entirely different reasons, the pH in the vagina becomes periodically too high, suppressing the good bacteria and giving the bad bacteria the perfect conditions to overgrow.

Effective treatment must address both the healthy flora issue and the pH issue.

How to Re-establish Healthy Vaginal Flora

Healthy vaginal flora is different than healthy intestinal flora. 

Taking probiotics specifically for intestinal flora or the home remedy of douching with live-culture yogurt will NOT re-seed your vagina with all the necessary healthy flora.  Instead you need to take probiotics that specifically re-seed healthy vaginal flora. Here are a couple of options that are out there.

  1. "Fem-dophilus" (120 capsule size) can be purchased on the internet for about $54 at the time of writing.  According to the manufacturer, you need to take two pills a day for 60 days to treat a bacterial imbalance.  That means a full treatment would cost about $54.  I haven't heard anything one way or the other about this particular brand.
  2. "Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support" cost about $44 for 60 capsules at the time of writing. A full 2 pills a day, 60 day treatment of this would cost about $88.  I'm currently taking this product.  I haven't taken for 60 days yet, but so far I haven't had any more BV while on it.
  3. "Renew Life Ultimate Flora RTS" cost about $41 for 60 capsules at the time of writing. A full 2 pills a day, 60 day treatment of this would cost about $82. The Ultimate Flora RTS (room temperature stable) line of probiotics are formulated to be stable at room temperature (77º F / 25ºC). If you travel and need a probiotic that is stable at room temperature, this one is a good choice.
  All of these probiotic supplements are taken orally. 

Healthy Vagina pH

(pH refresher course:  A lower pH number means more acidic.  A higher pH number means less acidic, more alkaline.)

A healthy vagina has a pH between 4 and 4.5, although some natural variation does occur (such as a rise in pH following the completion of a menstrual cycle).  This normally low acidity prevents the overgrowth of bad bacteria. 

However, sexual intercourse can sometimes change the pH of our vaginas because sperm cannot survive in such an acidic environment.  Semen raises the pH in the vagina (makes our vagina less acidic), so that sperm can survive long enough for our species to reproduce.  Some men have more alkaline semen than others, which is why women can have little or no problem with BV with one partner, but are more likely to get BV when engaging with another.

In a healthy system, our bodies respond on their own to these temporary rises in pH and rebalance back to the 4-4.5 range.  But a number of factors can inhibit this process, including stress and existing disease processes like arthritis.

Ways to Correct the pH Problem

There are several ways you can assist your body in rebalancing its vaginal pH.  Here are four I've found in the course of my research:

  1. A commercial pH buffer I found at my local chain drug store called RepHresh.  At the time of writing, It costs about $16 for 4 pre-filled applicators.  That's about $4 per treatment.  The cream is injected into the vagina before or after sex, or after your period, and is advertised to last for 3 days.  So far I have tried it once, and it worked great.
  2. Inserting a single vitamin C tablet in the vagina and leaving it there.  (Uncoated tablets are the best.) Use a tampon or piece of natural sea sponge to keep the tablet inside, where it needs to be to work.  If you use a sea sponge cut it with scissors to the right size for you.  Natural sea sponges are more economical than tampons because you can reuse them, often for months.  Just take them out, rinse them, and use again.    By keeping the vitamin C in place, using a tampon or piece of sea sponge will also prevent stinging.  If the vitamin C tablet moves to the opening area, it will sting. Make sure you use a brand of vitamin C that does not contain sugar or other sweeteners, because both natural and artifical sweeteners have an adverse effect on healthy vaginal flora.

    Vitamin C tablets are made from many different source materials. These source materials will affect the color of the discharge this treatment creates but not the positive effect it has on lowering your vaginal pH. For example, if you use a tablet of vitamin C with rosehips, you will have a orange-ish or brownish discharge. This is completely normal for a few hours following inserting the tablet and will clear up on its own.

    Repeat again the next day if needed.  Do this several hours before sex or after sex, right after your period, or whenever needed.  Do NOT insert a vitamin C tablet immediately before sex, because just like the vitamin C can make the sensitive skin of your vaginal opening burn, it can also cause burning of the sensitive skin at the head of the penis.  Inserting vitamin tablets is popular and effective among women in BV chat rooms.  It also costs very little and dosage isn't critical.  500mg of vitamin C is one dosage that seems popular and is strong enough to work well.  This is my favorite remedy of all the ones I have tried.  It usually takes between 3 days and a week or two for bacterial vaginosis to clear using this vitamin C method.

    (Note:  If you seem worse after the first vitamin C tablet, don't worry.  Just keep inserting a new tablet every 8 to 12 hours, until the infection clears.)
  3. A commercial product called Femanol (formerly Enzara) which contains herbs, botanicals and essential oils that help the body restore normal vaginal pH.  The recommended dose is one tablet every 12 hours taken orally.  The manufacturers claim a 94.7% success rate.  A thirty day supply cost $67.   If you buy in volume you can get it for half of that.  I haven't tried this one.
  4. A friend of mine had great success with douching once or twice a day with a mixture of 1/10 apple cider vinegar and 9/10 water.  It gave her complete symptomatic control.  I tried the same thing and it didn't work for me.  I mention it because if it does work for you, it is an inexpensive option.


    How to Prevent Bacterial Vaginosis Before it Starts

    If you're someone who is prone to getting bacterial vaginosis, the way that you can prevent it from recurring is the same way you treat the infection after it occurs. The only difference in treatment is being proactive.

    If you are prescribed a course of any type of antibiotics, start taking probiotics that reseed your vaginal bacteria right away. Continue taking them while you take the antibiotics and after for at least one month. This will ensure you don't let your population of healthy vaginal flora die out. Some practitioners suggest taking probiotics daily, no matter how healthy you are. This is like an insurance policy that proactively promotes wellness so bacterial vaginosis never returns.

    Because vaginal pH needs to stay low for healthy bacteria to flourish, if you know you're going to engage in activity that will alkalize your pH, like having sex, you can insert vitamin C afterwards.

    It's important to pay attention to your cycle as well. For some women, they're most susceptable in the days leading up to and at the end of their period. During this time, vaginal pH can become higher, making it easy for bad bacteria to grow. If this is a problem for you, inserting vitamin C or douching with apple cider vinegar will bring your vaginal pH back into the healthy zone.

     The Effects of Stress on the Body

    Another factor that may be at play for you is stress. As you begin to track when you get bacterial vaginosis or other types of infections, you may realize that they often occur around times of high stress in your life. This is because when you are stressed, it weakens your immune system.

    Potentially stressful situations are not always avoidabe, but there are steps you can take that will help you meet those challenges without stressing out.. 

    For example, if you notice you get bacterial vaginosis every time you travel and your find traveling stressful, you can be more proactive in identifying what part of traveling is stressful.  Whenever possible build in a remedy.  Some answers might be something as simple as arming yourself with a  travel pillow, healthy snacks, and/or some music you love. 

    Another example is, if you know you are going to have a particularly intense week at work, think ahead about what you can do to support yourself and your body. Maybe bringing your own food in case you don't have time to go out or drinking herbal tea throughout the day would help you feel more resilient.  Think about what makes sense and will support you.

    The more you train yourself to show up with what you need to meet your life's challenges gracefullly and without stressing, the healthier and more resilient you will become.

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518 Comments On How to Cure Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) Naturally with Home Remedies

Hello, am Lisa from Kenya struggling with vaginal infections i have tried all the antibiotics but my conditions keep coming back .This has affected my sex life and am not happy. I was once diagnosed with BV but after medication it keeps coming back. Read your comments and am seeing people using Vitamin C .Which vitamin C are you talking about because i only know of vitamin C that is used as a tablet.Can you use the tablet inside of the vagina. Please help me.

Date : 14th Jan 2021   |  By : Lisah
Hi Lisa, Yes, what I recommend is inserting vitamin C tablets. They dissolve in the vagina, lowing the pH to where only good vaginal bacteria can grown. The BV dies off because it can no longer grow in the low pH. The good bacteria then help prevent the bad from coming back, even after you are no longer inserting the vitamin C tablets, the same way a healthy lawn doesn't have much room for weeds to get a foothold.

Date : 14th Jan 2021   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Erika, I would not recommend inserting vitamin C in gelatin capsules. The reason why is that gelatin capsules do not readily dissolve in vaginal secretions. The vitamin C might never be released. Gelatin capsules only work correctly when taken orally, not vaginally because the digestive tract is able to digest the gelatin.

Date : 13th Jan 2021   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello, I am wondering if it’s ok to take the vitamin c in a capsule form. I have ascorbic acid powder and gelatin caps. I was thinking I would make my own suppositories.

Date : 13th Jan 2021   |  By : Erika J
The diluted ACV did remove all symptoms for about an entire day. The discharge tho I have noticed has been itchy which it was never before. It is also thicker and seems more like a yeast infection? There is no noticeable smell, but faintly off. I have continued the vitamin C today. I was getting cramping and the feeling of my insides being raw, I did read that vitamin C thins the uterine lining but I think this is when taken orally. Not sure if any research on internal? The brown discharge from before has viscous white membranous tissue and then there was brown coagulated around it. I know blood coagulates with vitamin C from when I was using it during my period. I think this discharge is the actual uterine lining, but it seems unclear from previous comments if anyone has determined what the brown discharge is or should be? Additionally, I have started vitamin d3. I’ve read of several women who this was the shift for them, and anecdotally I know my menstrual cramps are far more severe during periods when I have been exposed to little sunlight.

Date : 17th Nov 2020   |  By : Lucy
Hi Lucy, Thanks for reporting back on the results of using the apple cider vinegar. Based on what other women have reported on this page, I think you are probably near a break through. I think you are probably right that what you have been discharging are biofilm fragments from the BV infection. The brown color is likely staining from menstrual blood. If you are getting too tender, you might want to back off the vitamin C for a couple days or switch for a few days to rinsing with dilute apple cider vinegar, which is probably a more gentle way to keep the acidity down. Then, if needed, you can resume the vitamin C insertion until everything is back to a healthy normal. Please keep reporting on your experience. You are a very good and detailed reporter. What you are reporting will also help other women going through this process. You trying oral vitamin C to reduce cramping is also a great idea.

Date : 17th Nov 2020   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Lucy, In answer to your question about apple cider vinegar, because it is acidic, some women use douses with a diluted solution of it, to help rid themselves of BV. So rinsing with to get rid of the discharge, should be compatible with healing your BV. Dousing in general does rinse out the good bacteria along with the bad, so I would not recommend overusing this strategy, but it does make good sense to use it to rinse away clumpy discharge. If you do try that, I would love to hear back from you about your experience with that.

Date : 13th Nov 2020   |  By : Barbara Allan
Also does apple cider vinegar disrupt the good flora? I see that it has a ph of 2-3 and some articles suggest it will disrupt good bacteria. I just really want to rinse out the brown discharge. I also have been getting some cramping like some other women have mentioned as well.

Date : 13th Nov 2020   |  By : Lucy
Hi Lucy, Great that you are also taking vaginal health probiotics. That will help you maintain your gains. It is very likely biofilms that are breaking up for you right now. What you are going through does seem to be an important turning point for many women with difficult cases of BV. I am not sure how much of a setback it would be to pause the vitamin C insertion for a few days, but you will need to see it through all the way at some point, to totally get rid of the BV. Once you have fully broken the cycle, usually you get to enjoy that with only that kind of minor nudge in the right direction if you start to experience the beginning of BV again. After you reach that point, if you start to get symptoms again, it usually only takes a few days back on the vitamin C insertion to rebalance your vaginal pH and restore everything back to full health.

Date : 13th Nov 2020   |  By : Barbara Allan
Barbara, Im so appreciative of your dedication to this topic and that you still reply to all inquiries! I have felt very discouraged about this recently, and was thinking to maybe try boric acid but I think ive fortunately reached a turning point. So- my period ended and I resumed the vitamin C tablets, I took a few during my period but for a couple days stopped. I am now getting the very clumpy brown discharge. Is this the biofilm sloughing off? Is it normal for the brown discharge to start after a few days of the vitamin C? bc when I initially started before period there was none of that, for a few days. There are gobs of it and at first I thought maybe it was the pill as it was yellow, now using white ones, but it clearly is some kind of membrane tissue. When I reach in to scoop it out, there is also liquid brownish red, could this be blood? maybe if the biofilm is sloughing off with layers of epithelial tissue? Anyway I felt encouraged today as I read in previous comments this is an important turning point. Would it be terrible to stop the vitamin C for a couple days while I see the person im dating, and then resume after the weekend? Would this cause biofilm resistance? Im very interested in the science of all this and how much seems to be misunderstood by physicians. I am also taking female probiotics, something with 50 billion, I was using fem dophilus but that didn't seem to be enough. So im taking the high dosage 1-2 times a day as well as a 10 billion jarrodophilus pill.

Date : 13th Nov 2020   |  By : Lucy
Dear Lucy, Often the tendency towards BV is worse around one's period. Often using vitamin C insertion for a few days around that time of month, will take care of the problem, on months when there is a problem then. When the BV is gone, the funny odor will be gone and the vaginal tissue will also feel normal, not slightly inflammed or slightly uncomfortable. As for watery discharge, usually that also goes away too, although it is possible that that might be part of a normal, healthy vagina for you. Each one of us is a little different. Please let us know when the odor goes away whether, for you, the watery discharge also goes away. We can all learn from each other's experience.

Date : 10th Nov 2020   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, i have been trying the tablets vitamin C, sometimes 500 sometimes 1000 mg twice a day. My case seems to be occasionally odor but mostly just very liquid discharge, been so for years. Im unsure as to when I will know its gone? Bc some liquid discharge is normal, correct? I have taken it for 4-5 days consecutively, then got my period and stopped taking for a couple days, then resumed, as odor was still off. The last couple days or so of my period is usually the worst.

Date : 10th Nov 2020   |  By : Lucy
Hi Paula, maybe there is still some tender tissue that is healing from the removal of the your IUD. The vitamin C might be causing that still healing tissue to feel pain. It is possible that the commercial product called RepHresh that I mention in my article might be milder on those healing tissues than the vitamin C while still creating the vaginal pH shift needed to get rid of your bacterial vaginitis. If you try that, please let me know what your experience with it is.

Date : 27th Oct 2020   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara! Thank you for replying. I’ve had pelvic ultrasound, bloodwork and swabs done. Everything but swab is normal. Swab was positive for BV. I’ll stop the vitamin c and see if I can get another referral to another gynaecologist. I believe this infection has to do with my iud, which has been removed at the end of August. The only time I experience any pain is after vitamin c insertion. And it’s definitely cervical pain.

Date : 27th Oct 2020   |  By : Paula
Dear Paula, I am so sorry you are in so much pain. Please stop the vitamin C insertion. It should not cause cervical pain. Based on what you describe, you have something going on beyond just bacterial vaginosis. If there is any way you can see a gynecologist more quickly, I highly recommend that. If you could arrange to see a gynecologist right away, that would be so much better than you continuing to suffer and not even really knowing what is behind the pain.

Date : 27th Oct 2020   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi there! I came across your article while researching BV treatment. I’ve been suffering with BV for 3 months now. My dr has tried flagyl, Clindamycin, diflucan and I’ve tried boric avid suppositories. Nothing is helping. I’m currently on day 18 of vit c tablets as suppositories and I’m also taking a probiotic. I’m still not finding any relief, and each time I insert the vitamin c tablet (500 mg) I get intense pain in my cervix. It brings me to tears. Could this be burning my cervix? Should I continue the treatment? I’m currently waiting to see a gynaecologist but there is a 2-3 month wait. I cannot take this anymore.

Date : 27th Oct 2020   |  By : Paula
I’m on my second day of inserting 500mg vitamin C caplets once before bed. Is it okay to do so without a sponge or tampon to hold it in? Will it still be effective? Also, can I take the probiotics as a suppository, will it be more effective when taken that way? Or should I just take them orally. Should I start probiotics after or while doing the vitamin c treatment

Date : 8th Oct 2020   |  By : Phias
Prince, it sounds like you have something going on beyond the scope of this bacterial vaginosis article. Extreme fatigue, headaches and unformed stool are not things that are usually caused by bacterial vaginosis. Have you been back to the doctor who prescribed the antibiotics? It sounds like it is time for you to seek more medical advice from a licensed professional who can see you in person.

Date : 28th May 2020   |  By : Barbara Allan
After l treated and infection std for a month and a week , using different antibiotics. And injection plus herbal s . but my challenge now is after the treatment and std is gone but l kept feeling extreme fatigue and headach every day for two weeks now. early morning l always get stronger but during the day . the head ACH becomes escalated. My shit is always without shape but not watery

Date : 28th May 2020   |  By : Prince
Hi Autumn, I looked at the link you sent me. The vitamin C tablets you are asking about are coated with pharmacuetical glaze. Usually any type vitamin C tablet is fine to use. I removed your link from your post, because I don't want to seen as endorsing any particular type of vitamin C tablet, since they all work for this purpose. Are you concerned about whether it will dissolve properly when inserted? (It will.) Or do you have some other concern? Also, if you want to cut a 1000 mg tablet in half so you are only using 500 mg of vitamin C at a time, that is also fine.

Date : 5th Mar 2020   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, Barbara! I'm wondering if you'd consider these tablets appropriate, as I can't tell what the coating is made of. I would break them in half for a dosage of 500mg (will effectively reduce my cost in half). Thank you so, so much

Date : 5th Mar 2020   |  By : Autumn
About 7 years ago, I had BV for approximately 6-8 months, non-stop, but had no clue what it was and had never heard of it before. I just knew that after sex with my hubby of 15 years at the time, using the bathroom the next morning made me nauseated because of the horrible fishy smell. I immediately showered and washed myself down there and I got rid of the smell and only noticed it after sex for a time. We have a very busy sex life and always have, hence our 5 children lol. Speaking of them, while pregnant, I always got the worst UTIs and finally got a good doc on the 3rd pregnancy who told me that I needed to ALWAYS go pee within an hour of sex, whether I felt the urge or not. We both refuse to have spur of the moment sex because we work outside and concerned about being dirty, so I know for a fact it wasn’t cleanliness that caused them. I’ve never gotten another UTI with keeping that particular routine. So, when the odor started after sex, and at first, ONLY after sex and having no insurance and beginning to itch like mad down there and then beginning to smell fish even days after sex and countless showers, I visited Dr. Google. It wasn’t this site, but another BV forum somewhere that I learned about Vit C insertion, after trying “rephresh” and having what seemed like a yeast infection discharge on steroids as a side effect of it and knowing I wouldn’t be doing that again. I inserted as I laid down for bed and wore a pad, thanks to the info on that forum about discharge. There was so much discharge when I woke up, it was like my heaviest flow period day. I took a shower, washed all the gunk away and went on with my day. I only did it that one time, with immediate relief of the itching/odor, so I didn’t do it again and planned to if I smelled the morning after sex. I didn’t, so I was done with it for over a year. Then, odor came back, back to the VC, back to relief. Another year, same thing. However, while this time the discharge was the same with VC, the itching and odor persistence was immediate and I received ZERO relief from the VC. Back to Dr. Google, and this time I came across the boric acid remedy. While BA is good for bacteria, it’s actually for cleaning fungus/mold growth. So, I bought vegetarian capsules online and made my own suppositories. The BA gave almost immediate results as well, but I did have to use more than once. This lead me to believe I had developed a yeast infection. I self treated for 3 days, then stopped, that was the end of that. I haven’t had either problem since and that’s been like 4 years. I do believe I’m getting one or the other again, because I’ve begun to notice a faint smell the morning after sex and the itching is maddening. I was trying to find that other forum because I couldn’t remember which form of VC they’d said to use to prevent burning, because they didn’t recommend holding it in place like you do, only to avoid the rose hips one and something else because it burns so badly. Anyhoo. I just wanted to share that if vitamin c isn’t working for you, you could possibly have a yeast infection. The two are similar, it’s just with yeast, that fishy smell isn’t quite bad enough to gag a maggot and in some cases may not smell like much more than baking bread. Even so, boric acid will help in either case, but for BV my experience tells me that vitamin c is best for BV and boric acid for extreme cases if vit c isn’t working. The opposite is best, in my experience for yeast. So, if it’s yeast, treat a few days maybe longer with boric acid suppositories, then when the yeast is gone (it’s best to keep those yeast test kits on hand too), insert a vit c once overnight in order to bring some acidity back to your vagina. The boric acid will TANK your Ph down there, so a vitamin c after using it can help your Ph become closer natural. Should only need one, as your body can correct further on its own. Cheers!

Date : 24th Jul 2019   |  By : Lucy Swan
Dear Lucy, thank you for sharing your personal experience with vitamin C insertion working best for getting rid of bacterial vaginosis and boric acid insertion working best for getting rid of yeast infections.

Date : 24th Jul 2019   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi is it ok to use Bioglan biotic balance ultimate flora.

Date : 25th Mar 2019   |  By : Debbie
Hi is it ok to use vitamin c-500mg delicious chewable vitamin, natural 'orange flavour' and immune system support.

Date : 25th Mar 2019   |  By : Debbie
Dear Debbie, it is okay to use the brand of vitamin C that you mention. However, you don't need to use such a fancy brand, unless you just want to. Plain vitamin C works just as well. The one possible drawback of using a flavored brand is that they often include coloring. If so, you will probably notice a little bit of colored discharge. Don't worry, it is just the coloring from the vitamin C.

Date : 25th Mar 2019   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Debbie, the probiotic you name, Bioglan biotic balance ultimate flora, is NOT a good one for getting rid of bacterial vaginosis. The reason is that the 4 probiotic strains that it contains are only for a healthy gut. In order to be good at reversing BV, a probiotic also needs to contain probiotics necessary for a healthy vagina. I suggest using one of the brands I mention in the article or something similar that does contain the healthy vagina types of probiotics.

Date : 25th Mar 2019   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Desparate, Your question as I understand it, is where you can overdo the vitamin C insertion. You already know I suggest continuing to insert vitamin C for only one day past when everything becomes normal again. Everything else I recommend, your have shared that you are already doing that. My guess from your report is that continuing the vitamin C for those extra days over-corrected your vaginal pH causing irritation and perhaps allowing something unusual to grow, that normally would never have a chance to grow, because normally the vagina pH would not overcorrected to be so acidic for so long. I recommend not inserting any vitamin C for a few days to see if the situation corrects itself on its own. Please, let me know here on this page, how you are doing in about a week.

Date : 12th Mar 2019   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Barbara, I have read your article and years worth of comments but I'm afraid I don't see my exact question anywhere. So sorry to bother you but as we know doctors aren't always helpful when we decide to try something other than antibiotics. I had BV just once years ago which cleared up w antibiotics and was fine until a couple months ago after new partner unprotected sex. My gyno gave me a new 1 night only vaginal insert antibiotic and I've also taken high grade vaginal specific probiotics once per day since Jan and it hadnt worked so I started to research and came across Dr Aviva Romm's website with a BV regimen similar to yours. I bought the Vitanica V-fresh (which is a vit c suppository) to follow the regime which is: 1 wk of V-fresh vaginally before bed combined w a vaginal specific probiotic 1 by mouth and 1 vaginal during the day. (I use Garden of Life Raw Refridgerated Probiotics specifically for Vaginal concerns which is expensive and I'm told the highest quality by my dr and pharmacist). My question is: can you overdo the vitamin c? I ask bc after day 2 or 3 i was ELATED to find my discharge 100% back to normal look and no smell. However, the instructions on Dr Romm's site as well as the V-fresh package stated in one area to 'use until no longer needed' and in another 'for best results use 1 week'. So of course being so desperate I thought I want best results and used the entire week ie about 4-5 days past when I saw normal discharge and for the last 2 days or so I felt my vagina was irritated and a bit itchy which it hadn't been before (though I hadn't read your site yet about inserting a tampon). I know you said to use the vitamin c about a day past clearing infection, but I wonder if I used it far too long? As now the infection appears far worse. I will be SO grateful for a response as I want to be clear for future use. I am planning to start up the vitamin c regimen you have recommended until discharge is normal but I'm unclear how many days are safe to continue vitamin c once infection clears? As well as continue possibly taking my probiotics only orally and for a few months more. I just am wondering if I can 'overdo it' with the vitamin c inserts once the infection is cleared and make things worse?? Thanks, Desperate

Date : 12th Mar 2019   |  By : Desperate
Dear Shany, Thank you for writing. I am so sorry to hear that you have had BV continuously for the last 4 years. Please let me know your experience, with the vitamin C inserstion plus taking the right kind of probiotics which include the ones needed for a healthy vagina. In answer to your question about a good brand of vitamin C, in my experience any brand of 500 mg vitamin C tablets should work. However, please do read this article carefully, so that you insert the tablet correctly. When the insertion doesn't work, it is usually because of not using a tampon or piece of sea sponge or other means of keeping the vitamin C in the vagina were it is needed, and away from the vaginal opening, where it can cause stinging and rawness. Hang in there and please let us know about your experience with this treatment.

Date : 6th Jan 2019   |  By : Barbara Allan
I am so grateful to come across this website. I have been suffering from BV for 4 years- that's 4 years STRAIGHT. I am 36 years old and haven't had a vaginal infection since my early 20's, so this has been, to be frank, pure hell. I, unfortunately, can't take the vaginal antibiotics due to reaction. I have had IV clindy for another infection and that helped the BV symptoms until I had sex again. I have been with the same partner for 18 years and he has even been treated with antibiotics. No help! I have tried everything from boric acid, to probiotic suppositories, and more. NOTHING has worked. I've recently come across research about Vitamin C, and I am desperately trying to find silicone coated Vit C, but can't find it anywhere. Twinlabs no longer makes the crystalline c that most people were using. Could you recommend a brand that is safe and effective? I am at my wits end with this. it has ruined my confidence, sex life, etc. It's a horrible condition.

Date : 31st Dec 2018   |  By : BV be GONE
Dear Lisa, Thank you for sharing your experience. I am glad that the boric acid worked for you. Sounds like you had a particularly difficult and entrenched case. If you scroll down, you will notice that some women had to use vitamin C for many weeks, about the total of your various treatments, so it could be that you specifically needed boric acid, or it could be that you specifically needed intervention (any of the ones you were using) for that long length of time until your BV infection finally was defeated. Make sure you continue to take probiotics with the necessary flora for a healthy vagina for a couple months, to make sure they are full established and flourishing. That is an important part of protecting you from any relapses. If your BV ever does start to come back, immediately inserting vitamin C for a few days will probably be enough to return you back to healthy flora. I would use hydrogen peroxide or boric acid only as a last resort, because they destroy all your vaginal flora, including the good kind that you need. So it you don't have an entrenched case of BV, they are overkill and like antibiotics, actually set you for recurrent cycles of BV again, since you healthy flora is wiped out.

Date : 28th Aug 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
*Update* I stuck with vitamin c for 3 weeks and all I had was awful yellow discharge. I then tried hydrogen peroxide for 1 week, I had my period and then tried vitamin c again for a week. No change. I then did hydrogen peroxide and also vitamin c for 5 days. No change. I was at my wits end. I have done home remedy after home remedy since July 6th. I finally bought boric acid off of Amazon. After 3 treatments I have little to no discharge! I was shocked! I have been taking probiotics and doing 1 boric acid suppository at night. I think vitamin c helps some (as I have read), but for me it didn't work. BUT I am glad to say that I found something that worked for me. Thanks for this site that helped me know I was not alone and to tell of what probiotics worked!

Date : 27th Aug 2018   |  By : Lisa
Dear Dayana, As far as I know, inserting vitamin C is safe during pregnancy, but I have never considered the issue before and am not an expert on healthy pregnancy. But I imagine that getting all your bacterial flora back into a healthy mix using vitamin C insertion and taking probiotics that include those strains necessary for a healthy vagina, would probably be a good thing, including for your baby.

Date : 25th Aug 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello Everyone ! Thank you all for sharing your experience. I am currently pregnant and I have BV that the metronidazole nor anitbiotics are being succesful, it keeps coming back. I suspect I've had it for years. Most likely I have some kinds of colonized bacteria or biofilms. Does anyone know if I can do the vitamin c protocol while pregnant.? I am tired of following doctors orders that do not work. I feel antibiotics are only causing more harm. I also started on probiotics for vaginal health. Thank you all in advance! =)

Date : 24th Aug 2018   |  By : Dayana fernandez
Dear Kim, I am so happy for you! Congratulations on your sucess in breaking your difficult, recurrent cycle of BV. Thanks also for sharing in detail about your experience and your plan moving forward. The one suggestion I have is that you will probably find that now that your BV has cleared, that your plan of one vitamin C inserted daily will not be necessary, unless it is on a day when there is a challenge to your vaginal pH, like unprotected sex or perhaps on certain, predictable days in your menstral cycle. I look forward to your updates!

Date : 7th Aug 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Also I forgot to mention, i insert the vitamin c pills with applying extra virgin olive oil to the pill and around the opening for easier guidance!

Date : 6th Aug 2018   |  By : Kim
I am so glad that I found message boards such as this one that have gone beyond having BV, but also explaining why it reoccurs. I am writing this with finally feeling I’m onto a great routine to keep it gone for good. My last case of BV, which is my third one, had left me extremely frustrated and also embarrassed. I did not want to go to the doctor again because they give metrogel, i take it, think im better, and within two months the same scenario. I know myself and my boyfriend are clean and keep up with our hygiene so I knew it was not us. I shower quite frequently and thought the soaps and wash cloths were the problem so I stopped using the cloths and got a more natural ingredient soap and did not put that on my vagina just the outside/upper part during showers. After taking metrogel for 5 nights in combination with 2 femdophilus pills, I started taking 500mg of vitamin C (Solgar Plus Ester C Vegetarian Capsules). I would take one vit c orally and one vaginally morning and night for 3 days (a combo of 3 vit c pills daily and 2 femdophilus). At first as others say, i did not think the vit c was working bc of all of the discharge but it cleared within two days. On day 3 of the femdophilus and vit C my discharge was finally normal and was only discharging the pill. I was finally able to be intimate with my boyfriend after a long week and a half. As I saw in the comments from Barbara, sperm makes the ph more alkaline so this would make sense too as to why BV has always came back for me along with having barely any good bacteria left over leaving no healthy flora for good bacteria to thrive. As a treatment I will keep up with going forward is the 2 femdophilus pills daily, 1 vit c pill orally by morning and night, and 1 vit c pill vaginally daily EXCEPT for on a day I plan on having sex - I take it AFTER sex because the pill leaks out after a few hours and could also give a burning sensation to you and your partner. I also wear panty liners after inserting the pill, this is what has worked for me and makes me most comfortable. Barbara mentions using a moist earth sponge as well. I will share an update in a few months here. Best of luck to anyone struggling with this nuisance and just keep sticking to a routine. I especially recommend the vit C, it is natural and is effective.

Date : 6th Aug 2018   |  By : Kim
Lisa, Thank you so much for this update. I glad that the experience Fran shared back in 2015 has helped you stay the course. Adding the healthy-vagina-specific probiotics will help. The 3 a day insertions will help. I am glad you are now doing both those things. Please keep us informed as you continue this process. I have my finger's crossed that your next update will be that your BV has finally cleared, but either way, please do keep checking in.

Date : 2nd Aug 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Update...It has been over 2 weeks and the discharge won't stop. I have started doing 3 a day inserts. I have been so disheartened by it all. I would love nothing more than to go cry in a corner. The other day though, I read so many of the previous comments from you and others. One comment really kept me from being so discouraged. Fran, I do believe, back in 2015. At 2 weeks she still had discharge. She started to insert the vitamin c at night without anything to hold it in place because she thought the tampon was preventing the vitamin c working throughout the entire vagina. It did work for her, but it took longer than 2 weeks. I have started to do that as well. Right now I have lots of chunky discharge. I am going to keep this up and see where that takes me. I had started taking Fem Dophilus when I started the vitamin c. 1 week ago I started taking other probiotics on top of the fem dophilus to try and balance my gut health as well. I'm glad I'm not alone in this journey, and am so happy I happened upon this site with how long I have searched trying to find anything to work.

Date : 2nd Aug 2018   |  By : Lisa
Dear Lisa, Sorry to hear about the smell and the discharge. Usually those issues go away by the 5 day mark, but for some particularly difficult cases of BV, what you are describing is just part of the process of killing off the bad bacteria. If your schedule allows you to insert vitamin C 3 times a day instead of just 2, that might also help speed things up. If you are not also taking probiotics specifically containing bacteria needed for healthy vagina, begin that ASAP. That will also help! How long with this last for you? Hard to say exactly. It could be over for you any day now. However, if you scroll down, a few women had that happen for as long as three weeks or so. They stuck it out until the shift back to a healthy vagina happened for them. Then they wrote back to encourage others to stick it out for as long as it takes, because of how great was for them to have finally returned back to a healthy, happy, and normal smelling vagina.

Date : 25th Jul 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
I've been dealing with bv for well over 6 months now. I happened upon this site and have started inserting vitamin c twice a day for the past 5 days. The smell of bv was never too horrible with me, but after starting the vitamin c treatment, it is the worst fishy odor I have ever smelled. Is this normal? I have so much more discharge now too. What should I do? I am at my wits end dealing with bv.

Date : 21st Jul 2018   |  By : Lisa
Dear Jane, Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am happy you have been so successful and hope that many other women benefit from your experience. If your BV ever starts to come back, restart the vitamin C insertion. Usually if you catch it early it is only necessary for a 2 or 3 days, before everything returns to normal again.

Date : 3rd Jul 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Just wanted to say that after 5 years of constant BV, I have finally got a normal vagina! I tried many things but nothing got rid of it for good and it was costing me a fortune in Balance Activ pessaries to control it. After doing some previous research I started taking Femflora a few months ago but it wasn’t till I stuck faithfully to vitamin C insertion that it finally cleared it up. I had mild cramps while doing it, lots of tissue like clumps came out and I had a constant watery brown discharge that gushed out in the beginning but I carried on even though it was a bit scary having those things happen. However, 2 weeks later it just become a light orangey discharge from the vitamin c itself, so I felt it was then time to stop inserting. I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made to my life, I finally feel and smell normal. I have continued taking the probiotic and use a vit c tablet after sex (which always triggered it) and that has worked just fine. I really hope I’m done with it permanently, so far so good. Thank you for this page Barbara, reading it really helped me, hopefully my story can help too.

Date : 3rd Jul 2018   |  By : Jane
Hi Nora, Taking probiotics orally to reseed your vaginal bacteria won't interfere with your efforts to conceive and may even help you do so. However, inserting vitamin c or douching with apple cider vinegar will make the vagina too acid for sperm to survive. This part of the treatment shouldn't be done during your most fertile days. Lowering your vaginal pH is still an important part of clearing up BV though. You can safely insert vitamin C without hindering your chances of conception during your period or infertile times. Hope this information helps! Good luck!

Date : 25th Jun 2018   |  By : Cassi
Is there anything safe to use to help with bv while you are trying to conceive? Don't want to do anything that will jeopardize that. Thanks

Date : 22nd Jun 2018   |  By : Nora
I had been fighting with bvs for the passed year after being on strong antibiotics for a really bad flu, and I couldn’t get it to clear it was awful. Hurt to walk, swelling,skin breaking away leaving small cracks that would bleed, discharge and everything else that comes with a bad one, I was googling one day and found this page and it sure makes a world of difference I did do the vitamin C for a bit and also started taking the renewlife ultimate flora VS for women. It costs me a $1.00 a pill here where I live but what a difference. I just finished two month worth of taking 2 pills a day and starting to take one pill a day now and since I started I haven’t had a break out and am feeling 100% better. Thanks so much to this page for all the info it’s been a really big help to me.

Date : 20th Jun 2018   |  By : Mindy
Barbara, the Dr. thought the discharge was from the vitamin c because it was the same color of the pill and she also thought the redness and itching was from my skin being too sensitive for the vitamin c. Have other women ever had that before with inserting them?

Date : 14th Jun 2018   |  By : Kim
Hi Kim, if the discharge is the same color as the vitamin C pills you were inserting, then yes, that almost certainly accounts for the brown color of your discharge. You are the first women I have talked with who has been sensitive enough in her vaginal area to vitamin C for it to cause irritation there. But since you are that sensitive, you need to honor that. If your BV does ever start to come back, Rephresh is a more gentle way to lower your vaginal pH. It is likely a much better product for you personally. If you do ever use Rephresh, please let me know how it works for you.

Date : 14th Jun 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Kim, Once you no longer have BV, you no longer need to use Rephresh, vitamin C, apple cider vinegar, or any other means of making your vagina more acidic. You just get to enjoy having a healhty, BV-free vagina. You only need to resume those treatments if the BV starts to come back.

Date : 13th Jun 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Kim, Your doctor said you do not have BV, yet you have irriation and clumpy brown discharge. What did your doctor say was the cause of that?

Date : 13th Jun 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara, I went to the dr today and she said everything looked good. No bv-but I assume that’s from using the vitamin c. I had a lot of itching today and clumps of the light brownish discharge so I am wondering if I am experiencing die off or if like you said I am very sensitive. My dr also suggested the rephresh. You said to use it after my period. Do I use it for the full 4 days afterwards and how long do I need to use it before my body corrects itself? Is it an on going treatment?

Date : 13th Jun 2018   |  By : Kim
Dear Kim, Sounds like you are doing everything right, including getting a medical diagnosis 5 times!!! If you choose to share what your doctor says at your appointment this week, I would be most interested in his or her assessment. For now, stop the vitamin C. Depending on what your doctor finds, if you decide to resume this treatment after your soreness clears, it might be best to switch to a milder form of acidifying agent, like the commerical represh product I also mention in the article above. You might just have a particularly sensitive body.

Date : 12th Jun 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Yes, I have been diagnosed with BV 4 times within the last 5 months and every time I get tested for everything and it always comes back positive for only the gardnerella. This last time I felt it coming on and did a home test and my PH was high and I had symptoms which is when I started the Vitamin C. Do you think if it was just a mild infection that I did too much or maybe it never really turned to the BV? Yes it is the inside that feels sore. I am seeing my Dr. on Thursday so I will stop the treatment.

Date : 12th Jun 2018   |  By : Kim
Dear Kim, I have never before heard of twice a day insertions of 500 mg vitamin C tablets to combat BV causing bleeding. Are you experiencing the rawness and soreness inside your vagina? For now I suggest that you take a break from the vitamin C tablet insertion until that rawness and soreness clears up. Were you diagnosed by a gynocologist with bacterial vaginosis? I ask because if BV is not actually the problem, but something else is, you may very well need a different treatment. If you haven't already seen a medical professional, now might be a good time. It would be good to rule out some other problem, that needs a different solution.

Date : 12th Jun 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara, does the vitamin C ever cause bleeding? I just took the tampon out that I used this morning to keep it in and it has bright red blood on it. I am not expecting my period for another 2 weeks. I also feel very sore and raw. I have been using 500mg 2 times a day since this last Saturday. Am I over doing it?

Date : 12th Jun 2018   |  By : Kim
Dear Kim, I understand your concern. The problem with antibiotics and other treatments like boric acid that also kill good bacteria as well as bad, is that even when they work, the bad bacteria often get the upper hand again, after the treatment stops. This is because there are no good bacteria left to out compete them for that living space. The good thing about lowering the pH in your vagina, for instance, by inserting a vitamin C tablet, is that instead of killing the good bacteria, it actually create conditions where they can get the upper hand. Yes, if you temporarily stop the vitamin C tablets before the process is complete, the BV bacteria may come back somewhat, but although that isn't optimal, just start back as soon as you can and then continue until the BV is gone. If you scroll down, you will see comments from women who had some particularly difficult cases of BV. For them it took many weeks of vitamin C insertion to finally break the cycle of recurrent BV infection. The message from each of those women is don't give up. In the end each of them said it is totally worth it to finally overcome the BV. For lesser cases of BV, the length of the treatment to break the BV ranges from a few days to two or three weeks. If you give yourself the treatment time you need upfront, that is what breaks the cycle so you don't need to keep doing this the rest of your life. Does that make sense?

Date : 11th Jun 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara and thank you for your prompt response. Yes, that does help. I guess my concern is stopping the treatment too early as it has always returned in the past. I thought that maybe the 21 days of boric acid would have treated it prior to this but it did not. I am trying to avoid having to take the antibiotics for this after researching and this being my first time experiencing bv was i was surprised to learn how difficult it is to treat. I just get nervous that I will have to use this stuff for the rest of my life.

Date : 11th Jun 2018   |  By : Kim
Dear Kim, Once everything is back to normal, continue inserting a vitamin C tablet once or twice a day for one more day. If you still have irritation and discharge after your gynologist visit, then yes, resume the vitamin insertion until the irritation has gone away plus for one day after that. Then just keep taking a probiotic that includes healthy vaginal flora. You can do this indefinately, but I would recommend it for at least one more month. If you ever start to feel like the BV is starting to return, resume inserting a vitamin C tablet once or twice a day. Usually if you catch BV early, it only takes 2-3 days of insertion before it is totally gone again. The insert binder in vitamin C tablets will create a little bit of chalky discharge. That is nothing to worry about. Within a few days of stopping insertion, it will be gone. Does that help?

Date : 11th Jun 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
HI Barbara, I am on my 3rd day of inserting vitamin c. My question is-how do I know when I can stop treatment and is there anything I need to do afterwards to maintain? I had my first bout of BV 5 months ago and used clindamycin cream for only 3 out of the 7 days due to the increased irritation. I think that the first initial infection never went away completely due to stopping because it has come back 4 times since then. I used 21 days of boric acid in April and it just returned again .I have been taking the fem dophilus probiotics since it first started as well. I have no odor just discharge and irritation. I have not seen any discharge today and will have to stop taking the vitamin c after tomorrow morning because I have a follow up with my gyn on Thursday. Should I resume inserting after my appointment on Thursday and for how long? I checked my PH today and its a 4. Thanks so much for your help and feedback.

Date : 11th Jun 2018   |  By : Kim
Thank you for the advice! I hadn’t thought about tea tree oil killing the good bacteria too, so I will just use coconut oil from now on! I read about douching with hydrogen peroxide too, but I imagine it would burn horribly. I had noticed in the comments that it can take 3 weeks for severe cases... Would using tampons for weeks straight have an adverse effect? Also, I’m wondering if I’m inserting the vitamin deep enough. I just use my index finger, then I suppose the tampon might push it deeper. I haven’t had problems with the vitamin c burning near the opening. Re-reading your article... should I be taking two probiotics capsules daily instead of the recommended one per day dose? If so, would I take them both at the same time, or one every 12 hours?

Date : 17th Apr 2018   |  By : Veruca
Dear Veruca, Hydrogen peroxide also kills both good and bad vaginal bacteria. Once in a while the overgrown of bad bacteria is so bad that it makes sense to use hydrogen peroxide, or tea tree oil or antibiotics to wipe it out, but then it is still critical to use lower the pH of the vagina with something like vitamin C and take probiotics containing healhty vagina flora to stop the cycle of the bad bacteria taking over again after the treatment. Finger deep is deep enough for inserting the vitamin C. If using a tampon everyday is irritating to you, use a piece of sea sponge, like I describe in the article above. Cut in to the right size and shape for your vagina. All it needs to do is stay in and act as a barrier to the vitamin C tablet coming out. The advantage of the sea sponge is that you can wet it and then ring it out lightly before insertion. It is gentle on the vagina that way. Two probiotics tablets a day is even better than only one a day. Yes, taking then at two different times of the day will give you the best results. It doesn't have to be 12 hours apart. A few hours apart is enough, although it could be 12 hours apart if that is convenient to you.

Date : 17th Apr 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Veruca, it is great that you are taking both the "Woman's Flora" probiotics and inserting the vitamin C. Take the probiotics each day for a few months, even after you feel better. Keep inserting the vitamin C tablets twice a day for one day longer than it takes for you to feel normal again. Tea tree oil kills bacteria, including good bacteria, so do not insert that into your vagina. For now, I suggest that if you want external oil on your vulva, use plain coconut oil. It is hard to say exactly how long you will need to use the vitamin C insertion. If you look at the comments below, some women with particularly difficult BV needed to continue that for several weeks. Less difficult cases usually require the insertion each day for somewhere between a 2 or 3 days and 2 weeks. It is fine to either continue or skip the insertion when you are menstruating. That is a personal choice.

Date : 16th Apr 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank you so much for this post and for taking the time to reply to comments. I first started noticing something was off with me in February. I’m in my early 30s and had never experienced any problem like this in the past. It started with itching, then an unusual-smelling watery discharge. I wrote it off as a weird reaction to being chafed from toilet paper. I thought it passed, but the next month the discharge returned, and it burned a little during sex. I thought maybe my period would get things back to normal, but the discharge came right back, and the one time I had sex (protected, with my husband) in the last month and a half, there was a burning sensation. I don’t want to resort to antibiotics after learning that it kills the good bacteria and is likely to cause a recurring cycle of problems. In the last month I tried inserting plain unsweetened yogurt with active cultures two days in a row, but it seemed ridiculous so I stopped. Then I switched to inserting coconut oil and tea tree oil (by coating tampons) once a day for two hours. I did that for 4 or 5 days. That instantly relieved the itching and unpleasant smell, but only temporarily. After finding this page, I’m on day 11 of taking one probiotic capsule daily (the Culturelle supposedly formulated for women’s flora— I couldn’t find the brands you recommended nearby). I am on day 9 of also taking zinc and vitamin c with rose hips supplements orally, and day 9 of inserting the vitamin c with rose hips once before bed. 5 of those 9 days, I also inserted one during the day. I have also been applying coconut oil with tea tree oil externally once or twice a day to help prevent chafing, and it makes it easier to insert the vitamin too. The vitamins are white chalky looking uncoated tablets. I notice that on some days, small gritty remnants of the vitamins come out when I go to the bathroom. During the last 6 days I have been on my period and have been using tampons. Now that it’s nearly over, and I’m starting to have the irritated/slightly itchy feeling again. How long do you think it should take for this new routine to work, if it’s going to work for me? Should I be doing anything differently? Thank you for reading!

Date : 16th Apr 2018   |  By : Veruca
Veronica, where is the vitamin C burning you? If it burning at the labia area, the dose is NOT too strong. The problem is instead that the vitamin C is going where it should not. Two commonly used remedies for this are using either a tampon or a small piece of sea sponge cut to the right size for your vagina, to hold the vitamin C in your vagina, so it doesn't get on labia area. Unless you use something to prevent the vitamin C from reaching your labia, you will have the exact same problem with the strategy you are suggesting.

Date : 26th Feb 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Question about using vitamin c for bv. 500 mg is too strong (burns me), Thinking about grinding 250 mg into a powder and make m own gelatin capsules. Question: how long will it take for capsule to dissolve and how many should I insert per day given the low dosage?

Date : 26th Feb 2018   |  By : Veronica Mackey
Dear Thandi, For difficult cases, it can take several weeks of inserting a vitamin C tablet 2 or 3 times a day, before BV clears up. Are you taking a probiotic that includes bacteria necessary for a healthy vagina? That is important too. I suggest some brands that work in the article above. For now you have a couple of good choices. One, you could take a break while on your period and then resume with insertion and healhty vagina restoring probiotics. Two, if you don't mind the mess, you could continue with insertion even on your period and add the healthy vagina restoring probiotics. Does that help?

Date : 20th Feb 2018   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi there, I inserted the vitamin c for 3 days at night in a row and now I'm on my periods and smell bad, any suggestions as to what to do?

Date : 20th Feb 2018   |  By : Thandi
I had been fighting with bvs for the passed year after being on strong antibiotics for a really bad flu, and I couldn’t get it to clear it was awful. Hurt to walk, swelling,skin breaking away leaving small cracks that would bleed, discharge and everything else that comes with a bad one, I was googling one day and found this page and it sure makes a world of difference I did do the vitamin C for a bit and also started taking the renewlife ultimate flora VS for women. It costs me a $1.00 a pill here where I live but what a difference. I just finished two month worth of taking 2 pills a day and starting to take one pill a day now and since I started I haven’t had a break out and am feeling 100% better. Thanks so much to this page for all the info it’s been a really big help to me.

Date : 6th Feb 2018   |  By : Mindy
Hi ladies I have struggled with BV for many many years but I have found out that after 3 days of the vitamin C the burning and the swelling on the exterior of vulva is nothing but chafing from the vitamin C coming out of the vagina so every day make sure you take a sitz bath and use a blow dryer to dry the vulva completely dry then after one day or so you will notice that the pain burning and stinging in the vulva will go away

Date : 24th Dec 2017   |  By : Dawn Jackson
Dear Dawn, thank you for sharing your solution to the problem of vitamin C getting on your vulva and causing a burning sensation.

Date : 24th Dec 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Cara, I think you have a good plan. the advantage of using a piece of sea sponge, is that you can cut it to the exact size you need and wet it before you insert it. I look forward to you updates. Whether you keep up the vitamin C insertions while you are on your period is up to you. On heavy flow days, you may want to skip it.

Date : 19th Dec 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara, okay I will stick with it. it hurts to use tampons during this treatment, due to dryness. im using organic tampons but the super size. maybe i got to get a smaller size. or i can order the sponge on amazon. At night, i dont use a tampon and wear a panty liner instead. i read a few reviews on here, i guess my case will take weeks since i had this problem for a few years and not a few months. i will report back. i think my yeast is in the gut along with bacterial overgrowth. i might do a diet and stick with it for a few months.

Date : 18th Dec 2017   |  By : Cara
Hi Cara, It sounds like you have a particularly difficult situation with recurrent BV.. From what you have told me, the sitz baths are very good for you. Tight pants are not. If you scroll down the comments section, you will notice that for many women with particularly difficult BV, they got temporarily worse on the vitamin C treatment, but when they stuck with it after a few weeks they were amazed that the problem finally resolved in a way it never had before. So, I would recommend sticking with the 2x/day vitamin C insertion that you are doing plus the vagina-friendly probiotics for at least a day after everything clears up, even if that means doing it for a few weeks, which might be necessary in your case. It is a matter of keeping with it long enough to have all the bad bacteria die off and have the good vagina-healthy bacteria so well established that they can hold their own, even during tricky times. For most women their vaginal pH changes depending on what part of their menstrual cyclce they are in, with just before, during and just after a period being the most vunerable times for BV. Discharge color and consistency during the healing process with vitamin C insertion can run the gamut, but once the BV is gone it should be clear and not smell yeasty or fishy or bad.

Date : 18th Dec 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
I've been using the Country Life 1000mg vitamin c tablets with Rosehip. i was doing it 2x a day, I'm noticing a very strong yeast smell, that has gotten worse. yesterday i noticed some blood but my period is due soon. im also taking 1 capsule of Renew life 50 bill vag support. It's making the odor worse for me. My main symptoms are a lot of discharge, strong musty odor, yeasty smell. gets really strong odor when i wear tight pants or underwear for a few days. I notice a fishy smell but its mainly coming from outside. Since doing the vitamin c, the inside of my vagina is very dry. i noticed streaks of blood yesterday, and now im experiencing a fish odor inside. also, i found tiny amounts of tissue like pieces coming out along with the chawky discharge. Even when im sitting down i can smell the strong yogurt/yeasty smell coming from the discharge in between my legs. What color should the discharge be? Should i get worse? should i limit it to once a day? maybe the 1000mg 2x/day is too much for me? its a time released formula I hope you can help.

Date : 18th Dec 2017   |  By : Cara
Things I've tried that temporarily worked. Sea salt sitz bath 20 min in almost hot water. did that for 4 days and the smell left for 3 months, but returned 2. boric acid suppositories, smell left then returned 1 month later. the musty/yeast/fish smell was gone. 3. a juice fast with 90% veggies and 10% fruits for 6 days. 4. A Candida diet i did for 14 days got rid of it, but came back soon as i went back to eating normally. Things that made it worse 1. douched one time with ACV and water, my god i reaked like fish for 2 months until i took boric acid. it gave me really bad BV.i dont know how this works for some people. Whenever I got back to wearing anything tight, the strong odor comes back. my odor is more musty/yeasty than fish like. my discharge is not like cottage cheese, but more watery & white. my discharge also is very strong in yeast odor, and excessive. when i was cured the discharge reduced significantly to normal levels. the outside however(inner labia) smells fishy but goes away when i shower for a few hrs, but then returns throughout the day.

Date : 18th Dec 2017   |  By : Cara
I had been fighting with bvs for the passed year after being on strong antibiotics for a really bad flu, and I couldn’t get it to clear it was awful. Hurt to walk, swelling,skin breaking away leaving small cracks that would bleed, discharge and everything else that comes with a bad one, I was googling one day and found this page and it sure makes a world of difference I did do the vitamin C for a bit and also started taking the renewlife ultimate flora VS for women. It costs me a $1.00 a pill here where I live but what a difference. I just finished two month worth of taking 2 pills a day and starting to take one pill a day now and since I started I haven’t had a break out and am feeling 100% better. Thanks so much to this page for all the info it’s been a really big help to me.

Date : 16th Dec 2017   |  By : Mindy
Hi Veronica, The burning when you insert vitamin C will continue until you find a way to keep the vitamin C tablet in your vagina away from your labia. What works well for most women is what is described above in the article: insert the vitamin C tablet and then insert either a tampon or a piece of sea sponge in your vagina so that the tablet has no choice but to stay in your vagina. Usually inserting a tablet twice a day is enough. For particularly difficult cases, 3 times a day works better.

Date : 15th Dec 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
The 500 mg. Vitamin C burns too much so I want to try 250 mg tablets 2-4 day. Question: how long approximately does it take a tablet to dissolve? Trying to decide how long I should space them apart and also want to coordinate with when I have sex.

Date : 15th Dec 2017   |  By : Veronica
Hi TB, I look forward to your updates. I think taking probiotics that will reseed your vagina with the healthy bacteria that it needs, will be important for you.

Date : 4th Dec 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Everything seemed to be better after doing the vc insertions for 5 days straight but then I stopped when I noticed the clumpy discharge and spotting. It seems like the bv has come back as I am itchy right at my vagina and it hurts when my partner and I start intercourse and seems to burn for a while afterwards. I started inserting again this morning and I have ordered the probiotics so i can start taking them today. I'll update on if anything gets better or worse. So far the smell has gone away

Date : 4th Dec 2017   |  By : TB
Hi TB, I am not sure what is causing your clumpy discharge. I suggest getting an appointment with a gynocologist, to get that checked out. I would suggest that in the meantime you continue the vitamin C insertions and that you also add a daily or twice daily dose of probiotics that include the healthy bacteria that your vagina needs. I give some examples of this type of probiotic in the article above.

Date : 3rd Dec 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Mindy, I am so happy for you. I am glad that the vitamin C insertion and taking probiotics that include the vaginal flora necessary for returning a vagina to health have worked so well for you. Thank you for sharing your experience!

Date : 3rd Dec 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, I started inserting 500mg of vitamin c twice a day about 4 days ago. The smell and itch both started to get better and I was only dealing with watery discharge with the chalky like substance. But today on the 4 th day I noticed that I had an extremely clumpy discharge coming out, clumpy to the point where I could pull it out myself. I also noticed some spotting and a fleshy smell (could be from the blood) and I’m very itchy at my vaginal opening, what could be the cause? Everything seemed to be getting better

Date : 3rd Dec 2017   |  By : TB
I had been fighting with bvs for the passed year after being on strong antibiotics for a really bad flu, and I couldn’t get it to clear it was awful. Hurt to walk, swelling,skin breaking away leaving small cracks that would bleed, discharge and everything else that comes with a bad one, I was googling one day and found this page and it sure makes a world of difference I did do the vitamin C for a bit and also started taking the renewlife ultimate flora VS for women. It costs me a $1.00 a pill here where I live but what a difference. I just finished two month worth of taking 2 pills a day and starting to take one pill a day now and since I started I haven’t had a break out and am feeling 100% better. Thanks so much to this page for all the info it’s been a really big help to me.

Date : 3rd Dec 2017   |  By : Mindy
Okay, good to know. The tablets are like an off white/tan color with little brown specs in them. It's the Spring Valley Vit C 500 mg with rose hips.

Date : 24th Nov 2017   |  By : Len
Hi Len, Vitamin C tablets that include rosehips do tend to give vaginal discharge an orangish tinge.

Date : 24th Nov 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Len, What color are your vitamin C tablets? Sometimes colored discharge is just a normal phase of the healing process. Other times, depending on what is included inside your vitamin C tablets, it is just a harmless coloring of your discharge from some coloring that was in the tablets. That is usually when the discharge is orange-ish. Also brownish discharge sometimes have nothing to do with BV or the vitamin C, but instead is just a little bit of old blood left over from your menstral cycle. Does that help?

Date : 23rd Nov 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
I've been doing the Vit C insertions, there aren't any bad symptoms except I'm experiencing a brown discharge, initially it was the orangish color. Does this happen normally?

Date : 23rd Nov 2017   |  By : Len
Dear Criss, I am sorry to hear that your relief was not lasting. How many times a day did you insert the vitamin C tablets? How many days in a row? Were you also taking a probiotic containing probiotics specifically for the vagina at the same time? Both the vitamin C and the probiotics at the same time are important for most women, for lasting relief.

Date : 15th Nov 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
So here I am once again, after finding some relieve in my latest post, the smell and the discharge are back

Date : 14th Nov 2017   |  By : Criss
Dear Len, it usually takes a couple days, for the remants of the vitamin C tablet to completely exit the vagina. What you will mainly notice is a little bit of caulky discharge from the inert binder part of the tablet. Please do not wait until this discharge is complete before inserting the next vitamin C tablet. Keep inserting the tablets 2 or 3 times a day for one day longer than you think you need to. All funny odors should disappear and your vagina should feel healthy and normal again, except for a little chalky discharge from the inert binder, that will usually clear within a day or two of no longer inserting the tablets.

Date : 11th Nov 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello, this article is really informative, I love it. My question is how long does it take for the vitamin C to completely exit the vagina? I can't tell if it is still the vitamin or abnormal discharge that's exiting. Also, should the next vitamin C be inserted after the previous one has completely exited, or does it not matter? Thanks in advance.

Date : 10th Nov 2017   |  By : Len
Hi Chris, I am so glad the vitamin C insertion has caused such a quick end of the funny BV odor for you. I would love updates on what you notice as you continue your treatment.

Date : 2nd Nov 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
I have dealt with BV it seems like my whole entire life, I am 21. I have tried everything except for the antibiotics that doctors prescribe because of all the horror stories I've heard. I am very pleased to say that last night I took a 500 Vitamin C orally and inserted it into my vagina. This morning when I went to the bathroom I had a cream orange kind of discharged. I smelled it and wow, nothing. not even a little bit. I will continue this for a week. This is the first time I felt real relief. My BV symptoms have only included harsh smells and white, but not clumpy discharge. no itching or anything like that.

Date : 2nd Nov 2017   |  By : Chris
Dear Sophie, Sometimes for the first day or two there is vaginal itching while the bad bacteria are dying off. Because of this, it is common for irritation in the vagina to increase, especially for the first day or two. After that it usually gets better, often quite quickly. Are your only symptoms increased vaginal itching or do you also have a yeast smell? I would not expect that inserting vitamin C into the vagina would ever trigger a yeast infection.

Date : 7th Oct 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, is it normal to have severe vagina itching after a vitamin C insertion to treat BV? BV is gone but I suspect m having a yeast infection due to the vitamin C insertion. Kindly advise

Date : 7th Oct 2017   |  By : Sophie
Hi Alexa I been having the same problem for a very long time and after finding this article I have finally found some relieve , try reading my post and see if my method works for be honest the itchiness still there but not as bad as comes and about to change the vagisil washer for the one showed on this article but the smell is completely hasn't come back after I began my treatment.....which is a great relieve Also the vitamin c was not for me...gave it a try and some how it kept on going down and the burning sensation it's just too awful but try the things on the got nothing to lose

Date : 30th Sep 2017   |  By : Criss
Dear Alexa, The first step to stopping your recurrent BV/yeast infection cycle is stopping all those antibiotic and antifungal treatments. I am glad you have done that. The second step changing your vaginal pH to favor healthy flora in your vagina. Inserting vitamin C is one way to do that. If you prefer, you can look at the other ways I mention in the article to do this, that do not risk any burning sensation at your labia. The third step, which you are doing, is adding a probiotic that includes the good bacteria needed for a healthy vagina. One capsule a day might work. One in the morning and one in the evening would be even better. The bad smell and discharge is not uncommon in the beginning. Please stick it out. Usually when you start the treatment it gets temporarily worse, then after a day or two to sometimes as long as several weeks, the problem goes away and your vagina is normal again. How long it takes seems to depend on how bad the BV is to start with. Good luck with this. Please write again, to let us know how this is working for you.

Date : 29th Sep 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara, I have been dealing with BV that turns into a yeast infection, when treated turns back to BV for over 6 months now. I have taken metro, clindamayacin, Monistat, terconazole over and over and it always comes back. I have been hesitant to try Vit C bc of the burning but enough is enough, I just inserted the first one tonight and then a tampon about 20 minutes ago. My main symptom is the awful smell. I have been reading that you have been saying to insert 2-3 times a day, but I am extremely active basically all day at work and am nervous about the burning sensation occurring during the day if the discharge leaks to the labia. Also, I take the rephresh probiotics every morning via pill- is that one enough to eventually cure this? I am so desperate and frustrated. Thanks for this article!

Date : 28th Sep 2017   |  By : Alexa
Dear Catherine, My guess is that most women don't write in months after having broken their cycle of recurrent BV, because they are no longer thinking about it. Live moves on! If this works for you, I invite you to come back a few months later after it is no problem, and share that, if you remember too.

Date : 16th Sep 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara I have read and reread most of these posts, in desperation, i may add. I am wondering why nobody has written in with results 2 month, 3 months, 6 months later. Almost everyone on here is giving their experience from only being on it a few days. i would love to hear from women who have actually been cured for a number of months from it. I won't bore you with my details as it is very similar to almost everyone on here, and i am on day 5 of Vitamin C (after every other 'cure' out there didn't work). So please, can we have some long term follow up? Thanks so much ladies!! And, Barb thank you for your dedication to all women with this ailment!

Date : 15th Sep 2017   |  By : Catherine
Hello is my update I tried the vitamin c once again with the sea sponge, but I guess I didn't put it deep enough because it was just to much burning down there....well I gave up on the vitamin c because couldnt think of going through that again... Sooo I went ahead and bought Fem dophilus that is recommended in this article , and let me tell you those were the best 45 dollars I have ever spent in my life, the first day didn't see a difference but the 2nd day the bad smell was completely gone!!!!! I still can't believe that after so many months trying to deal with this problem only took 2 pills for the smell to go away, I haven't felt this good in a very long time, but the itching still there, not as bad as before the pills but still there, so I went ahead and purchased vagisil ph balance wash, and the itching has been reduced by a right now im taking 2 pills, one day and one before going to bed. I also ordered vitanica yeast arrest suppositories which have very good reviews on amazon so decided to give it a soon as I tried those will be posting the results....even though the vitamin c didn't work for Me, I'm very grateful that I came across this article, if I wouldn't have read almost every single comment I wouldn't have the relieve that I have right now...i havent change my diet (which I have read that helps a lot) or changing my clothing washing habits...i just took those pills and the change has been very noticible ....did I mention no more odor? No more pink spotting, no more waking up in the middle of the night because it itches I started taking the pills Friday September 8, today is the 10th, and I'm beyond impressed

Date : 11th Sep 2017   |  By : Criss
Dear Criss, I am so happy for you!!!!! I am glad that the Fem Dophilus made such a huge difference for you. Since the RepHesh is working for you, no need for the vitamin C insertion. The RepHesh takes care of lowering your vaginal pH for the good bacterial can take over and evict the bad bacteria. Sounds like you just didn't get the vitamin C in deeply enough. When I insert vitamin C, I make sure I get it a full finger length into my vagina and that my piece of sea sponge holds it that deeply inside. But again, since the RePhesh is working for you, no need to even attempt the vitamin C insertion again. I look forward to your next update.

Date : 11th Sep 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Criss, Yes, please post updates here. I would very much like to know how this goes for you once you resume.

Date : 4th Sep 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hey Barbara Thank you. . Will heal then start again...will keep you posted

Date : 4th Sep 2017   |  By : Criss
Hey Barbara Thank you so much for your be honest I'm very old fashioned ...have never use a tampon in my again but the sea sponge how does that work? somethings I really don't know nothing about....regarding resuming the vitamin c will do for a few days because the pain down there after the vitamin c is just bad ...

Date : 4th Sep 2017   |  By : Criss
Hi Criss, Yes, do not resume the Vitamin C insertion until everything at or near your vaginal opening has recovered from the burning sensation. I understand that you are old fashioned, but for this treatment to work you will need to insert something into your vagina to keep the vitamin C in your vagina where it is needed, and away from your vaginal opening to prevent the burning sensation. Getting and using the smallest size tampon at your local store is probably the easiest way to do this. Many women do not like tampons as much as a piece of sea sponge that they cut with a pair of scissors, to make it the right size for their vagina. Just cut it to the right size, wet it, squeeze out the exceess water, and insert.

Date : 4th Sep 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hey Barbara Thank you so much for your be honest I'm very old fashioned ...have never use a tampon in my again but the sea sponge how does that work? somethings I really don't know nothing about....regarding resuming the vitamin c will do for a few days because the pain down there after the vitamin c is just bad ...

Date : 4th Sep 2017   |  By : Criss
Criss, are you using a tampon or a sea sponge to keep the vitamin C away from your vaginal opening? Vitamin C after you insert it will cause burning such as you describe, if it touches the area around your vaginal opening. I suggest stopping the vitamin C for a few days to let your tender parts recover. Then resume, but only if you insert a tampon or sea sponge to keep the vitamin C in your vagina were it needs to be to combat the bacterial vaginosis and were it also needs to stay to prevent burning.

Date : 4th Sep 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello So I have been trying the vitamin c for the past 3 days, but the burning is just invariable...i haven't been able to by the probiotics posted on the soon but I will ......i really had hopes for this vitamin c treatment....i have had this for years now, well off and on but it has come to the point that as soon as my period it's done the nasty smell and the itching comes back with more insisted the vitamin c with rose hips not coated all the way up there but the burning is too much for me....dont know what else to do...i have to go pee 15 minutes after I inserted because it's way to much, I do see right away a brown discharge...actually lots of it...but I just can't take the burning...have to go wash right away ....very desperate at this point

Date : 4th Sep 2017   |  By : Criss
Hi May, usually inserting vitamin C twice a day (morning and night) is enough. For difficult cases sometimes it helps to insert it three times a day. Do this everyday including for one day after your bacterial vaginosis symptoms disappear and your vagina seems normal again. Often this takes only a couple days, but sometimes it takes up to a few weeks.

Date : 8th Aug 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
So I got the vitamin c with rose hips 500mg and VH essential pro biotic & cranberry. My question is how many times and how many days do I insert thethe vc?

Date : 8th Aug 2017   |  By : May
Dear Sarah, From what I can tell you are well on the way to breaking your cycle of bacterial vaginosis. I suggest continue inserting the vitamin C morning and night. You might try added a third insertion sometime in the middle of the day, to see it that additional push to shift the pH in your vagina helps tip you over into fully healthy vaginal flora. I suggest you keep this up until the funny smell and intermittant almost pee like discharge goes away. Usually this need for inserting vitamin C only lasts a few days, but if you read through the comments below, some women have had to keep this up as long a 3 weeks or even a bit longer than that, but each of them wrote to say how glad they were that they kept up the vitamin C insertion for that long, because ultimately that was key for them in getting back to a healthy vagina. Also, if you are not already taking a probiotic like the ones mentioned in the article above that help reseed your vagina with the healthy types of probiotics necessary for a healthy vagina, please add that to your daily routine for a few months. This reseeding with probiotics made especially to support the vagina is usually also a critical step in full recovery.

Date : 20th Jul 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Barbara, Your site seems very helpful for chronic bv sufferers as myself. My first case of bv was in November, I didn't know what was happening but had so much green discharge and a fishy smell. Honestly I don't remember how I treated it on my own, but come February I had symptoms again. I saw a doctor and they diagnosed me with bv and gave me metronidazole. It didn't seem to work when symptoms came back again but not as worse. My discharge didn't have a smell, but turned into a watery discharge that would feel like I'd peed my pants multiple times a day. I've tried inserting acidophilus and that didn't really work. I've now been trying vitamin c insertions morning and night with a tampon and have been taking probiotics. It's been almost a week and when I pull the tampon out still there's a weird substance on it. From previous comments, this seems to be the biofilm shedding, am I correct? If not, what could this be? I also cramp really bad and almost feel like I'm having a period. How long should I continue the vitamin c insertions? I guess I just need reassurance that I'm doing the right thing and to know if I should continue inserting the vitamin c day and night. After insertion of vitamin c and tampon, sometimes a little still leaks out. It's got a strange smell, but not the fishy smell. I believe this is the vitamin c smell but not sure. Should I continue vitamin c? If not what do you recommend?

Date : 20th Jul 2017   |  By : Sarah
Maribel, The vitamin C should not burn the inside of your vagina at all. It can irritate the labia if it touches them. To avoid this, you can use a small tampon to hold the tablet in place. Hope that helps!

Date : 26th Jun 2017   |  By : Cassi
Cassi. I insert vitamin c yestarday and 30 minutes later it was burning really bad is that normal?

Date : 25th Jun 2017   |  By : Maribel
Maribel, It's great that you are restoring your vaginal flora with primadophilus, but you also need to correct the pH of your vagina. This will kill the bad bacteria and allow the healthy flora to flourish (plus let you feel faster relief). Any of the 4 ways listed in this article will work, repHresh, vitamin C, Femanol, or apple cider vinegar. If you're comfortable with baths, adding a cup of apple cider vinegar to your bath instead of salt would work.

Date : 23rd Jun 2017   |  By : Cassi
It is the area around my labia, it is still so itchy today but I m trying not to scratch the area.

Date : 23rd Jun 2017   |  By : Christina
I been having bv for the past 4 years i have tried evrything nothing works. Right now i been taking primadophilus reuteri 3 tablets a day and sitting in warm water with sea salt. Will that work?

Date : 23rd Jun 2017   |  By : Maribel
Christina, I'm so glad to hear you found some relief. Once your BV is completely cleared up, please come back and share what worked for you. =)

Date : 23rd Jun 2017   |  By : Cassi
Unfortunately, after all efforts with this VC cure, i had to stop altogether as there was no end to the discharge and irritation. Today i bit the bullet and did the h2o2 douche and also have tried tea tree oil, both of which completely cleared discharge, irritation and odor (the vc always left a strange odor for me). i dont expect to be cured but at this stage but am grateful that i temporary feel normal. i will also look into the boric acid suppositories that ive heard positive stories about. Unfortunately the VC method is clearly not working for me. I will continue taking the fem-dophilus for couple months.. thank you so much for your effort in trying to help me through this ordeal.

Date : 23rd Jun 2017   |  By : Christina
Christina, Discharge is an important part of how the vagina cleans itself. If the discharge has a strong odor and is watery white or grey, I would suggest continuing with the vitamin C. But if you're not itchy (hallelujah!) and your discharge is returning to a normal thickness and white color, then you should be done with the VC treatment. Hope you're feeling back to normal soon!

Date : 21st Jun 2017   |  By : Cassi
Ok so my itchiness has stopped (i think i was inserting too many during my period?) however BV always comes back after sex for me.. ive been back on the VC insertion since monday, one pill every night just before bedtime. i feel much better but i am not sure when to stop inserting exactly. i am still getting small amounts of watery discharge, usually in quick spurts.. its only during certain times of the day but it forces me to continue wearing a light pad. should i continue inserting one tablet every night until the discharge stops completely? i feel like i am so close to being cured but there seems to be no end to the discharge. i should mention i am also taking the fem-dophilus orally 2 times a day.

Date : 19th Jun 2017   |  By : Christina
Christina, Are you having any symptoms of BV, like unpleasant odor or vaginal tenderness? If not, that is excellent. If you stop the treatment and a day later it seems like your vagina is still at a healthy normal, then by all means stop the vitamin C treatment.

Date : 10th Jun 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi barbara, i have been inserting VC every day now, 2-3 times a day since it was the week of my period. i have not stopped and have been using a tampon to hold it in place now even though there is not much blood. im a little worried about continually using a tampon when i am not on my period now. i dont want to use a sponge because i am afraid it will get stuck somehow. is it possible to use the tampon to hold in place for a few hours and then take it out to let my vagina "breathe"? i dont seem to have a good idea of how much discharge is actually coming out since its all in the tampon. how many hours do you think i should leave the tampon in to hold the VC in place?

Date : 10th Jun 2017   |  By : Christina
Itchiness at the labia is not normal. I suggest you stop the vitamin C treatment for a day or two and see if everything returns to normal. Perhaps your BV is gone, but your labia itch because a little vitamin C touched them. Please tet me know in a few days how you are doing.

Date : 10th Jun 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
I stopped the VC insertion last night and this morning seemed much better. i dont have brown discharge anymore, but i am wearing a pad and i can see that i get small amounts of watery yellow discharge. there is no smell, but my itchiness is back with a vengeance.. i am trying to soothe it with some plain yogurt rubbed around the labia. it seems to be helping but it could be just temporary. does this itchiness sound normal?? do you think i can stop with the VC insertions for the time being?

Date : 10th Jun 2017   |  By : Christina
Whether the vitamin C tablets themselves are the source of a brown tint in any discharge depends on the tablets you are using. If they are white tablets than you may get a little bit of chalky white discharge from the tablets. If the tablets are brown or orange, they can tint your discharge brown or orange. The tablets should not give your vagina a funny smell. They are relatively odorless.

Date : 10th Jun 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
I will give it a rest tonight and see how it feels tomorrow. as of this moment i have no irration but am getting slight brown discharge (from the tablets??).. is this normal? there is a slightly odd odor as the VC tablets give off an odor in the discharge?

Date : 10th Jun 2017   |  By : Christina
Hi Christina, Yes, having either a funny smell or ongoing discharge are both signs to continue with the vitamin C treatment. You have both, so yes, continue with the vitamin C treatment.

Date : 10th Jun 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
I dont have a fish odor but theres definitely a strong odor of some sort. it is not very pleasant but better than the fish odor i guess. i am not sure if its because im still at the tail end of my period. if i am still having discharge shouldnt i still continue with the treatment?

Date : 10th Jun 2017   |  By : Christina
Christina, I recommend taking the FemDophilus probiotics orally. That is the way the are intended to be used and the work when used that way.

Date : 3rd Jun 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
I just ordered the fem-dophilus capsules.. ive read that some people are taking these vaginally as well, is that a good option?

Date : 3rd Jun 2017   |  By : Christina
Since the itchness is in the area around my labia, it is from the vitamin C contacting the labia after it has been dissolved in the vagina. You might choose to take a day off the vitamin C to help your labia recover and then make extra sure the vitamin C in inserted a little deeper into your vagina and held there by a tampon or a piece of sea sponge. It is fine to continue the vitamin C during your period. It is common for pH in the vagina to cycle with your menstrual cycle, so this part of the month may be when you need the vitamin C the most. For many women the tail end of their period is when the vitamin C is most needed.

Date : 3rd Jun 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
It is the area around my labia, it is still so itchy today but I m trying not to scratch the area.

Date : 3rd Jun 2017   |  By : Christina
Im sorry, just one more thing i should mention, it looks like im getting some brown spots, signs that my period is about to come. ive also noticed the odor seems a bit stronger, probably due to the prementrual symtoms?

Date : 3rd Jun 2017   |  By : Christina
Christina, Before I answer you, it need more information from you. Where exactly are you experiencing the itchiness?

Date : 2nd Jun 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara I'm still treating with the vit c and will continue as my discharge is still full on at certain moments of the day. The biggest thing I've noticed though is that i am still so itchy! The burning is gone but itchiness is there all day.. do you think this is normal??

Date : 2nd Jun 2017   |  By : Christina
Ok i will look for the ultimate flora, thank you! i started inserting the vit c last week, and since it cleared up in couple days i stopped, but after sex i could smell a faint odor so i started again.. but this time i guess i did not insert far enough as labia was burning and itching like mad. but i continued with the treatment, its been about the 4th day now, been inserting with tampon every morning and night. discharge is nearly all gone, but i still feel slight itchiness and burning.. could that all be from not inserting far enough at the start? when i initially did for a couple days before sex i did not have any issues at all. is this itchiness/burning from the residual labial contact with the vit c tablet? should i continue inserting the tablets? thank you so much for taking the time to reply!

Date : 1st Jun 2017   |  By : Christina
Hi Christina, Is the residual itchiness and burning at the labia or inside the vagina? If it is at the labia, it is probably from the incident you describe of not inserting the vitamin C deeply enough in your vagina. The inside of your vagina should not have a burning sensation. However, if it feels a little itchy there, keep up the vitamin for one day longer than it takes that itchiness to disappear.

Date : 1st Jun 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
I cant thank you enough for sharing your knowledge, the vit c treatment has been fantastic :)). my question is about the probiotic, can a generic acidophilus probiotic tablet be enough to take orally to maintain daily balance? or should i buy what you recommended above? are they completely different types of probiotics? thank you for your reply!

Date : 31st May 2017   |  By : Christina
Dear Christina, The probiotics necessary for a healthy vagina include different bacterial strains than the ones necessary only for a healthy gut. A generic generic acidophilus probiotic tablet does not contain the strains necessary for a healthy vagina. It is important to take a version of probiotics, like the ones I give above in the article, that include the strains necessary for a healthy vagina, in order to end recurrent BV. Please note, you still take these special probiotics formulations orally. Please don't try inserting them in your vagina. Once they are in your gut, the probiotic strains necessary for a healthy vagina migrate from your gut into your vagina.

Date : 31st May 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Tabitha, The comments on this page are still open. I am not sure why you had problems leaving your comments, but I posted them, so that everyone could benefit from the answers. First, because your BV often occurs, when it does happen, right after your period, it is probably related to the pH changes that every woman experiences with our menstrual cycle. Your assault, while traumatic, is probably not the cause, or at least, no longer the cause. The burning feeling you experienced was because of the vitamin C, which is acidic, touched your labia. I suggest using a tampon or sea sponge to keep the vitamin C away from labia and in your vagina, where it will shift the pH there, so that the BV and thus the smell, will go away. Vitamin C that reaches the labia is no longer in the right place to stop BV. I have never heard of or experienced vitamin C making holes in panties. Although it is acidic, it is what is called a weak acid, so it shouldn't be able to do that. From what you shared, I have no idea what caused those holes. As for rosehips, they are a natural source of vitamin C. Vitamin C tablets that contains rosehips should be fine to use. Vitamin C tablets that do not contain rosehips, are also fine to use. Because your BV is so tightly tied to your menstrual cycle, I suggest that to prevent the BV from reoccuring, that just before you are about to reach that part of your cycle, you insert a vitamin C tablet. Hopefully that pH shift just before you normally get BV, will prevent it from happening. Depending on how strong your natural pH shifts are at this time, you might need to do this every cycle or you might only need to do it two or three cycles in a row, to get rid of those BV strains. Please let me know how this advice works out for you.

Date : 27th May 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
: I have a few questions, and it looks like the comments are closed on the bv page. I got a terrible case after an assault and it has kept recurring though I stopped all activity. Are some guys who have no scruples much worse or does their Ph stay constant, very alkaline? I have a few questions, as it still comes back, years later, after my period. I'm taking same brand as you mentioned ultimate flora which has l. rhamnosus and a non coated vitamin c tablet with rosehip. (I read that it should have rosehip from a British site, forgot why). Do you think rosehips make a difference? Does the vitamin c damage tissue if there is no tampon or sea sponge? (I thought of but didn't want to use the tampon because the smell is worse after my period). Can the acid of the tablet eat through cotton? It seemed to have made holes in my underwear the other day. I just endured the stinging because of the desire to be rid of that terrible smell, and after a while it stopped stinging. Maybe I damaged my tissue doing that because I was so desperate after experiencing the symptoms for so long, two years at that point. I may get a sea sponge and try to cut it as mentioned? Good idea and good, clear explanations. Now for the arthritis part, though I should overcome my hesitation and read, can it strike the very young as my daughter is 11 and very achy in her joints in her legs. I have stiffness in the am and find myself limping. I found your site through the back door but wonder how I would know if the stiffness or achy feeling is arthritis related. Thank you for helping so many women.

Date : 27th May 2017   |  By : Tabitha
Sarah, thank you so much for sharing your success!

Date : 5th May 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
I took the vitamin C 1000 MG tablet and its only been 24 hours and it worked ! i was skeptical at first but the odor is already gone. Yes there is some discharge and spotting, but wearing a tampon helped. I found that I only got a burning sensation when I did not wear a tampon and that's probably due to the discharge reaching my labia. All in all Vitamin C worked! No more using antibiotics that do not work !

Date : 5th May 2017   |  By : Sarah
Hi Candace, Since you asked this again, I'm guessing you missed my answer on March 15.

Date : 17th Mar 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Good day Barbara, I went so many places to get the probiotic specifically the one for vaginal flora and could not get it.The one I bought I ensured that it contains lactobacillus but I'm still going to seek out the one for vaginal flora. Do you think it will be effective?

Date : 17th Mar 2017   |  By : Candice
Dear Candace, Yes, if you get the right kind of probiotics, I think that that along with the vitamin C insertion will be effective at clearing BV. There are many strains of lactobacillus. Two that specifically help reestablish a healthy vagina are Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and Lactobacillus reuteri, Look for a brand that has one or both of those strains. As I mentioned before, if you can't find them locally, you can always order them from one of the links I include in the article above.

Date : 15th Mar 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Good day Barbara, I went so many places to get the probiotic specifically the one for vaginal flora and could not get it.The one I bought I ensured that it contains lactobacillus but I'm still going to seek out the one for vaginal flora. Do you think it will be effective?

Date : 14th Mar 2017   |  By : Candice
Hi Candace, A probiotic with lactobacillus is good for your gut, but for stopping recurrent BV in your vagina that isn't enough. Since you are having trouble finding the right stuff locally, I suggest you use one of the links in the article above to order probiotics with the right stuff directly from Amazon.

Date : 13th Mar 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Good day Barbara, I went so many places to get the probiotic specifically the one for vaginal flora and could not get it.The one I bought I ensured that it contains lactobacillus but I'm still going to seek out the one for vaginal flora. Do you think it will be effective?

Date : 13th Mar 2017   |  By : Candice
Dear Candace, Inserting a vitamin C tablet two or three times a day is good. Resuming that for as long as needed will be good. If you read some of experiences other women have had, you might only need to resume it for a few days or it might be a few weeks. Since this has been such a long standing problem for you, it will probably take at least a week or two for you, perhaps longer. But it will be worth it. Taking the probiotics that include the kind of bacteria needed for a healthy vagina will help. I'm glad you are going to start that soon, especially since you were on antibiotics, which tends to wipe out these good bacteria. It is your choice whether you have sex while you still have discharge. Yes, a condom for that is a good idea.

Date : 12th Mar 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hey Barbara, Sorry I forgot to mention all that. Have not started taking the probiotics has yet going to get them tomorrow. I insert like sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, depending on how busy my day is. I have not inserted any since yesterday, giving it a break and resuming tomorrow. Do you think I can have sex with a condom? I still have the brown discharge.

Date : 12th Mar 2017   |  By : Candice
Dear Candace, How often are you inserting the vitamin C tablets? Are you also taking probiotics by mouth that contain bacterial strains needed for a healthy vagina?

Date : 11th Mar 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
I started the vitamin C therapy on Tuesday, today is Saturday. The odour is not has harsh has it usually is, discharge is brown, watery and clumpy (just started to see it having a little pink-ish spots). My vagina seems swollen, idk why. When I insert the tampon I have this cramped feeling, its just uncomfortable. When I do the smell check outside have an odour but inside it\'s just the pill scent. I\'m contemplating whether I should continue or not? I\'ve had this issue for quite a while now, been on countless antibiotics nothing ever seems to work. Writing this now have me all emotional because I\'m tired of being insecure, ashamed, just overall feeling nasty and less of a woman. I wanna be confident, I wanna be able to please my boyfriend without fear of passing it on or him smelling me. I\'m glad to hear so many success stories, it\'s given me hope that one day too I can come on here and share mines. Thanks so much for this forum Barbara cause I don\'t know what I would do with myself without it, because I\'ve kinda given up on doctors to be honest.

Date : 11th Mar 2017   |  By : Candice
Hey everyone so i just found out this adiophillus tablets called GYNOFLOR which contain 100 millions of lactobacilus. they told me to insert 1 tablet every night for about 2 weeks and then each week for another 3 months.i ll keep you guys posting. and o i also take vaginal probiotic far so good wish me luck

Date : 4th Feb 2017   |  By : Summer
Hi Summer, It is my understanding that probiotics, including the kind for repopulating healthy vaginal flora, work much better when taken by mouth. Also, lactobacillus are probiotics that are needed for a healthy gut. I am not aware that they have much, if any positive effect on vaginal flora. You will likely get better results if you stop inserting your probiotics and take them orally instead.

Date : 4th Feb 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
I have suffered from BV for a very long time. My ph is easily thrown off by anything especially semen. I've found that inserting a vitamin C got rid of my discharge and smell the first day. I still had symptoms so I inserted another tablet the next day. Here is the controversial method (involves douching) that has worked wonders for my vagina: 1) Melt Vitamin C in cup of hot water 2) Poor cup of mixed solution in douche bag and fill with warm water. Fill up vagina and release. 3) Follow with Apple cider vinegar rinse douche to clear out vitamin C residue and lower Ph of vagina (Some women dilute the Apple cider vinegar with water; I do not) 4. Eat lots of fruit high in Vitamin C and eat lots of yogurt. I do this 3-5 days in a row and my vagina is back to normal. My gyno did not approve but treating BV and yeast back to back multiple times a month, a girl got desperate. This is my natural cure. I hope it helps someone like it did me. Good luck!

Date : 3rd Feb 2017   |  By : Taesha
I am wondering if you have to take the probiotic and insert the vitamin c as most comments seem to only talk about the vitamins. Also is it likely for the BV to come back, yet again after however long it takes for this to work. Or is this something that will need to be done for life?

Date : 1st Feb 2017   |  By : Shani
Hi Shani, For long lasting results, the process works best if you both 1) take probiotics orally that include the healthy bacteria needed for a BV-free vagina and 2) insert vitamin C tablets as described to change the vaginal pH back to where the bacterial vaginitis causing bacteria die and the good, healthy kind of bacteria thrive. How long this treatment lasts depends on several factors, most of which are mentioned in the article. For most women this treatment ends the cycle of recurrent BV for months and sometimes years. It also gives you a way to quickly get rid of BV again, should you ever start to reexperience the symptoms, by resuming the treatments. If you catch BV early, usually treatment is only needed for a day or two, before it clears again.

Date : 1st Feb 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Caitlin, I recommend bathing as you normally would if you had not inserted any vitamin C. Don't try to remove the vitamin C. There is a natural, gradual outward flow from the vagina. What will come out on its own is a little bit of chalky discharge which represents the inert binder that was in the vitamin C tablet. It is best to clean your labia as you normally would when bathing or wiping and beyond that let your vagina take care of the rest in its own natural timing.

Date : 29th Jan 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank you so much for the advice! How do you recommend cleaning after the Vitamin C treatment? I'm trying it for the first time before bed. When I shower in the morning should I use soap or just water? Should I use my fingers to clean all of the vitamin residue out?

Date : 29th Jan 2017   |  By : Caitlin
Dear Heather, Inserting the vitamin C should not cause pain or pinching inside your vagina. It should not cause bleeding. Sometimes if the Vitamin C touches your labia, it will cause a burning sensation, but that I not what you are describing. The probiotics are meant to be taken orally only, not inserted in the vagina. I do not know why you now have yellow discharge. Because your experience is so different that most women who leave messages here and because your symptoms could indicate something is going on besides BV, I suggest you get this checked out by a gynocologist.

Date : 25th Jan 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi. After completing a round of flagyl pills and clindamycin cream, I started inserting 1000mg vit c capsules. The first night was fine. No pain, but there wasa watery discharge that was cleanish white w/ small flecks of white tissue llike substance. No pain all day. Day two and 3, upon insertion, I had a cramp-like/ pinch-like type of pain. Day four I decided to open the capsule and only use one half of the capsule filled w/ 1/2 of the vitamin c powder. The pain was less, but still there, and I noticed some spotting. After 6 days, inserting once a day, I decided to open the femdophilus capsules, put the contents in the empty half of the vitamin c capsule and inserted it vaginally. During the entire time, I took 2-3 fem-d pills a day and 1 primadophilus optima orally everyday. After two days of inserting the fem-d, the discharge is still there, but now it's quite yellow, even after 3 days of not inserting the fem-d vaginally. I started re-inserting half of the 1000mg capsule if vitamin c, but I upped the dosage to 3 a day. The cramp/pinch feeling happens every time I insert the vit c. I'm concerned bc it hurts and I don't think it's supposed to, the discharge has turned yellow when it's always been white, and it's causing me to spot. Why does the vit c cause pain? Why is the discharge suddenly yellow now? Why is it still yellow after stopping the vaginal pro-b insertion? What's up w/ the spotting? I'm scared, but I don't want to give up on this treatment bc, after 7 years, I'm so over bv. I'm tired of feeling broken and ashamed. I've only experienced odor one time, but it always causes intense pain with intercourse and afterwards when I urinate to the point of tears. Plus, it hurts for hours afterwards. There is discharge that is anywhere from thick and white, to creamy and white, to thin and cleanish, to thin w/ a very slight froth. Now, it's mostly a creamy yellow mixed with blood, and it freaking me out. What should I do and what do you think could be causing the color change and pain/bleeding? Your site has been very helpful and I'm thankful for any help or advice you can offer me.

Date : 24th Jan 2017   |  By : Heather
Hi Tatii, The vitamin C tablets you describe sound fine. Other than a little bit of chalky discharge from the binder in the vitamin C tablets, you should know when everything is fine again, because any bad odors and unusual discharge will disappear. I recommend inserting the vitamin C for one day longer than it takes for everything to be back to a healthy normal.

Date : 24th Jan 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara, I've had bv for a a few years now, trying to fight it off. I have the 1000mg vitamin C with Rosehip and it's the chalky tablet and I was wondering would that be okay to use? And how would I know for sure everything is back to normal?

Date : 23rd Jan 2017   |  By : Tatii
Hi Barbara, I just did my first pill of VC over night with tampon. This morning I took it out and saw a little bit of blood. Is this normal? My period is not due for another week or so, so I'm getting a little worried and wondering if I should continue with this treatment

Date : 13th Jan 2017   |  By : Elena
Hi Elena, Inserting a vitamin C tablet inside your vagina should not cause any bleeding. Is it possible your period has come early or that your are spotting? I suggest stopping the vitamin C insertion for a day or so, to see it you can figure out is the blood is from your menstrual cycle or not. Then try insertion again. If you get blood a second time that doesn't seem to be related to your period, stop the vitamin C. If blood happens a second time, I also suggest you go to a gynocologist, to see if something else is wrong.

Date : 13th Jan 2017   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear V V, Yes you can do these treatments while pregnant. In fact, the treatments described in this article are probably safer when pregnant than conventional treatments, because they do NOT involve drugs, which could have an adverse effect on the growth and development of a baby.

Date : 26th Dec 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan

Date : 26th Dec 2016   |  By : V V
Hi Quwonda, To prevent the burning you need to keep the vitamin C inside your vagina, away from your labia. To do that I recommend either inserting a tampon or cutting a piece of sea sponge to the right size and inserting it. That way the vitamin C stays in your vagina where it is needed and doesn't touch your labia where it can burn.

Date : 22nd Dec 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
I the 1000mg vitamin c with rosehip inside my V...... It took away the smell but..... I burned like hell what to do

Date : 22nd Dec 2016   |  By : Quwonda Henley
Dear Alana, Insert the vitamin C tablet as is into your vagina. No need to crush it. It will work much better both for insertion and for getting rid of BV if you insert the tablet as is.

Date : 21st Dec 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hey..So I purchased the Puritans Pride Vitamin C-500 mg with Rose . And now Im lost... Do I insert the tablet into my "V" or do i crush it up ...As you can see Im lost!!! Help I need step by step...

Date : 21st Dec 2016   |  By : Alana Reid
Dear Summer, The hydrogen Peroxide and tea tree oil treatment you used before work by killing vaginal bacteria, including the good kind of vaginal bacteria. Unfortunately, unless you reseed the vagina with healthy vaginal bacteria, the bad BV bacteria will often just come back, like you experienced. I'm very glad you are now taking probiotics that include bacteria needed for a healthy vagina. Since you have not had any symptoms of BV for at least a day or two, I think it is fine for you to discontinue the vitamin C insertion. How long you need the vitamin C insertion depends on how bad the infection was. For light cases, sometimes all that is needed is a couple days of vitamin C insertion. If the BV ever starts to come back, just start the vitamin C insertion again and continue for a couple days longer than the symptoms last. That is usually more than enough. As I mention in the article above, if the pH change from sex triggers BV for you, you can start inserting vitamin C right after sex to bring your vagina back into the a good, healthy vaginal pH and therefore stop the BV from coming back. As for the burning, that usually only happens when some of the vitamin C reaches the labia. Are you using a tampon or a piece of sea sponge to keep it away from the vaginal opening?

Date : 16th Dec 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank your so much for your response. i forgot to tell you the other part that i have been taking probiotics that is just for vaginal support. i take Femdophillus(5 billions each cap) 3 times /day and 3 casules/ time. Also i take other brand of (for vaginal support) probiotics that has 50 billions / capsule 3 times aday with Femdo. so in total i take around 75 billions / time and 3 times a day. the reason i take so many of them in one day bc i feel that it takes such a longggg time to get my balance back. therefore i am willing to try the high does to speed up the cure. so far i have not smelled anything bad since. But to be honest im scared if i take lower does and stop the Vitc it will come back. also more questions if you dont mind. Vitc burns just sometimes and other times it doesnt and i dont kno why. i thought i didnt insert it far enough but i even i did it the discharge leaked and burned but somtimes it was perfectly fine and i didnt even feel it was there. also i have read some comments from another source that said it took 60 days for Vit C treatment to clear up BV for good. do i have to be on Vit C for that long or depends on how my condistion is? last question. before i found this treatment i used hydrogen Peroxide , tea tree oil and etc BV came back after sex and even just oral sex. but i have not had sex after i found this treatment therefore how long i have to stopp having sex? thank you so much again summer

Date : 15th Dec 2016   |  By : Summer
Hi Summer, What an excellent experiment to put one of your vitamin C tablets in just a little bit of water to see what it is like when it dissolves. Since the discharge you are describing is consistent with the residue of your particular type of vitamin C tablet, I suggest stopping the insertion of the vitamin C for a few days. If your discharge is only from the tablet, everything should clear up and stay clear. It sounds like that is probably what will happen. If not, what you will gain is the knowledge that some of the discharge was in addition from the last phases of BV. If that is the case, you can simply resume the vitamin C insertion and keep it up for about 5-7 days past the point you got to this time. That should do the trick. Also, if you are not already doing it, take some probiotics each day that have the kind of good bacteria necessary for a healthy vagina. I have some examples in the article above. The vitamin C insertion plus taking oral probiotics that include healthy vagina kinds of probiotics usually works better than only the vitamin C. Often time both are needed at the same time to stop recurrent cycles of bacterial vaginosis.

Date : 13th Dec 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hey im so gladful to find this site. i am one of the ppl who suffering from BV as well. i have been using Vit C 1000 into my vagina. first day i had brown discharge but it had a texture like really wet very tiny pieces paper and clear watery discharge.when it dried it became like paste. It has been a week yet my discharge is still clot brown pinkish or orange pinkish with clear and watery discharge but no smell at all. i have been reading the comments about having brown dischagre that means BV is dying off but then i couldnt help but put one Vit C tablet in a cub of water (only a lil bit of water) i left it over night and saw that the tablet dissloved and the color of the water was orange. therefore i assume that the DC is from the color of the tablet but how do i kno if the Becteria dies off for sure? and when should i stop and what is the sigh of BV has been cleared for good? thnk you

Date : 13th Dec 2016   |  By : Summer
I stumbled upon this website in my quest for a natural remedy for BV. I have been fighting with BV for the last 6 months. The metro gel and pills makes me feel awful. I have tried Cyndesse. I just recently was given medicine that you take four one day and four the next day. But after I have sex, it always comes back. I am going to go buy the vitamin C tonight and try it. I am tired of filling my body with all these prescriptions. I know its not healthy. I have been taking Florajen as an acidophilus. It has to be refrigerated. Do you know if that is effective? Any other suggestions to add? I appreciate your assistance and this forum is awesome!

Date : 12th Dec 2016   |  By : Betty
Dear Betty, Insert the vitamin C as I describe in this article and get a version of probiotics that has includes the strains necessary for a healthy vagina. I have some examples of this in the article. I looked up Florajen on the web. I did NOT see any varieties of Florajen that contain the healthy vagina strains of probiotics. Good luck and please post about how this works for you.

Date : 12th Dec 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear F, You are most welcome and I look forward to your update.

Date : 4th Dec 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank you very much for your advice. I will continue inserting and will update.

Date : 4th Dec 2016   |  By : F
Dear F, Chalky discharge is normal when inserting vitamin C tablets. It is from the inert binder in the vitamin C tablets. For most people using apple cider vinegar is a less convenient way to lower vaginal pH to get rid of BV, but it does work for that, as your experience shows.

Date : 3rd Dec 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear F, Yes, BV often seems like it is getting worse, including the smell, the first day of inserting the vitamin C tablets. Just keep doing it until there is no more sign of infection plus one more day. I don't know what cause the wet tissue paper like discharge that you mentioned. Although it happens, it doesn't seem to happen to most women.

Date : 3rd Dec 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank you for the quick reply. My BV was pretty mild and I was having success with AVC+multivitamins and probiotics. I inserted only 1 vit c tab to finally get rid of it for good but it was only that one time. Is it normal for the smell to seem get worse? I've also read in the comments that some women experienced the wet tissue-like discharge. What causes this?

Date : 3rd Dec 2016   |  By : F
I used apple cider vinegar to wipe and that seemed to work. Less discharge still a bit of odor but not bad. I inserted 500mg tablet Vitamin C w/ rosehip+bioflavonoids from puritans pride. I had the chalky discharge and it didnt smell like anything. After that the discharge came out like a wet tissue substance. The smell also kinda got a bit worse but the taste (sorry for TMI) was more normal. Did anyone else experience this? Any idea what happened or scientific explanation for the discharge?

Date : 3rd Dec 2016   |  By : F
Hi Jen, I'm glad this treatment is working so well for you. Since you are odor-free, as long as any soreness and discharge (other than a little bit of chalky discharge from the inert binder in the vitamin C) has stopped for at least one day, then you can discontinue the vitamin C. If it ever starts to come back, start the Vitamin C insertion again for as long as you need to. If you catch it early enough, it usually only take one or two days to totally clear again. I am so happy for you that this has finally disrupted your recurring BV infections to easily and well. Taking the probiotics specifically for vaginal health, will make you more resistant to BV recurring, so I'm glad you are planning on taking those as well.

Date : 30th Nov 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
I have been dealing with chronic BV for eight years (!!!) since the birth of my first child. I've done the antibiotics a few times but it has never resolved the issue. My doctor basically told me to not use soap, wear cotton underwear, etc. I've been inserting vitamin c three times a day for the last two days and the odor is completely gone. I cannot express how amazing it is after such a long time of dealing with using pads and having excessive, foul smelling discharge. Thank you so much for providing this information, if it sticks (fingers crossed), it will be life changing for me. You mentioned that you should continue the Vitamin C for a day longer than you think you need it. Since I am odor free after two days should I only continue it for another day? I've ordered Ultimate Flora and will begin taking that tomorrow. Thanks so much!

Date : 30th Nov 2016   |  By : Jen
Hi Casey, Yes, the brand of probiotic you mention should work well. It contains strains of probiotics needed for a healthy vagina. If 2X / day is what the manufacturer recommends, then that is a good dose to take.

Date : 8th Nov 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Woman's care Ultimate flora probiotic it's 25 billion live cultures in each capsule can I take 2x a day will that still help ?

Date : 8th Nov 2016   |  By : Casey
Dear Ashley, We look forward to your update in a few weeks. :-)

Date : 3rd Nov 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Monique, Yes, you can pee while a vitamin C tablet is inserted in your vagina.

Date : 3rd Nov 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank you soooo much I'm going to start the VC treatment over again doing 3x a day like I was and I will also be purchasing the ultimate flora 60 capsules taking 2x a day and will give an update within 2-3 weeks I pray this works for me :) I'm sure it's BV because I had it before but don't want to do the antibiotic routine again .

Date : 3rd Nov 2016   |  By : Ashley
Can you go pee while vitamin c pill is in?

Date : 3rd Nov 2016   |  By : Monique
Dear Ashley, I have three suggestions. First, get a probiotic that includes probiotics necessary for a healthy vagina. I have suggestions in the article above. The kind you are using is just for the digestive tract. Second, keep up the vitamin C insertion for as long as necessary. If you read through some of the comments below, for difficult cases, sometimes it took three weeks or so for the BV to totally clear. You were doing the insertion just fine, you just stopped too soon. Third, if you think you might have something other than BV, go to a doctor for an accurate diagnosis. The treatment described above works for BV, but there are other infections it does not work for.

Date : 3rd Nov 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Update on trying vitamin c tablets and probiotics : so I've tired the 7days treatment I inserted 3 times a day about 5-6 hours apart sometimes shorter and I've taken a probiotic everyday as it reads on the bottle label so far nothing has worked the smell went a away for the first 3 days I've gotten tons of discharge but it was still yellow by the fourth day I stopped to see how it would be without putting vitamin c but I still took probiotic and the smell came back same thing as discharge I'm to the point where I want to get antibiotics from the doctor but I don't want to spend all the money just for them to work short. Term and possibly give me a yeast infection in the process . if anyone can help me maybe try a different solution ?. maybe I'm using the wrong vitamin c ? Or doing something wrong. I use 500mg with rose hips not coated and acidophilus probiotic witch has lactobacillus, 100 million organisms. its made from natures bounty . ok sure I'm doing everything right maybe it's something else . Can someone suggest anything ?

Date : 3rd Nov 2016   |  By : Ashley
Hi Jessica, Insert the vitamin C as far into your vagina as you comfortably can. Do not insert the probiotic. Take the probiotic orally.

Date : 27th Oct 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Should I insert the vitamin c tablet as far as it can go ? or just enough to where it won't fall out ? And Is it ok to insert a probiotic in as well maybe 5-6 hours after the Vitamin has been in ? Or take them orally Please respond thanks

Date : 27th Oct 2016   |  By : Jessica
Dear Shaquavious, For healing BV, it doesn't matter if you use use regular vitamin C tablets or ones made with rosehips. The vitamin C in the form regular tablets is usually less expensive because the vitamin C is synthesized in an inexpensive process in a lab. The vitamin C from rosehips, not surprisingly comes from rosehips. It doesn't matter what brand of vitamin C you get, but it is better to get a version without added dextrose because it is a simple sugar and can feed the wrong types of things living in your vagina, like yeast.

Date : 25th Oct 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, i would like to know does it matter what kind of vitamin C brand to get? Also, what is the difference between the one with rose hips and the one without it? Thanks!

Date : 25th Oct 2016   |  By : Shaquavious Sherman
Hi Ashley, Whatever the suggested serving size is on the probiotics label is what I would recommend. Take that amount once or twice a day.

Date : 21st Oct 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank you sooo much for your reply. I'm going to try 3x a day as a start and update On my results , is their a limit on how many probiotics I should take while doing the vitamin c tablets ?

Date : 21st Oct 2016   |  By : Ashley
Dear Hazel, First I recommend starting on the vitamin C insertions, three times a day again. Do this for about a week longer than you think you need it. Second, make sure you are also taking a probiotic that will reseed you vagina with the right healthy kind of bacteria you need for a vagina to remain healthy after you stop the vitamin C. I have examples of such probiotics in the article above. My guess is that these two things together will solve you problem. If not, I recommend that you see a gynocologist to rule out that your problem isn't something different than BV. If it is not BV, you will need a treatment appropriate for solving whatever the actual problem is.

Date : 19th Oct 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Marielle, The inert binder from most vitamin C tablets creates a chalky discharge. It isn't thick like a gel. It is chalky like pulverized chalk. I want to be clear because if what you are experiencing is thick like a gel or like yogurt, that is not from the vitamin C tablet. To answer your other question, how often you need to insert the vitamin C depends on how much your vaginal pH is off. Some women with severe or long standing BV need to insert 3 times a day. Most women need to insert twice a day, including for a day or two after all signs of BV have disappeared.

Date : 19th Oct 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, Does anyone know when the thicker, opaque discharge should stop coming out after the last Vitamin C insertion? I inserted a Vitamin C Sunday night, Monday night, and didn't in Tuesday just to see what it'd be like, and it is now Wednesday evening and I'm still getting a fair amount of opaque discharge. Is this from the vitamin C binding agent still? Also I had only been inserting once a day right before bed, because I originally read about using Vitamin on another forum that did not mention 3x a day. Will once at night still be effective? My BV was pretty minor to begin with, minimal smell only on some days, but watery discharge all the time. No pain, no itching, sometimes pain during sex. I know from comments here I should continue with Vitamin C for longer but I just wanted to start with a two day test run and noticed the discharge from Vitamin C is about as much and frequent as my discharge from the BV.

Date : 19th Oct 2016   |  By : Marielle
Hi...I thought the smelly discharge Was totally gone because few days ago I don't have smelly discharge but now it came back. And it seems worse than before I inserted. Oh my gosh. ... What should I do for this. ???

Date : 19th Oct 2016   |  By : Hazel
Dear Hazel, Most vitamin C tablets contain an inert binder. As the Vitamin C dissolves, the binder is left. It is often chalky and if it has been in your vagina for long enough, it will stop being hard and turn into a chalky paste. This is normal. It is not bad bacteria. It sounds like this is probably what you are noticing. Do you think this explaination fits what you are experiencing? If so, it does not need to be cleaned out. It will come out on it own, without you needing to do anything. Since you will remove the vitamin C in your vagina if you attempt to remove the inert binder, it is better just to leave it be.

Date : 16th Oct 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Ma'am thank you for ur quick rply. I have some follow up questions for u. As I inserted the vc inside my v without tampon or sea sponge for a week I checked the inside using my point finger because I'm so curious then I found out that there was something thick white in color breaks into pieces together with the dissolve vit. C .. I want to clean inside but Im scared.. Is it OK to leave it there ? Or there's a way to clean it out???? Because I think those thicks white was the bad bacteria ...

Date : 16th Oct 2016   |  By : Hazel
Yes ma'am that's what I mean. For me , saying thank you to you is not enough for ur big help to my problem .. But nothing more I can do just t o say thank you . I thought I can't get rid of this .. Thank you so much ma'am . if u would know how happy I am ...... I can't imagine for how many months I've been searching for a cure and now I'm bv free without spending money for the doctor .. Once again thank you ma'am GODBLESS.

Date : 16th Oct 2016   |  By : Hazel
Hi Ashley, If you are inserting a vitamin C tablet twice a day, then inserting them about 12 hours apart is ideal. If you are inserting three times day, doing that about 8 hours apart is ideal. If that time schedule is inconvenient, you can change the spacing by a few hours. It will still work. But spacing out the insertions as much as easily possible is best. It is fine to continue to insert during your period, although on heavy flow days it is also okay to skip the insertions.

Date : 15th Oct 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
I\'ve had my first BV problem for almost 3 1/2 months I went to a doctor and they prescribed me with some antibiotics and gel , the gel didn\'t work . I went back and I got pills instead. Yes finally they cured me for awhile let me mention this was back in January 2016 , it is now October and I\'ve just recently got bv AGAIN . I think it was because of intercourse with no protection because prior to that I was FINE :) it\'s now October and I\'m going on 2 months now of having it AGAIN :( Didnt want to do antibiotics again and spend tons of money so I\'ve tried plain yogurt , apple cider ginger baths with tea tree oil , it worked for about 2 weeks then my BV came back I started to research natural remedies and came across this article about vitamin c tablets I\'ve picked some up from the local Walmart store 500mg with rose hips . I\'ve had a question about inserting them though . 2x - 3x a day does it have to be hours apart ? Or insert again whenever I feel like it ? Another thing if my menstural is starting soon can I still insert the tablets inside will it make anything worse, or should I wait until after my cycle ? HELP I need to get rid of this badddddd I\'m so over it and it\'s making me depressed the smell and me trying to maintain it not to mention no intercourse because of the problem If anybody could reply thanks .

Date : 15th Oct 2016   |  By : Ashley
It works. I wish all women knew this. I'm 33, I got my first BV at age 23 when I became pregnant, which is a very common time BTW. I've had it maybe 3 other times in the last 10 yrs and some yeast infections and UTIs. It's so frustrating and a little embarrassing. The doctors do treat it like its no biggie. They've always given me the antibiotics which works. I'd rather a more natural way as well as a way you can do at home. I cant always wait for an appointment or go to an urgent care. We have lives to live. This worked overnight but I'll take a couple more because I have a little itch. Also I think some ladies self diagnose the wrong thing at times. At some point you must see a DR. If you've had this before and can spot it straight away, it's different. I just would hate that you have an STD, STI or a yeast infection and not properly dealing with it. We all try to trust our partners but we must protect our bodies and see a doctor and not always self diagnos. Prolonged std and sti, can lead to infertility and more severe issues later on. My suggestion is just that we do take the time to even go to the free clinic just to make sure it isn't something else. Also ladies share more with each other. This information is crucial and has helped me. I will not be taking more antibiotics at least not for my BV. TY

Date : 15th Oct 2016   |  By : TA
Dear TA, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on these important matters, including on the need for a correct diagnosis. Wise words.

Date : 15th Oct 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
I m happy that I found ur page Ma\\\'am Barbara, I have white and smelly discharge its been a year now and I haven\\\'t go to the doctor to be check but I think this is bv because I read almost all of the comments on this page and found out we are the same problem the smelly dischrge .so i started inserting vitamin c with rose hip inside my vagina without tampon or sea sponge its almost 1 week and then I found out theres no bad smell at all.. My question is do I continue inserting vc or not because I don\\\'t know if there is still bacteria left inside and I ask u too if I still get pregnant after I suffered bv??? Because I\\\'m not married yet

Date : 13th Oct 2016   |  By : Zel
Hi Hazel, I'm so glad the inserting vitamin C for a week cleared up your year long case of BV. As long as your vagina remains clear, there is no need to insert any more vitamin C. If the BV ever comes back, insert vitamin C again for a few days until the BV is gone again. As long as you are fertile, there should be no problem with you getting pregnant when the time comes that you want to do that. Having once had BV should not prevent you from getting pregnant.

Date : 13th Oct 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Louise, I suggest you stop washing inside your vagina. The washing can change the pH in your vagina and may therefore be contributing to your infection. I suggest inserting a vitamin C tablet into your vagina three times a day (instead of just twice) because you seem to have a particularly difficult case. Do this until your vagina returns to a healthy normal and there is no sign of problems left. Also, I suggest taking a probiotic like I recommend above, that helps make sure your vagina has the right kinds of healthy bacteria. Sometimes with a difficult infection, it can take several weeks of this daily treatment to return to a healhty normal.

Date : 10th Oct 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Iv Been given cream and tablet for thrush for 10 years know it comes then it goes. But I know it's bacterial vaginosis from what is been written on your website and others. It's uncomfortable and embarsing. How would you recommend I do it as you can see its been there for so many year. I do wash my vagina daily but a fe hours later the smell comes back. I stick a tinny bit of tissue in my vagina hole, not to deep. I notice if i do that the smell is not as bad. Every time I wash my vagina do I then straight away out the vitamin c.

Date : 9th Oct 2016   |  By : Louise
Dear Char, Cellulose in your vitamin C is fine. Rose hips is fine. Dextrose is not. So you should be fine with the vitamin C tablets you purchased. I recommend inserting a vitamin C tablet twice a day, three times a day if you seem after a few days to need a little more help. The amount of vitamin C in the tablet is not as important as how often you insert a tablet.

Date : 3rd Oct 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Tulisha, The vitamin insertion works because it restores your vagina to a properly acidic pH. Every time you use a baking soda water rinse (if you are using it inside your vagina) you destroy the good acidic effect of the vitamin C. This is because baking soda is alkaline, not acidic. I recommend you continue the vitamin C insertion until the discharge stops and your vagina is once again normal. Starting with the probiotics now is also a very good idea. There are no negative side effects from the probiotics. Yes, taking one a day (if that is the dose written on the label) for 60 days or even longer if you chose is a good idea.

Date : 3rd Oct 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, I am inserting 500 mg vit C with rose hips every night. Its been almost a week and that very bad smell has gone. But i still have heavy white discharge (the vitamin that im using is not white colour). I am also washing it with baking soda water which really helps to itchiness. I am convinced to get a probiotics now and was wondering how long i should use them ? one capsule every day until 60 days? Does it have any side effects if you use it 60 days constantly? and why am I still have bad discharge and a little smell ? I started to have some itchiness after using the vitamin too. Thanks.

Date : 3rd Oct 2016   |  By : Tulisha
Hi, I'm really interested in seeing if this works. I got the CVS brand of VC w/rose hips 1000mg. however, mine has cellulose in it. I didn't find your article until after purchasing and inserting the pill. Is it still OK or should I buy a different brand and not use this one again? Should I also use only 1 a day, since mydisage is so high?

Date : 3rd Oct 2016   |  By : Char
Omg! I am SO happy I came across this blog!! I was just diagnosed with BV last week and the doctor prescribed me metronidazole gel. I did research on it when I got home and all I can say is that I'm SO happy I did, before using it, otherwise I probably would've suffered from nasty yeast infection or BV would just come back worse. Taking vitamin C intravaginally after reading this blog was the first method I used and I think I'm gonna stick to it. The foul odor is pretty much gone in less than 24 hours! Although I was wondering how much longer I should continue... also some people say take it when you feel it coming back..? What are the symptoms?? Because the only way I figured I had BV and took myself to the doctor was the foul odor when I would just be standing at work.

Date : 12th Sep 2016   |  By : Trish
Hi Trish, I suggest using the vitamin C insertion for one day longer than you think you need it. Once everything smells good again and any non-menstual discharge or feeling that something is "off" has disappeared, then insert the vitamin C for one more day. Once you have had BV, if you pay attention it is fairly easier to notice if it feels like it might be starting to come back. If that happens, just insert a vitamin C tablet a couple times a day for a day or two, and it will usually quickly clear up again.

Date : 12th Sep 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Tiffany, Sounds like you are almost through the BV treatment. I suggest using the vitamin C one more day. Hopefully the watery discharge will stop in the time.

Date : 8th Sep 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, I used the vitamins c tablets 2 nights in a row and although the smell is gone I have a clear and very watery discharge. It soaks my under garments and I have to wear a pad. Is this just part of the process ?? The bad leaving my body?? Do I just continue using the vitimin c until it\'s gone as well ?

Date : 8th Sep 2016   |  By : Tiffany
Dear Stacy, I suggest that you continue the vitamin C insertion during your period. However, you might want to stop for a day or two during the heaviest part of your flow. Play that one by ear. On heavy flow days it can be hard to keep the vitamin C in the vagina, although a tampon is a great aid in this.

Date : 27th Aug 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Okay thanks and one more question, I just got my period should I continue the treatment or stop and wait until my period is over?

Date : 26th Aug 2016   |  By : Stacy
Dear Stacy, The probiotic brand you are taking is good. Keep up the vitamin C tablet insertion at least twice a day until the brown discharge stops and your vagina is a healthy normal again. To speed up the process you might start inserting a vitamin C tablet three times a day. If you look at the other comments other readers have left, you will notice this process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Hang in there. If you are like most women, it will be totally worth it.

Date : 26th Aug 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Yf, When you tried inserting vitamin C tablets how many times a day did you insert them? How many days or weeks in a row did you continue with the insertion? What did you notice during that time?

Date : 25th Aug 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara, I've been inserting vitamin c 1000mg 2x a day and today is the 4th day. I've also been taking 1 rephresh pro b capsule a day. I was wondering if rephresh pro b is okay to use for the probiotic? And I have brownish discharge, no smell, minimal itching. Should I continue to do this treatment including the pro b that I have been using? If so when should I stop?

Date : 25th Aug 2016   |  By : Stacy
I have tried everything under the sun for the last 3 years and still can't seem to get rid of bv. I even done the acv baths and douche, vitamin c inserts, probiotics (different brands and cfu's) vaginally and orally, tea tree oil vaginally, garlic cloves vaginally and (pills) orally, yogurt vaginally and orally, baking soda, goldenseal pills orally, fem-dophilus, hydrogen peroxide douche, have even abstained from sex for months at a time. I'm so tired of dealing with this please help?

Date : 25th Aug 2016   |  By : Yf
Dear Nicole, I'm glad your BV cleared up! As long as your vagina remains healthy with no sign of BV, there is no need to insert vitamin C or use RepHresh. At the first signs of BV recurring, that is a good time to insert a vitamin C tablet or use RepHresh. Usually if you catch a pH inbalance early, that will quickly eliminate any BV that was beginning to take hold. The only time I would use one of these as a preventative is if there is a predictable time when you get BV, like during a certain time in your menstrual cycle or right after unprotected sex. Then you can use one right before that event driven pH balance to proactively correct the pH imbalance, so the BV never has a chance to happen.

Date : 20th Aug 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello, I just finished antibiotics for the 3 time in the last 5 months to treat bv and will never take them. I finished my last poll yesterday morning and have also been taking probiotics..... Everything seems fine right now. For preventative measures do you recommend using the vitiman c insert or the rephresh.

Date : 20th Aug 2016   |  By : Nicole
Dear ladies, I just want to came back to let you know my experience , I am BV free, 4 months ago I had a baby thought csention , and I end up with BV, I never had before, metronidazole did work the first time, the sequent didn't , but it give me another infection and a lot of pain in my uterus and ovaries, and I did have a horrible pain in my pubis bone and v and legs close to my v, I used vitamin c for 2 weeks it did cure but white discharge was still camming so I douched with h2o2 and water that was a mistake my BV came back strong, never use water to douche , use just h2o2, after these I used metronidazole , and it didn't work, so I go back with vitamin c twice a day ( it help me a lot with the pain and ichi) BUT I ALSO USED CAlCIUM BENTONITE CLAY to drink ( purchase in Amazon), I drink it 3 times a day, after 2 days I was free from BV, after a week I just start to drink in the morning , then one every other day, now twice a week, make sure the calcium bentonite clay is food grade or to drink, Google about this clay , it may can help you , some ladies took longer like 2 weeks to take care their BV with this clay, vitamin c in the v, and calcium bentonite clay to drink are amazing, good luck

Date : 19th Aug 2016   |  By : Julie
Dear Barbara: Thank you for the quick response. I am already taking the probiotics. I just started back taking them again after my last dose of the metrogel on Friday. I thought about inserting the vitamin c once in the morning and once before bed, but I was a bit skeptical. What if my vagina becomes too acidic and cause more irritation? But I will keep it up with the vitamins as best as I can. guess I just have to give it time to work. I will keep you posted.

Date : 9th Aug 2016   |  By : Reesie
Yes, it does Barbara. Thank you. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Date : 9th Aug 2016   |  By : Reesie
Dear Reesie, The vitamin C insertion is working for you. You just need to insert one tablet 2 or 3 times a day and keep it up for one more day after everything clears. Also, consider adding a probiotic orally that contains the bacteria needed in a healthy vagina. I have some examples in the article above. Hang in there, you are really close to ending your BV and yeast infection.

Date : 9th Aug 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, Barbara. I don't know if the first reply posted, but I'll just try again. I've fought with BV for the last couple of years. I've been on the oral antibiotics almost 3 times. I did the metrogel twice. That seemed to be the only thing that worked to clear up the infection. I recently used the metrogel for the second time b/c of course, the BV came back. Last Friday was my last dose of metrogel. It gave me a yeast infection, w/ cottage cheesey discharge and a slight itch. But the awful smell went away, and so did the yellow discharge. Anyway, I did my research on how to keep my vag in check and keep the BV away. I ran across forums talking about vitamin c suppositories and I saw your article. So I decided to try. The following night after my last metrogel dose, I inserted the vitamin c (Nature Made, 500mg, no rose hips) and the next morning, I felt great. It even cleared up my yeast infection. I just had discharge that was a creaming/yellowish (sometimes orangish) color. That night, I went to insert it again, and I had a rough time :( it itched, tingled, and burned. And I woke up the next morning with the same discharge and a slight itch. I don't know what happened. So last night, I put the vitamin c in again, and it was fine. So I assumed that the reason I had problems was because I didn't insert it far enough. But this morning, I still have a slight itch. No smell. Just a slight itch. I haven't wiped discharge yet, but I had a little in my underwear when I woke up this morning that was a cream color. I don't know what to do. Should I keep on with the vitamin c? Do you think my BV has come back that quick, even with the vitamin c suppositories? I take the renew life ultimate flora made specially for women's vaginal health. I started taking showers as opposed to baths. I clean down there with only a wet, warm towel while showering. I wipe front to back. I drink water. I don't want to go back to the doctor. I spent so much money for them to tell me what I already know: I have BV, and then proceed to treat me with stuff that only gives me relief temporarily. What do you think, Barbara? Please help me.

Date : 9th Aug 2016   |  By : Reesie
Dear Reesie, Vitamin C is an organic acid. Chemically that means that although it is acid, it is only a certain degree of acid. Inserting a vitamin C tablets makes you a certain degree of acid for a few hours. Inserting a single vitamin C tablet 2 or 3 times a day doesn't make you more acid, it just keeps the acidity that is there for more hours. Most women need that acidity to be maintained for longer in order for the BV to die off and the healthy bacterial flora to take over again. Does that help?

Date : 9th Aug 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Julie, It is common that taking metradinazole, like your doctor prescribed for you, sets up a cycle of recurrent BV, just like you experienced. From what you wrote, it appears the the vitamin C insertion and healthy vagina specific probiotics remedy that I describe in this article, is a good and effective solution for you. This time, just keep up the remedy until all symptoms stop and then one day more. That should take care of the BV problem for you.

Date : 7th Aug 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara, thank you for all the information, I just had my first baby, firths I pushed and the nurse also put her finger in my vagina to make it bigger for the delivery, at the end they had to do a csection, them I develop a little infection, the doctor prescribed some medication , and after a week of that I developed a BV for the first time in all my life and my husband is the only man that I have and I never got any bv with my husband since we got married, just after deliver my baby, none of my family has it, the doctor says bv is normal and because my hormones are not 100% in place after the pregnancy, so she prescribed metronidazole pils that make my uterus and ovaries very painful and puffy , on top of that I got ear, thought and eye infection, and after a month I developed tendonitis in all my body, I don't know if the tendonitis is because the BV, after all these problems the doctor prescribed me metronidazole in gel that make me have another kind of infection and prescribed me a one pill ,after that I was clean but with pain in my uterus from the metradinazole, then I had my period after 3 days the BV came back,?doctor prescribed again metronidazole in gel but this time it make my vaginal labia very red and painful it did help but againg the other infection and doctor prescribed one more time the one pill, at this poins I start to look a matural cure, so I did the see salt bath and baking soda , it didn't work, now I know why ( never use water for vaginal douches I can make it the BV became bad), so I found your article , I was scare at the beginning but I start to use vitamin c as you recommended with probiotics, it did work great and the pain from my ovaries and uterus when away , then the discharge became yellow , them it was white them it clear up but it was still caming out some little withe points , so silly me I decided to clean the inside of my v with h2o2 and water , and the BV came back , so I learn a lesson in my case is not a good idea clean the inside water, I am back with the vitamin c in v, so far so good , also I want to mencioned that my muscles around my vagina stop hurting, please let me know if I shout do something else to kill the BV for ever, thank u

Date : 6th Aug 2016   |  By : Julie
Dear CeeCee, I suggest insert a vitamin C tablet in your vagina 2 or 3 times a day for as long as it takes for the discharge to go away plus one or two days after that to totally clear your BV. From what you write, I think, like many woman who have commented on this page, you have a more difficult case of BV and it may take between a few days and a few weeks for your discharge to totally clear. Hang in there!

Date : 20th Jul 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Lynn, Both RepHresh and a Vitamin C tablet inserted in the vagina are for restoring the proper pH needed for a healthy vagina. You only need one or the other, not both.

Date : 20th Jul 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi. I had assisted for bv for a year after my vagina was introduced to sperm for the first time (previously only protected sex). Well once that relationship was over and I was sexually inactive I thought the bv would stop. Well now it started to come with my periods. I don\'t think I\'ve had it, but it\'s hard to tell because I naturally get so much discharge I almost always think I have an infection (even when I don\'t). So recently I thought I might have a yeast infection (no itching really, just thought something wasn\'t right). So I got a 3 day treatment from the drugstore, but I dropped one of the ovules and it got dirty so I only treated for 2 days. Well a few days ago I decided to insert vitamin c just to help straighten things out (I didn\'t know about holding it in with a tampon). So I Did this for 2 nights. Doing this always gives me a lot of kinda chunky yellow/greenish/brownish discharge. Did it give me a yeast infection? No smell. No itch. Just a little irritated from all the discharge and vitamin c coming out. So I used a store bought vinegar douche to clear everything out. But I Still have the discharge, just not as much because I haven\'t inserted the vitamin c in a day. Can anyone help or give advice? I\'m also currently taking a women\'s probiotic for about a week now, but only 1 pill a day. Never thought to take 2 a day. Also, I just switched to vagasil ph balance feminine wash. I usually alternate with that and summers eve but had been using summers eve longer. I\'m thinking that might be the culprit. Should I just observe everything for a few days or do a rephresh treatment or more vit c? I know this is a lot, just wanted you to know as much info as possible to better advise me Thanks!

Date : 19th Jul 2016   |  By : Ceecee
Hi - Is it OK or recommended to do the Vitamin C tablet insert as well as the RePhresh vaginal gel in the same day, or should they be done separately? My understanding is that the Vitamin C is actually working to help acidic levels, while the gel is simply there to mask the odor that comes with BV?

Date : 19th Jul 2016   |  By : Lynn
Hi Barbara, I started with the vitamin c vaginal inserts on the night of July 4th midnight. I put another vitamin c caplet in at around 1:00 pm the next day (yesterday) and another one last night. This morning, when I put in another one (vit. C), the smell still lingered. It's not as strong (but only a slight, slight change). I am using a tampon to keep it in place, and I have been taking Women's Vaginal Ultimate Flora Probiotic (50 billion) since June 23. I started taking one probiotic per day and then increased to two per day on June 28. At the time, I was using Rephresh vaginal gel. It worked while it was in, but if I didn't insert another one by the 3rd day, the smell came back. That's when I decided to give the vitamin C a try. I am using Nature Made Vitamin C 500 mg caplets (not the tablets). Do you think the caplets make a difference? Almost everyone commented that the smell disappeared after ther 1st night with vitamin C. I tried to include as much information as possible. Thank you so much for your help.

Date : 6th Jul 2016   |  By : Heather
Thank you Barbara! You are wonderful!

Date : 6th Jul 2016   |  By : Heather
Dear Heather, Try inserting the vitamin C three times a day, instead of just two times a day. It sounds like you are on the edge of having enough for it to work for you. Maybe your Vitamin C caplets are not working quite as well as vitamin C tablets do. The extra insertion should tip you over into having enough Vitamin C for this treatment to fully work for you. It is true that usually the smell disappears after the first 24 hours, but if you scroll down, you will notice that for some particularly difficult infections it has taken between one and three weeks of treatment for the infection to disappear and everything to return to normal. Keep up the treatment for a day or two longer than you think you need it. That will help ensure your BV is really gone.

Date : 6th Jul 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Rebecca, I'm not sure if the vitamin C will help with overcoming group B Streptococcus (GBS) or not. However, my guess is that it probably will, largely because it will help the healthy types of vaginal bacteria outcompete the GBS. Where did you experience the redness and irritation when you used the vitamin C? If it was at your labia, that can be avoided by using a tampon or piece of menstral sponge to keep the vitamin C in your vagina and away from your sensitive mucus membranes at your vaginal opening. As for the yellow discharge, often discharge is worse for a few days when using vitamin C and then it clears. That is all part of the healing process. Does that help?

Date : 30th Jun 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Olivia, I wouldn't recommend using a chewable vitamin C tablet because sweeteners are added to them to make them taste better. Bacteria can feed on the sugars. It would be better to use a regular vitamin tablet meant to be swallowed so that you aren't feeding the bacteria. The color of the tablet isn't as important as making sure you're only inserting vitamin c and not other ingredients. I hope that helps!

Date : 25th Jun 2016   |  By : Cassi
Hi, I'm just wondering. . Can I use an orange coloured chewable vitamin c tablet for the same purpose? Will it still work? Or will that cause me problems? Not sure on what colour the vitamin c tablet is meant to be. I brought orange colourd ones and then just saw other women comment and say that they are white. Thank you :-)

Date : 24th Jun 2016   |  By : Olivia
Hi Barbara, I have been dealing with a symptomatic group b strep infection for the last 2-3 months with itching/burning. i have been put on several antibiotics for it and given a course of diflucan but nothing has worked - it got a little better but still doesn't feel normal. I started taking fem dophilis and went back on my prenatal vitamin (I had a baby 8 mo ago and I'm still nursing). Will vitamin c work for gbs? I tried one the other night but it caused some additional redness/irritation/yellow discharge.

Date : 24th Jun 2016   |  By : Rebecca
Hi Laura, Have you asked your doctor about the yellow discharge? Since the yellow isn't from your vitamin C tablet and you are taking probiotics (I hope one that contain vaginal probiotic strains), I suggest that you have your doctor test for other types of vaginal infections that are known to cause yellow discharge, for instance trichomoniasis, gonorrhea and chlamydia. Perhaps you have already done this. If not, I would have your doctor do more testing. Even if it isn't any of these, it would be good to rule them out. If it is one of these, you need to know because they require a different type of treatment than BV.

Date : 17th May 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara, the vitamin C tablet is white and the probiotic is also white. Been dx twice with BV and dealing with for over a year.

Date : 17th May 2016   |  By : Laura
Dear Lynda, I'm sorry for your heavy discharge and that your doctor is acting like your problem is not a problem after your tested negative for BV and 8 other things. What type of doctor is he, meaning what is his field of practice? I ask because sometimes highly trained people look through the world with blinders on. They see only what they are trained to see. He may not have been trained to look for causes of heavy discharge beyond BV and the 8 other things he tested for. If that is the case, internally thank him for how he did help you (ruling out BV and those 8 other things.) and move on. The next step is finding a doctor that looks at the world in a way that can give you a remedy that works. If you were seeing a standard gynocologist you might need to see a naturopathically trained doctor who is also a gynocologist. Or maybe someone trained in an entirely different system might have your answer. For instance, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine are trained to notice and correct imbalances in the body in a way different from western medicine. Perhaps that system of treatment (or one of the many other alternative systems out there) could return your heavy discharge to normal. I sorry I do not have a specific solution for you, but hopefully I have pointed you in the right direction.

Date : 16th May 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Lynda, You are most welcome. Yes, when you figure out what is causing your discharge and what remedies it, I would very much appreciate you sharing that here, so that other women can benefit. Good luck with finding a good solution.

Date : 16th May 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank you so much Barbara for your quick reply.. I can't talk about this with many people so I appreciate you taking the time to help me. I went to my usually very helpful gynecologist , but he is also very well known and very knowledgeable. I think he is just too busy to be concerned with my problem. If I don't hear from him soon I will look into other doctors like you suggest. Thank you again for your time and if I find out what this is I will let you know so that it may help other women in my same situation.

Date : 16th May 2016   |  By : Lynda
Hello, my name is Lynda. I wrote a couple months to tell about the excessive discharge I've been having and how nothing seemed to help. I wanted to give an update and maybe get some more help. I went to a different doctor and he did two separate tests and they both came back negative for BV and 8 other things... So apparently I have been treating something for past six months that I didn't even have. But now I have a new worry... Exactly what is this?? And I know this no longer applies on a BV board since I don't have it, but I don't know who else I can talk to. When I called my doctor to see what my results were the receptionist told me that some women just have more discharge and just have to live with it... I was like "WHAT?!?"... This is NOT normal and I can't just live with it.. No one understands until they have it too.. Something is causing it and I refuse to just live with it until I have an answer.. But now my doctor doesn't seem too concerned and hasn't called me back since all my tests are negative. I am beyond frustrated and depressed.. Any ideas??

Date : 15th May 2016   |  By : Lynda
Hi Laura, Bright yellow discharge is not the norm but it does happen sometimes. What color is the vitamin C tablet that you are using?

Date : 11th May 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
I've been inserting vitamin c 500mg and a vaginally probiotic for a week. Now I'm getting a bright yellow discharge. Is this normal

Date : 11th May 2016   |  By : Laura
Hi Mizumi, I can't tell from your post how often per day you are inserting a 500 mg vitamin C tablet. In your case, I suggest doing that two or three times a day. Often increasing the frequency of insertion will help clear a difficult BV infection such as yours. Also you do not mention whether or not your a taking the special kind of probiotic supplement I mention in the article to help repopulate your vagina with healhty bacteria, the kind you need to fully overcome BV. If you are not, please start that as well.

Date : 28th Apr 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara, I am glad I have stumbled upon your site. I've been suffering with reoccurring bv for almost 3 years now. The main symptoms I suffer from are the fishy odor and excessive, thin discharge. My family physician diagnosed me each time, saying that I had bv again and I was tired of paying for the expensive antibiotics that did only helped for a week before my bv came back again. I've been inserting the 500 mg vitamin c tablet and holding it in with a tampon for a week now. The smell stopped after the first day, however, I still have thin discharge daily. When I take out the tampon, it all gushes out, maybe about a teaspoon or more that wasn't absorbed by the tampon. It's not brown like others have said, but a light yellow, almost transparent discharge. At night, I don't use a tampon, but a panty liner, so the discharge flows freely. I usually wake up from the wet feeling of the discharge svc it happens about two or three times at night. I read all the posts here and haven't seen anyone respond with how long the thin discharge continued for them while on the vitamin c and was wondering if this is normal to have, since it is not the brown or the chalky white discharge others have mentioned. Should I increase the dosage? Or take a break from the vitamin c? Any suggestions or advice from others would be helpful. Thanks.

Date : 28th Apr 2016   |  By : Mizumi
Hi Mizumi, Thanks for the extra details. It sounds like you are doing everything right. My one suggestion is to bump the vitamin C insertion to 3 times a day. That might give your system the extra little nudge it needs to prevail.

Date : 28th Apr 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara, I am taking the Fem-dophilus twice a day. And am inserting the vitamin c, 500 mg, once in the morning and once at night. Sorry for not being clear. Thank you for addressing my post though.

Date : 28th Apr 2016   |  By : Mizumi
BV free!!! Barbara, I tried Prevegyne twice a day for 6 days with a tampon, went back for culture and it came back negative! Thank you so much, I will no longer need Flagyl. I had brown clumpy discharge too but now, everything is goog.

Date : 23rd Mar 2016   |  By : Isabelle
Dear Isabelle, I am so happy for you. Thanks for sharing the details of your success! I'm so happy you are now BV-free!

Date : 23rd Mar 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Kat, Thanks for your important addition about the bacterial biofilms being broken being what causes the clumping. Just to be super clear here, biofilms make bad bacteria, like BV, very resistant to treatment to conventional. Breaking down biofilms is a very good thing. It means the treatment is working.

Date : 21st Mar 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hey ladies, everyone asking about the clumpy discharge, it's the biofilm being broken down. The bacteria that form BV, create a thin layer, much like plaque that forms on teeth. It adheres to the walls of the vagina, which is why it's so difficult to treat. As long as the discharge is not bloody, it is safe to continue treatment with vitamin C. A study researching this found 250 mg, once a day for 6 days to be effective in 86% of cases.

Date : 21st Mar 2016   |  By : Kat
Dear Monique, The vitamin C is what matters. Whether or not it contains rosehips does not matter one way or the other for this purpose. I see no reason to remove a tampon to pee.

Date : 15th Mar 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
I'm using 1000mg vitamin C...with no rosehip? Do rosehip have to be in it? Or does that matter. Also do I remove the tampon when I urinate or leave it in, so that the vitamin C doesn't get on libia?

Date : 15th Mar 2016   |  By : Monique
Thank you Barbara! I forgot to mention that I do take probiotics orally (Ultimate Flora 50 billions) and vaginally while inserting Prevegyne (Femina Flora 10 billions). And I can tell you this is my LAST Flagyl usage ever. I cant continue taking it like that. This morning, discharge is getting darker (which I think its a good thing). I was reading the other day that it can take up to 21 days of Vitamin C before it dissolve Gardnerella biofilm (bacteria resistance). So I will continue Prevegyne until discharge is gone. I will probably think about buying Vit C you suggest as Prevegyne is 40$ for 6 tablets. Thank you for everything!

Date : 15th Mar 2016   |  By : Isabelle
Dear Isabelle, You could certainly start using Prevegyne (a prescription form of 250 mg of vitamin C) twice a day. That would probably help. I'm concerned that you are using Flagyl. Flagyl, like all antibiotics, wipes out good bacteria that you need to keep BV from reoccuring. If you read my article above, you will notice that stopping antibiotics and taking a version of probiotics that includes the good bacteria necessary for a healthy vagina is an important part of breaking the cycle of recurrent BV. I suggest that once your course of Flagyl is over, you don't use it as a BV treatment anymore and instead add probiotics, like the ones I mention in the article that will help reseed your vagina with healthy types of bacteria.

Date : 14th Mar 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello Barbara, thanks for your site. I also think ascorbic acid is the best way to beat and cure BV. I have been suffering BV since 2013 and it just became worst and worst. Now I think it is chronic. I tried Prevegyne for six days and BV was gone for a month. Unfortunately, it came back. I have decided to combine Flagyl ten days with twelve days of Prevegyne. But after five day (this morning) I am still having yellow discharge. I am wandering if Prevegyne 250 mg once a day is strong enough. Maybe I need to put two at night? I also have burning at the labia but I put some zinc paste. Could you comment on this? Thank you!

Date : 14th Mar 2016   |  By : Isabelle
Dear Barb, Please note that the product you recommend, Lady Soma Candida Cleanse - Advanced is not designed to help stop vaginal yeast issues or bacterial vaginosis. It is only designed to help get digestional yeast under control. And the reviews on amazon are not even very good in terms of it working. For everyone reading this, for the best results in getting rid of bacterial vaginosis you need probiotics that are specially formulated to help restore the proper bacteria for a healthy vagina. If you have BV, stick with the type of probiotics I specifically name in the article above. I recomend skipping products like Lady Soma Yeast Cleanse that only have probiotics for the digestive system. They just aren't as good for ending recurrent bacterial vaginosis.

Date : 1st Mar 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
When certain types of bacteria colonize the vagina they can produce enzymes and give-off amine byproducts. This in turn can lead to an increased pH, an often fishy odor and in some cases discharge. These are some of the clinical symptoms used to diagnose bacterial vaginosis. You can use Lady Soma's Candida Cleanse to get rid of bacterial vaginosis. I take 4 a day when I feel it coming on, and its gone in 3 days. Candida Cleanse - Advanced

Date : 1st Mar 2016   |  By : Barb
Dear Rosie, The treatments described above should work fine for a 16 year old. I suggest you follow the instructions above for inserting the vitamin C tablets twice a day, morning and night, and for taking the probiotics that contain the healthy strains of bacteria your vagina needs to be healthy.

Date : 17th Feb 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
I\'m 16 and I\'ve been dealing with bv for about 2 months. I haven\'t tried anything because I\'m pretty scared to do anything to myself down there. Is doing the vitamin C insertion at this age okay? I\'m going to go to the store tomorrow and I hope it works on me. I\'m tired of having to sit in class with my legs shut and not wanting to get up for any reason! Or girls talking about me. I never had this before I was perfectly fine until now. Can you please let me know what I should do. Thank you.

Date : 17th Feb 2016   |  By : Rosie
Dear Dominique, Given that you are swollen and there is a red tinge, I think you are right that it would be best to stop the vitamin C for a few days. Vitamin C usually has no adverse affect on the vagina, but if the vagina is already irritated like yours, it is best to let the vagina rest. If the swelling and/or red tinged discharge continues (and the red tinge isn't because you are on your period or having break through bleeding), I suggest you go to a doctor to get it checked out.

Date : 16th Feb 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
I wiped this morning and the wet toilet paper discharge is mixed with tinges of pink looking blood. So I think I'm going to stop for now and let the swelling and irritation inside go down. Maybe I only needed 3 nights instead of four. I kept getting the watery discharge and then yesterday morning it became clumpy or wet like toilet paper. I don't know if that's bacteria die off. Not really sure.

Date : 16th Feb 2016   |  By : Dominique
I put in another vitamin c tablet and inside is swollen so I'm not sure what to do. Should I stop treatment or continue. There's no pain whatsoever. Maybe the mg I'm using is too much . I'm using 500 mg

Date : 16th Feb 2016   |  By : Dominique
This website has saved my life. I've been dealing with BV on and off since November 2014. I've been using the vitamin C treatment for about 3 days now. Only at bedtime. The irritation had gone away and the odor. Still working on the discharge. My only concern is that I'm getting clumpy discharge. There's no itch or irritations with it but when I went to put the vitamin c inside last night a big ball of clumpy discharge came out. Should I stop the treatment or is that the BV sloughing and coming out?

Date : 16th Feb 2016   |  By : Dominique
So I am trying to choose whether to buy "Fem-dophilus" or "Optibac Probiotics" It's a hard decision because based on the reviews they seem to both be great products. The only thing that makes me want to go With optibac is that it says "The two strains in this product are proven to survive to reach the intimate area.", and with Fem-dophilus someone said you have to keep the probiotics cold. Is that true? Idk what to do lol. What do you recommend?

Date : 15th Feb 2016   |  By : Samantha
Dear Samantha, When I look at the customer reviews on Amazon, FemDophilus has lots of reviews of women talking about how quickly and well that product worked for getting rid of bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections. When I look at the reviews for the woman's version of Opiback Probiotics there is only one review and that woman had to take it for over a month before she started seeing results. Perhaps Opiback Probiotics work well and it is just a new product on Amazon, but since I have never used that brand and based on amazon reviews, I don't see any evidence of it being a particularly good formulation, I would suggest going with a product known to do a really good job, FemDophilus. Yes, once you open FemDophilus it is best to store it in cool place, like your fridge.

Date : 15th Feb 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Parker, I'm sorry your doctors have been contributing to your ongoing BV and/or yeast problems with antibiotics and not understanding the important of proper vaginal flora. If doctors did a better job in this arena, there would not be need for a webpage like this. If you get the vitamin C on your labia it can irritate that sensitive skin there, but it should not cause a burning sensation in your vagina. It is a bad idea to stop antibiotics in the middle of a prescription. I suggest you finish whatever course of antibiotics you are on unless you think you might be having an allergic reaction to them. In that case, it would be good to go back to your doctor, ASAP.

Date : 15th Feb 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello, I have been suffering with bv/yeast for about two months now. I was first treated for the yeast but still had burning. So I got pap test which showed that I had bv. I took the gel form of med for bv for five days, two days after I noticed vaginal discharge of white thick clumps with no odor. Right away I ran to the doctors for oral fluzcone (misspelled) pill and I have been on it for three days out of ten days now. im still noticing some irradiation outside the vagina. But the strange thing is when I self exam myself I noticed there is white discharge still up inside my vagina but its not coming out. Could that be bv starting form again ? Out of fear I use vitamin C once so far to help remove it. Im not sure if work cause now I have more irritation outside my vagina then I had before. Could it be I have bv and not a yeast infection should I switch meds ?I also been taking the ultimate flora care as well by the way the doctor laugh at me and told me it doesnt do anything. Im sorry but I need to vent, my vagina burns and it sucks and everything seems work only a little bit. And doctors keep brushing me off oh its just a yeast or bv take some pills.I feel like they just want our money, because it makes no sense to me why they keep giving us more pills. And it doesn\'t make it go away, Im trying my best here. but i need a cure !!

Date : 15th Feb 2016   |  By : Parker
Dear Dominique, Discharge is normal with this treatment. Treatment will likely work even better if you insert the vitamin C insertion morning and night. Continue until the BV is gone.

Date : 15th Feb 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
This website has saved my life. I've been dealing with BV on and off since November 2014. I've been using the vitamin C treatment for about 3 days now. Only at bedtime. The irritation had gone away and the odor. Still working on the discharge. My only concern is that I'm getting clumpy discharge. There's no itch or irritations with it but when I went to put the vitamin c inside last night a big ball of clumpy discharge came out. Should I stop the treatment or is that the BV sloughing and coming out?

Date : 15th Feb 2016   |  By : Dominique
Dear Samantha, You only need to take one probiotic product that contains vaginal flora. I listed several brands, so that you could see that there were several different companies that offer these kind of probiotic formulations, but you only need to take one of these or a similar vaginal probiotic containing formulation.

Date : 13th Feb 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, I've been suffering from BV for almost two years and have tried almost everything. I started the vitamin c 1000 Mg capsules today. My question (as I see that you listed some products above) is do I have to take all of the probiotics listed or just 1 of the couple you listed. Thanks in advance.

Date : 13th Feb 2016   |  By : Samantha
Hi Vivian, Not to worry. What you describe is within the range of normal responses to inserting vitamin C. It sounds like the treatment is in the process of working for you.

Date : 3rd Feb 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi it's vivian again. so I am pregnant. and I inserted the 500mg of vit c into vagina. dat night I had a lot of watery discharge and the next dat I passed a thick globe of yellow mucous discharge. Please is this normal.

Date : 3rd Feb 2016   |  By : Vivian
Dear Jen, I'm so happy the vitamin C worked so well for you. Any chalky white discharge is from the inert binder used in most vitamin C tablets. It is nothing to worry about. It will gradually discharge on its own, without you needing to do anything. It will probably take a day or two to finish discharging once you are no longer inserting any vitamin C.

Date : 26th Jan 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
I've had BV for a month I tried metronidazole and clindamycin neither worked. So after lots of research I decided to insert the vitamin c pill. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM I have been inserting them for the past 3 days, but now I'm having discharge from the pill coming out. Is there a way to "rinse" or simply clear the pill out of me.

Date : 25th Jan 2016   |  By : Jenneedshelp
Dear Katie, In my experience, there are certain times in my mentrual cycle and certain activities (unprotected sex) that can temporarily tip the pH in my vagina towards favoring the growth of BV. If I insert a vitamin C tablet once or twice at those times when it seems like I might be headed towards BV, it stops it dead in it tracks, and I never get BV. Over time, if you pay attention, you will learn when those times are for you and what it feels like very early on in the process of BV trying to start up again. If you insert a vitamin C tablet then, it can save you worlds of trouble by stopping BV before it reoccurs.

Date : 23rd Jan 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Vivian, As far as I know, inserting vitamin C into the vagina during pregnancy is safe and probably safer than taking antibiotics! In addition, remember to take probiotics that include vaginal flora necessary for a healthy vagina. In the article above there are some probiotic brands listed that have these vaginal flora. Since you have been on antibiotics this type of probiotic for a few weeks is especially important for you.

Date : 22nd Jan 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
I stopped doing the Vit C treatment after being on it for 1.5 weeks and when the discharged turned yellow for two days. I was itch free for 6 days and white discharge free for 5 days. I started having the BV white discharge 2 days ago and started itching today. I started the Vit C treatment again, hoping that it will be gone in a few days. :/. I think I should have started the Vit C 2 days ago when I saw the white discharge, but I thought it was some residual residue from the vitamin C tables. I will continue to use the Vit C tablets again till the discharge goes away. Are repeated Vit C treatments often necessary?

Date : 22nd Jan 2016   |  By : Katie Smith
Dear Kricket, Since you were diagnosed with BV and your pain went away while you were on antibiotics for your BV, I suggest you try the vitamin C insertion plus oral probiotics that included probiotic stains important for a healthy vagina. You have very little to lose and quite a lot to gain. As long as you use a vaginal sponge or tampon to keep the vitamin C away from our labia, the vitamin C should do no harm.

Date : 22nd Jan 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi there, I am contemplating using the vitamin C method but I am afraid to, because I'm not 100% sure that I have BV. About 3 months ago I went on 2 rounds of horrible antibiotics and I believe that is how I got BV, as I didn't change anything else in my life. I originally went in to the doctor for pelvic and vaginal pain. I was tested for every STD and disease Known to man and they determined it was "just" BV. I took the antibiotics but they didn't work, of course as no one mentioned probiotics at all. I was less than thrilled to use antibiotics to cure a problem antibiotics caused and I don't want to use them again. I just want to be sure it's BV before I try to treat it. I have no smell or heavy discharge, just pretty bad vaginal pain and a general uncomfortableness. It did go away while I was on the antibiotic so I do believe it is from the BV. I always hear women complain about the smell and discharge but not so much the pain. Is this typical of BV and should I start trying these remedies or go back to the doctor. I'm not sure what else it could be. Will vitamin C hurt anything if I don't have BV? What do you think? Thanks so much!

Date : 22nd Jan 2016   |  By : Kricket
Hi. I am 6months pregnant. used progesterone vaginal pessary from 7-13 weeks of pregnancy. and I have been noticing mucousy discharge. at first I tot it was the progesterone. at 15 weeks was given clotrimazole vaginal insert single dose. d discharge and smell dint stop. at 22weeks I was still having mucousy discharge and it\'s light yellow in colour. The doc gave me ceftriaxone im injection flagyl and erythromycin it did stop d smell and d discharge turned white. 2 days later I was back at the hospital and was given flagyl and amoxyl for to continue taking. now again d discharge has returned yellow and mild smell. so my question is, is it safe for pregnant women to try d vitamin c insert. cus i have taken a lot of antibiotics but still notin. Most importantly I want the mucous discharge to stop. tmi: I haven\'t had sex since I found out I am pregnant

Date : 22nd Jan 2016   |  By : Vivian
Dear MJ, Yes, using 1000 mg of vitamin that includes rosehips and bioflavinod complexes is safe to use as recommended in the article above.

Date : 15th Jan 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Is it safe to use 1000mg rose hips and bioflavonoid complex for bv?

Date : 15th Jan 2016   |  By : MJ
Dear Angie, I'm glad the smell is starting to go away. The probiotics you are taking contain all the right kinds of probiotics. To stop the vitamin C tablet from causing burning at the labia, you can use of tampon or a menstrual sponge to keep the vitamin C in place in your vagina. I give instructions for that in the article above. As for the two growths you noticed in your vagina. I don't know what those might be. That is unusual. I suggest you go to a gynocologist and have those checked out.

Date : 14th Jan 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara, I am Angie again. I appreciate your assistance. I have been inserting the vitamin C tablet- time release vitamin C with rose hips 1000mg tablet and also the other one I mentioned before Active C with bioflavonoids 500mg tablet and I noticed burning, irritation, and brown discharge first, then now I noticed two growth in my vagina. I can feel the bump and I was very scared. Not sure if this is due to the vitamin C, but I am not sure what to do. This has never happened before. Also the smell is still not gone but it's only been two days since I used the Active C with bioflavonoids 500mg tablet and time release Vitamin C with rose hips 1000mg tablet. Also for the probiotic I use ProBioCare womens probiotic 50 billion and advanced CD Accuflora probiotic and I was wondering if those will help me or not? And now I put coconut oil in my vagina because it was burning. At this point not sure whether to give up or not. Thanks so much. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Date : 14th Jan 2016   |  By : Angie
Dear Katie, I recommend continuing to insert vitamin C tablets 2 or 3 times a day until the brown discharge stops. Any chalky white discharge is from the binder in the vitamin C tablets. Sometimes it can take up to 2 or 3 weeks with difficult BV for the discharge to stop and the BV to completely disappear. IUDs works by causing irritation to the uterine lining. I don't know if the pH change in the vagina caused by the vitamin C could effect the IUD device or not. I hope not, but if your increased levels of cramping continue, you might want to stop inserting the vitamin C tablets for a day, to see it that makes any difference in your cramping levels.

Date : 14th Jan 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
I'm on day 4 of the 500 mg 2x a day and am still having quite a bit of brown discharge. I also had some white dischange, that may have been from the tablets. I am using a IUD, does the vitamin C affect the IUD? I have had more cramps during the past 4 days then usual.

Date : 13th Jan 2016   |  By : Katie Smith
Dear Angie, I am sorry to hear of your odor problem. Since your doctors say there is no infection, it is hard to guess what might be causing the problem. I suggest you keep inserting a vitamin C tablet twice a day for at least 3 or 4 days. The kind of vitamin C you are using is fine. It often takes at least a few days for the vitamin C treatment to work on odor caused by BV, so it might be the case with whatever you have as well. Since you also have a breath odor problem, assuming your teeth and gums are in good shape, then you may have a digestive issue going on. You could take probiotics, like I recommend in the article above to help both your digestive tract and your vagina. Depending on what is causing the odor a few weeks on the probiotics might help. Good luck. If those remedies do not help, I suggest going to a doctor, perhaps a functional medicine specialist, who can run some test to see what is causing the odor problem.

Date : 13th Jan 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara, my name is Angie. I have a vaginal and breath odor problem and it has been almost a year now. I have been to the doctor several times and Everytime they told me I don't have an infection and nothing is wrong with me. Due to the odor problem they prescribed me several antibiotics, metro and other medications. None of them seem to work at all, I also tried OTC medications, vinegar, peroxide, tea tree oil, and other products. None of them work at all. Now recently two days ago I bought a lot of vitamins like vitamin B complex, vitamin b, zinc, magnesium, vitamin C active with bivaflonoids and many more. These don't seem to work as well the smell is still there. I just came across your page yesterday and I was excited to see that vitamin C inserted in the vagina worked forany people. So I inserted the Active-C with bioflavonoids 500mg tablets in my vagina and the smell is still there. I would appreciate your assistance maybe I am using the wrong vitamin C or inserting it the wrong way. I am planning to buy another kind and give it a try again. Please let me know which one to buy exact. I have really been suffering from this problem and I almost give up and people always hold their nose around me and it can be embarrassing. Also my breath odor is problem and if you can help with that I would appreciate. Thank you very much and looking forward to your response.

Date : 12th Jan 2016   |  By : Angie
Dear Mlrcaligairl, Once you get to the tail end of your period, start inserting a vitamin C capsule twice a day. That should lower the pH in your vagina enough where the smelly BV bacteria will no longer be able to grow. Keep inserting the vitamin C tablets each day until the smell goes away. I also suggest that you take a probiotic that included the healthy kinds of bacteria your vagina also needs to stay odor-free. In the article above I suggest several good brands of probiotics that work well for this. Many different kinds of bacteria can cause BV. Instead of causing other BV symptoms, yours seem to many cause an unpleasant odor. The steps outlined in the article above should still work for you. Please keep us updated with what happens when you use the vitamin C and the special probotics. The more we share our experience with each other, the easier it is for the next woman with similar symptoms to heal.

Date : 12th Jan 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
I have battled a fishy odor every day for 11 years now. I have been treated for BV but 90% of the time, the test comes back negative. The numerous Dr's I have seen have tried everything from antibiotics to hormone replacement therapy to douches. BORING WORKS. I shower daily using an unscented antibacterial soap. If I use anything else, it makes it worse. Perfumes, lotions, douching, medicines, etc. Nothing gets rid of the awful smell. Everyone can smell it and it's ruined many relationships. Every day I deal with people making fun of me and I can't help it. I have tried everything and just want to give up. Can anyone help me please? I just started my period and so I haven't tried vitamin c yet. I'm hoping that will work. Why would there be a smell but no BV?

Date : 12th Jan 2016   |  By : Mlrcaligairl
Dear Dawna, You are certainly not a freak! I suggest you continue to insert a vitamin C capsule 3 times a day to take care of the pH issue and to also take oral probiotics that include the types of bacteria needed in a healthy vagina. I have some suggestions of brands in the article above. From the comments left on this site, with a long history of BV like you have had, it isn't uncommon to have discharge like you describe for a few days up to a few weeks, before everything self corrects in the vagina and the cycle of recurrent BV is finally stops. Also immediately after sex, I suggest inserting a vitamin C tablet, to help take care of the pH issue created by ejaculate. That way the pH issue is corrected before the BV bacteria have a chance to grow much. The earlier you can correct any pH imbalance, the easier and quicker any BV will go away.

Date : 10th Jan 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Dawna, The probiotics that I recommend in the article above contain both the types of probiotics that are for your digestive tract and types of probiotics that are for your vagina. Most brands of probiotics are only designed for your digestive tract, which is why when you are fighting BV, it is important to specifically take a type that has include strains specifically for your vagina.

Date : 10th Jan 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Barbara, Thank you for the quick response, I will certainly try those ideas, and I hope relief is around the corner. I do have another question though, I have digestive issues and take probiotics for gut health, should I take one that is specific for vaginal health as well or is there one that will cover both problems?

Date : 10th Jan 2016   |  By : Dawna
Hi Ladies, seems like we all have similar problems down there, I am 51 years old, I had a partial hysterectomy in 2010 and hoped my UTI, yeast and BV infections would at least calm down. Well they didn't, have been battling them over 10 years, I have tried antibiotics, gave up on all those, they didn't work and too many side effects, boric acid used to be my go to remedy but lately it doesn't seem to be effective, I am not a fan of douching because of the precious ph balance that I seem to require to be BV free gets disrupted with any type of douche used. I finally found this wonderful website and have read almost every post, so many women and so few cures. Fast forward to today, my latest BV came on after a long night of unprotected intimacy with BF of 3 months, thought something was going on, had sex again then BAM , the BV is on Blast. I did the boric acid capsules for 7 days with little to no relief, started the Vitamin C 500 tablets 3 days ago and feeling better, less red, a bit itchy, but I have a very thick light brown paste inside, I wiped and didn't know what it was?? Any ideas, anybody? I need advice soon, I feel like a freak!

Date : 9th Jan 2016   |  By : Dawna
Dear Gracy, I'm not a doctor and even a doctor would need to see you in person to make a good diagnosis, but that being said, yes, a change in odor is often the first sign of BV. Next time this happens, instead of antibiotics which can have negative side effects, I suggest inserting a vitamin C tablet twice a day for two or three days. To create a menstrual sponge, cut a sea sponge to the right size for your vagina. For this purpose, tt only needs to be just big enough so that when it is inserted, it will stay in place and keep the vitamin C tablet from getting near your labia.

Date : 7th Jan 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi I dnt experience itching,burning urination, discharge or painful intercourse• I only notice odour during sex,not very srong odour•can dat be a sign of BV? Last year around september I noticed for the first time in my life that odour comes out when am having sex,especially when realese•i dint go for any test•i took ciprofloxacin 500mg,doxycap 100mg,flagyl 400mg alongside vaginal gel•then the odour cleared•though had multiple sexual partners after the cure•presently hav a new partner•two weeks ago noticed same odour came back•exactly as the first time•so I just bought same drugs ,but I have not yet started taken the drugs,because I bumped into your page•so is mine really BV?if yes,should just take the drugs I bought •if NO,plssss prescribe a good drugs that can stop reoccurance again•thanks and may God continue to bless you n ur hardwork

Date : 7th Jan 2016   |  By : Gracy
Hi barbara am still waiting for ur response•and if I really have BV,how is menstural sponge use when inserting the vitamin into the vigina?and plss if u try my sending message to my gmail and is not going through,please just post the comment here I will for sure see it by checking on your wonderful page•least forgot,am in nigeria

Date : 7th Jan 2016   |  By : Gracy
Dear Lynda, I'm sorry to hear you have such a raging case of BV. Luckily there is still hope. You can scroll down and read the comments of other women who also had well entrenched cases of BV like you do. When they persisted with the vitamin C inserted 3 or 4 times a day plus a probotic like FemDophilus, they were eventually able to finally clear the BV, it just took several weeks. Please hand in there. There is hope.

Date : 3rd Jan 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank you for this information about BV... I have been researching BV everyday because I have been blessed with hardcore BV since September and it has been the most frustrating thing I have ever been through. I guess I am a "lucky" one that wasn't struck with a horrible odor but I have been plagued with excessive discharge... I have to change pantyliners all day so I feel like I am on my period nonstop. It is horrible and depressing! 7 days on Metronidazole didn't touch it... I did 7 days of vitamin c which produced so much yellow discharge that I couldn't wait to get back to the normal excessive discharge... I even tried Nina's Diva cup method, but 12 times later and I still had foam and I couldn't get the hydrogen peroxide clear. I've been taking folic acid, vitamin D, and Fem Dophilus every day for over 3 weeks and no change and it's not getting better at all! Hydrogen peroxide rinses day and night help a little but I still have discharge during the day... I am so depressed because I think everything is going to work, but it doesn't. My last option is boric acid and I ordered PH strips to check to make sure I have BV.. If that doesn't work then I will have to go back to the doctor to get another prescription that probably won't work... Is this just a bad infection or what is wrong with me??? I know you don't have all the answers but I needed to vent and just know someone knows what I am going through..

Date : 3rd Jan 2016   |  By : Lynda
Dear Kate, I'm glad the vitamin C is working so quickly and so well for you. In addition, to help stop any recurrence, I suggest taking a probiotic like any of the example I give in the article above, that contain the healthy bacteria that your vagina needs to be resistant to BV. Normal probiotics that are not specifically for women, do not contain this important healthy bacteria.

Date : 3rd Jan 2016   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank you Barbara for all the info I found on your site. Have BV for first time, Doctor prescribed oral Metronidazole, I stopped taking these after two days as then made me feel awful, really tired and generally unwell. I used Collodial Silver which helped but still had a problem. After reading about vitamin C I inserted 250g twice a day, I was amazed that even after I day the odour was reduced dramatically, now on day 3 and so much better. I shall carry on with the Vitamin C and hopefully get rid of this completely. Thank you so much with help with this horrible embarrassing problem.

Date : 3rd Jan 2016   |  By : Kate
Cotton, it is always better to use a vitamin C tablet that has no added sugar at all. Because yeast feed on sugar and you suspect you might be getting a yeast infection, it is especially important that you use use a vitamin C tablets with no added sugar. Most grocery stores and drug stores carry such vitamin C tablets, so they should be easy to find unless you live out in the middle of nowhere.

Date : 30th Dec 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara: So Is it Safe to use The Vitamin C tablet since the label states: Sugars <1g. I recall you stating not to use Vitamin C Tablet if sugar is listed on the label. And as for The Vitamin C 500 mg capsule it's a clear capsule.

Date : 30th Dec 2015   |  By : Cotton
Cotton, You need a form of vitamin C that will slowly dissolve in your vagina. Tablets dissolve when wet, so they work. What sort of outside do your capsules have? I can't imagine gelatin capsules dissolving very well. There may be other coatings that do not dissolve well (like any capsule with an enteric coating) unless first subjected to stomach acid. Those of course are not suitable for this use.

Date : 30th Dec 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara Thank you for the quick response. The Vitamin C tablet that I am inserting is 500 mg with Natural Rose Hips, the brand is Sundown Naturals. I just noticed that the label states: Sugars <1g. I recall you stating not to purchase if Vitamin is stating sugar. I also have Vitamin C 500 mg capsules with bioflavoid concentrate Rose Hips and Acerola that I purchased at the health food store. Is it safe to use the capsule instead of the pill?

Date : 30th Dec 2015   |  By : Cotton
Hi Barbara Thank you for the quick response. The Vitamin C tablet that I am inserting is 500 mg with Natural Rose Hips, the brand is Sundown Naturals. I just noticed that the label states: Sugars <1g. I recall you stating not to purchase if Vitamin is stating sugar. I also have Vitamin C 500 mg capsules with bioflavoid concentrate Rose Hips and Acerola that I purchased at the health food store. Is it safe to use the capsule instead of the pill?

Date : 30th Dec 2015   |  By : Cotton
Dear Cotton, I think your discharge is dark orange because of the dark orange color of the vitamin C tablets you are using. Yes, keep inserting the vitamin C two or three times a day until your BV clears up. Because of your history with antibotics and now because you are taking Flagyl, it is extra important to take a probiotic that included the kind of healthy bacteria you need for a healthy vagina. I give examples of such probiotics in the article above. Since antibiotics wipe out the good bacteria, part of how you break the cycle of recurrent infections is adding the good bacteria back.

Date : 30th Dec 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara I wanted to give you an update and I have a couple of questions for you. Ok so today is Day 3 and the discharge is dark orange which is the same color as the pill. I inserted 2 pills on last night using a tampon of which, the tampon held the pills in place all night. I decided to insert 2 more pills this morning prior to going to work & wear a pantyliner while at work for discharge purposes. So today I noticed itching of which I figured it was a small yeast infection coming which is usual, so I took Flagyl. My question is will the Vitamin C work for women who have had a historectomy? I had a historectomy 12 years ago and I've battle with BV seems like a life time & yeast infections. I have also noticed that I have an odor it's not the fishy odor but just an odor. Do I need to insert Vitamin C tonight? I think that the Flagyl has mixed with the Vitamin C tablet. I also take 2 Vitamin C gummies daily along with 2 probotics, 2 Vitamin D pills for bone support, & Estradiol for estrogen. Please Advise.

Date : 30th Dec 2015   |  By : Cotton
Dear Cotton, After all you have gone through with BV, I'm certainly glad you have found this page. Let me know how your experience with inserting the vitamin C plays out for you. Sometimes it only takes a couple days, sometimes a few weeks for the BV to finally clear and the recurrent infection cycles ended.

Date : 29th Dec 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara I reluntantly found this website tonight. I have dealt with BV since 1999 on and off. I have been to 3 physicians who all prescribe Antibotics for BV, of which the BV will leave only to return with a venegence. The antibotics of metronidazole both pills & cream, clindamycin cream & Tinidazole DO NOT WORK after a while. Anyhow, I've been taking probotics but needed an essential element which I think is the chewable Vitamin C 500 mg tablet. I inserted 2 Vitamin C 500 mg tablet on last night & awake this morning with alot of discharge. The smell was awful but as the day progressed the fishy odor demised. I am going to insert 2 more Vitamin C 500 mg tablets again tonight. Barbara, Thank you for providing women with such vital information relating to BV. BV is truly a monster but with Vitamin C tablets there is a cure.

Date : 29th Dec 2015   |  By : Cotton
Thank u Barbara. No i havent started probiotics yet. I shall certainly start. And yes it is nearly time for my period. I shall keep u updated. Thank u.

Date : 25th Dec 2015   |  By : Ariah
Dear Ariah, Are you also taking probiotics that include the healthy types of vaginal bacteria needed for your vagina to stay clean and healthy? If not, starting on those will probably be the final piece you need to stop any recurrent infections. You are doing the right thing resuming with inserting vitamin C whenever something starts to go off. Usually when you catch it early, it doesn't take but a day or two or three to clear it back up. Often women are most prone to a infection coming back either right before or right after their period because of the natural flucuations at occur with our cycles. That might also be what is going on for you. Caulking white discharge is normal with vitamin C tablets because of the binder used in the tablets. MIlky white probably means you are on the edge of a BV overgrowth and the you are doing the right thing.

Date : 23rd Dec 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hey Barbara, im back with an update. Um the itching has stopped. And the discharge that look like wet tissue has stopped. I only have slight discharge not as brown anymore but there is still discharge. Weird. It is a milky white and more on the watery side other than the usual thick discharge. Im due for my period so i dont know. Um i felt clean and nice a couple days ago and still did the inserts. But today i felt the discharge and a little odour yet i was still doing the inserts so i dont know what is happening.

Date : 22nd Dec 2015   |  By : Ariah
Dear JB, The brand and mg per table of vitamin C that you have are fine. You need to insert a vitamin C tablet at least twice a day. To clear difficult infections some times it takes insertion 3 o 4 times a day. Cramping when you insert vitamin C isn't what most women experience. Is it possible you might have been crampy even without inserting it?

Date : 21st Dec 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Victoria, I suggest continuing inserting the vitamin C 3 or 4 times a day plus taking the probiotics that contain the vaginal flora orally. Some of the women who have commented on this page who had particularly difficult infections like you, needed to stay on this protocol for about a month before they were finally free of recurrent BV. Yes the antibiotic you were on probably made your infection ultimately worse by wiping out the good bacteria you need for everything to stay healthy.

Date : 21st Dec 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
I've been dealing with bv for a good 5 years now, nothing ever seemed to work and if it did it was only temporary. I picked up some vitamin c 1000 mg (natures bounty, hope that's ok to use) I inserted one last night and it seemed like it helped a little, I'm on my second night now an I was wondering if it was normal to get a bit crampy awhile after inserting it? Also should I be inserting a pill more than once a day ? Xx

Date : 20th Dec 2015   |  By : JB
I'm back, with bad news: The vitamin C was working fine until I did the peroxide douching. After that my vagina became very sore and tender. I stopped using peroxide and have continued to insert 1000 mg vitamin C (with rosehips) tablets, as well as take probiotics orally. However, a couple of days ago I experienced a severe amount of brown discharge--it resembled the brown "sludge" that precedes a period. My last menstrual period started Dec. 1 and ended on Dec. 6, so I thought it was odd to be starting another cycle so soon after, but figured the vitamin C had triggered it. Then the fishy odor that had originally disappeared when I first started with the vitamins came back, as did the itchiness and light-grey residue on my labia majora and clitoral hood. The odor isn't as bad as it was before, and oddly it seems to only affect my labia. I am devastated. I don't know what to do, or why this is happening. I feel like my Lamisil prescription might be contributing to this. I'm reluctant to visit a doctor, since every other visit resulted in nothing but worse symptoms. If you have any advice, let me know. Thank you :(

Date : 19th Dec 2015   |  By : Victoria
Dear Victoria, Once you have started any course of antibiotics, finish that course. This includes all antibiotics, including Lamisi. Because the antibiotics have been wiping out the good bacteria you need to for a healthy vagina, you need to start right away on a probiotic that includes healthy vaginal flora. There are some suggestions of brands in the article above. The vitamin C insertion works just fine even when you are on antibiotics. It will not interfere with the antibiotics. I would give the peroxide treatment a rest, while you let the vitamin C and the probiotics do their thing. You may not need to use the vitamin C for this long, but give it a couple weeks. If after that time your infection is not all the way cleared, try the peroxide again. No matter what, I suggest you continue the probiotics that include healthy vaginal flora for several months.

Date : 16th Dec 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hey, Barbara! For the last six months I have battled repeated yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, completing round after round of antibiotics, all to no avail. On my last doctor's visit I told the doctor I needed something stronger than what I had been previously prescribed--Monistat, diflucan, clindamycin, and Metronidazole all failed and basically resulted in worse symptoms. He prescribed me Lamisil, one pill a day for twenty days. Needless to say, it's not working. So I decided that, in tandem with my prescription, I am finally going to try the homeopathic route. About two nights ago (Dec. 13) I inserted a 1000mg vitamin C tablet. I have done this for the last two nights now and I no longer have the terrible odor of BV! However, I still have discharge (it looks like wet toilet paper flakes, especially around my clitoral region), although not as bad as it has been in the past. I read Nina's post about her success with the diva cup and peroxide, so last night I did three rounds, repeating her process. The first time I took it out, the cup was full with froth. one the next round, it was fizzing lightly. The third time the peroxide was white. This morning I did another three rounds, with the same results as the night before. Because of this, I'm wondering if I should choose one or the other remedy to start with. Will the peroxide interfere with the effectiveness of the vitamin C? Also, will the Lamisil cancel out the positive effects of the above-mentioned remedies? I'm desperate to cure this. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give :)

Date : 16th Dec 2015   |  By : Victoria
Dear Ariah, I'm glad you found this page too! Once your BV has cleared, please let us know how long it took. The more we share about what works and how the process went for each of us, the easier it will be for the next woman, who experience ends up being like ours.

Date : 13th Dec 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
I am elated that i found this page. I think i have been suffering from BV for quite some time now. And just did not know it was the problem. Doctors kept prescribing antibiotics and it would go away only to come back. Down there jus changed after having sex with my partner. It would always hurt, itch and then this odour. Oh the odourrr. Ugh. Well i thought it went away seeing that was celibate for a year and a half. Then i had sex and to my utter shock it was all swollen itchy and then a whitish discharge with this really yucky odour. I came upon this and i have been trying the vitamin c sundown brand. I got the yellow discharge im om day 5 i have this intense itching (i dont know why though) but as ive read that i should continue ima do just that until the discharge clears up. Wheewww. Thank u Barbara for ur help and thank u ladiessss for sharing ur experiences.

Date : 13th Dec 2015   |  By : Ariah
Dear Atsi, Once you have started taking a course of any antibiotic, including metronidazole, it is important to complete that course. However, even while on the metronidazole, you can also begin inserting vitamin C tablets. The vitamin C will help regardless of whether you are on antibiotics or not.

Date : 11th Dec 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello ...i wanna try that "vitamin c " thing....but I just started taking ...metronidazole antibiotics..... so should I stop taking or is it OK to continue??

Date : 11th Dec 2015   |  By : Atsi
Dear Joan, Yes, it is fine to insert Vitamin C while on your period.

Date : 10th Dec 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Can I insert vitamin v while on my period

Date : 10th Dec 2015   |  By : Joan
Dear Ariel, Since you have a stubborn infection, If you are able to, I suggest keeping the dosage the same but inserting a vitamin C tablet 3 or 4 times a day instead of just twice a day. That will probably be enough to tip your pH more fully into the healthy zone. If you read through the comments, you will notice some women with particularly difficult and long standing infections, have also had to keep up this treatment for several weeks, but they all seem to feel that no longer having any BV made it more than worth it. Please hang in there.

Date : 30th Nov 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi I've been doing the vitamin c Insert for about 2 weeks 1000mg put one in the morning and at night ... You said to keep doing this until the discharge stops ? But it's been 2 weeks in and It still varies of yellow discharge ... Should I increase the dosage by putting two pills in ??

Date : 30th Nov 2015   |  By : Ariel
I'm currently doing the metronidazole gel ( 3rd time this year) Can I start the vitamin c now? or wait until my 5 days of the metronidazole gel routine is done. Just started taking the probiotics this morning. I've been suffering for years from bv.... The burning and urine urgency that go with it is almost unbearable.....

Date : 29th Nov 2015   |  By : Ally
Dear Amelia, I'm so happy the vitamin C insertion has worked so well for you! Thank you for sharing that. If the BV ever does come back, at the first sign resume the vitamin C insertion for a couple days. When you catch it early, that is usually all the is necessary to clear up any BV.

Date : 29th Nov 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Ally, It would be best to finish your prescription of metronidazole gel and then immediately afterward start the vitamin C insertion. This is because some antibiotics need a certain pH range to be effective. The vitamin C will lower the pH in your vagina (that is what makes it effective against the bad bacteria growing there) but might reduce the effectiveness of the methonidazole.

Date : 29th Nov 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
I have suffered with BV for a few years now. I have been on countless antibiotics with no prevail at all. I did try the (I\'m gonna call it) Vitamin C Therapy for two days so far and I must say I have no odor, leakage or itchy vajajay. I keep checking myself and doing the smell test but so far soooo good! I\'m gonna continue it for a few more days and then see if it remains BV-free. I\'m starting to feel very hopeful now!!!

Date : 29th Nov 2015   |  By : Amelia
Dear Lulu, Both regular vitamin C tablets and time release vitamin C tablets should work just fine. Any variety of sea sponge should work also work as well. Just cut it to the right size for you with scissors.

Date : 1st Nov 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Many thanks for the outstanding information! Prior to finding you, many articles recommended time release vitamin C, which I have already ordered. (caps) Is this form OK to use? As effective? Thank you!

Date : 1st Nov 2015   |  By : LuLu
Hi Val, You are most wecome. Please let us know how the treatment works for you.

Date : 26th Oct 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thanks Barbara, much appreciated. Val

Date : 26th Oct 2015   |  By : Val
Dear Bethel, Welcome to this page. Your experience with antibiotics putting you into a cycle of recurrent bacterial vaginosis is unfortunately, not uncommon. To get rid of your bacterial vaginosis and break the cycle of reoccurance I suggest following the instructions in the article above. 1) Orally take a probiotics (the article suggests some good brands) that included the probiotics necessary for a healthy vagina, 2) treat the infection itself by inserting a vitamin C tablet into your vagina (the article give details on how to do this.) and 3) learn from the many comments other women have shared who have used these strategies to finally end their vaginosis problems.

Date : 24th Oct 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Bethel, Welcome to this page. Your experience with antibiotics putting you into a cycle of recurrent bacterial vaginosis is unfortunately, not uncommon. To get rid of your bacterial vaginosis and break the cycle of reoccurence I suggest following the instructions in the article above. 1) Orally take a probiotics (the article suggests some good brands) that included the probiotics necessary for a healthy vagina, 2) treat the infection itself by inserting a vitamin C tablet into your vagina (the article give details on how to do this.) and 3) learn from the many comments other women have shared who have used these strategies to finally end their vaginosis problems.

Date : 24th Oct 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello I am new to your page. Was reading about bv and how to get rid of it. I've been having this problem since I started using my iud n became sexually active with someone. The doctor keeps prescribing fluconazole 150mg, metronidazole500mg, terconazole 0.8% vaginal crm 20gm but it's not working this is my 4th treatment and the itching is worse. I scratch still my labia get swollen please what do I do I'm just 27. Please help

Date : 24th Oct 2015   |  By : Bethel
Thanks Barbara, much appreciated. Val

Date : 23rd Oct 2015   |  By : Val
Hi Val, Yes it is fine to continue with your Vagifem pessaries 20mg twice weekly, while taking the Vit C.

Date : 23rd Oct 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Val, The sea sponge is to keep the vitamin C you inserted into your vagina from coming out. If it comes out and touches your labia, the low pH will irritate that sensitive skin. For this reason it is good to keep the sea sponge in for about 8 hours or until your next insertion of a vitamin C capsule. Continue treatment until discharge and infection stop. A little bit of chaky white discharge from the binders in the vitamin C capsule doesn't count. If that is all that is left, you may stop treatment. For a very light infection caught early that might be only 2 or 3 days. For a moderate infection that might be a week. For a heavy duty infection it might be longer. Some of the women who have left comments on this page have shared that it took 2 or 3 weeks for their bacterial vaginosis to completely clear. After that no treatment is needed unless your symptoms start coming back. Then resume treatment only as needed.

Date : 23rd Oct 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara many thanks for repsonding to my plea for help. I have ordered the "Fem-dophilus, the Vit C and the Sea Sponge. However, how long do you leave the sea sponge in for once you have inserted the Vit C tablets? Just to confirm that it's 1 x 500mg Vit C every 8 hours for 1 week. Do you need a maintenance dose as well. I also take Vagifem pessaries 20mg twice weekly, is it still ok to use these when taking the Vit C? Many thanks for your help Val

Date : 23rd Oct 2015   |  By : Val
Dear Val, The vitamin C tablets you describe should work just fine. Yes, this treatment should help get rid of the UTI and cystitis too, but remember it is a two part treatment 1) vitamin C insertion and 2) probiotics orally that include strains necessary for vaginal health. It is very important, especially since you hare having UTIs that you include the female specific probiotics as well.

Date : 22nd Oct 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi I have suffered from BV now for 2 years with the vicious cycle of antibiotics to clear it and then developing Thrush. My main problem is that I also get the UTI symptoms with it and it is really distressing me now. Will the Vit C treatment of 500mgs twice daily help to resolve the UTI/Cystitis problems as well? The Vit c product I am thinking of using is: 500mg Vitamin C Sugar Free Chewable with Rosehips and Citrus Bioflavonoids Tablets - is this acceptable or not? Many thanks for your help Val

Date : 22nd Oct 2015   |  By : Val
Dear Sara, thank you for your questions. First for other readers, Prevegyne, is a commercial product for insertion into the vagina. It contains 250 mg of vitamin C. Second, it is excellent you are also on probiotic. Make sure your probiotic contains not just healthy bacteria for your gut, but also healthy bacteria that your vagina needs. See my article above for suggestions of brands. Third, if you read the comments on this page left by other readers, you will notice that many of them had discharge, like you mention having, during the first few days or sometimes even weeks of using this type of vitamin C treatment inserted in the vagina. The amount of time the discharge lasts, seems to have to do with the severity of the bacterial vaginosis infection. More severe infections require longer to clear and sometimes more frequent insertions of vitamin C. A light infection will often clearly in only a few days with twice daily insertions. More severe infections might require inserting 500 mg of vitamin C three or four times a day for several weeks. Reader comments emphasis how deeply worthwhile it is to go the course with this longer, strong treatment, if you happen to need it. There is nothing quite like finally breaking the infection cycle and having everything down there healthy and happy again. I suggest that if your discharge has not cleared once you a reached one week of treatment that you continue and also increase the daily frequency of your vitamin C insertion. If you wish to try hydrogen peroxide in addition, in the reader comments Nina describes how she used hydrogen peroxide to get rid of a difficult and persist infection. Does that help?

Date : 19th Oct 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, I have BV since January and it has not gone away. I have done many treatments with antibiotic cream inserted into the vaginal. The yellow discharge and bad smelling odour has not gone away. I am currently trying Prevegyne that my doctor has suggested. I have finished three days worth of the vaginal Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) insert and I have noticed a lot of liquid discharge, some yellowish colour and a strong odour. Is this normal? I have to keep on a liner so that it does not wet my underwear. I have been also taking a probiotic twice a day and a yogurt once a day with lactobacillus acidophilus that I read helps with the good bacteria in the vagina. I have seen people try the vit c with rosehip or peroxide inserts. Can someone walk me through these types of remedies and how to use it correctly? Thank you.

Date : 16th Oct 2015   |  By : Sara
Hi Barbara- SUCCESS! Finally!!! I haven't felt this clean and happy in YEARS. just want to share with you what was a turning point for me- hopefully it can help some other ladies too. I stopped using the vitamin c intravaginally after 7 days (but kept taking it orally). The discharge was not changing at a satisfactory rate and the red flecks had me panicked that it was something else- which is silly considering I'm married and very happy- and I wanted to make sure the flecks weren't blood or tissue that I was aggravating. Incidentally, I had just run out of the tampons I bought for the peroxide soak, so I just decided to use my diva cup. Oh. My. God. Life changer. I filled it halfway with undiluted 3% h2o2 and put it in, then did a shoulder stand for five minutes while moving my legs around. When I took it out, it had twice the volume and it looked, well, like a bacterial graveyard. Ew. But I was so, SO happy to have it out. I repeated this three times- each time a bunch of stuff came out, and the peroxide had fully converted to water. I decided to give it a rest and went to bed. I repeated this the next morning, and was surprised when I took it out- it was fizzing like crazy! I did it again in the afternoon- it fizzed again, but less. So, that night I decided to see if I could fully eliminate the bacteria that were making it fizz. Cue six rounds of the peroxide/diva cup yoga sessions, with each one coming out cleaner and less fizzy. On my last rinse it was white and clear, with no visible bubbles! And no smell whatsoever! My husband came home literally five minutes after I got out of the bathroom, and I was so ecstatic at my success that we were intimate right then and there, using coconut oil as lubrication because the peroxide made me slightly dry and really tight. The discharge and smell were gone, for the first time 100% in 3 YEARS. He woke me up like 3 more times throughout the night because he couldn't get enough.. Each time I used the bidet after of course, but didn't want to worry about the peroxide in the middle of the night. To my glee- the next morning I did a peroxide rinse and it was still clean and clear. I've been repeating the peroxide just once a day now, just to kill any lingering bacteria so they don't cling on and become resistant, but will stop once a week is up. I'm not going to stop my vitamin approach for another few weeks either just to be sure but for the first time I feel really, truly cured! And now I know that if it ever comes back the remedy is right there at my fingertips. I'm just annoyed that it was right next to me the whole time I was at my wit's end searching for a cure! I hope this can help some other ladies with their battle plans as well. Cheers to being BV FREE!!!!!

Date : 18th Sep 2015   |  By : Nina
Nina, I am so happy for you!!! Thank you so much for sharing the details of what your hydrogen peroxide treatment was like. I hope your experience is able to help many other women with difficult infections to clear. Now that you have killed off the bad bacteria, please take a probiotic supplement for a while that includes the healthy bacteria you need for your vagina to maintain your excellent, clean state.

Date : 18th Sep 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Oh and also, I want to add that I experienced a serious Herxheimer reaction during the final days of elimination- low grade fever, muscle aches, general flu-like symptoms, and my kidneys ACHED from trying to keep up with the toxins from the billions of dying bacteria. I swear there was a whole evolved warrior civilization of them after three years- so yucky. But I kept faithfully chugging water, cranberry juice, and herbal teas- hibiscus, burdock, nettle, echinacea- listening to my tummy gurgling as they died. It was actually comforting to me because after three years I felt like this shouldn't be a walk in the park to get rid of- any quick fixes wouldn't treat the root of the problem. This immune response was a sign that I was winning the war. So, if any of you start to feel sick during your treatment- that's a good thing! It's a sign that you're on the mend! I felt generally unwell right up until- and I kid you not- I pulled out my second to last peroxide cup where there were barely any bubbles. All the little cramps and pains melted away, and I woke up feeling good as new. It was like Christmas.

Date : 18th Sep 2015   |  By : Nina
Dear Nina, Thanks for sharing your experience thus far. It sounds like the pink flecks are probably from the rose hips in your vitamin C. Do you think that is true? As for the changing color of discharge, many other women have reported that in comments below. For many women it seems to be part of the healing process. As for how long to continue, if you read in the comments below, some women have needed to continue for two or three weeks before their BV finally cleared. Others for shorter periods of time. When everything as cleared up and there is no more discharge other than a little chalky white from the inert binders in the vitamin C tablets, that is the signal that the infection is gone and you no longer need treatment.

Date : 14th Sep 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, I've been battling this thing on and off for about 3 years now- and after 4 rounds of antibiotics I'm through with them. Metronidazole made me feel terrible and it would always come back. I've had success with pure ascorbic acid powder before but it was hard to get up in there and came with a lot of burning. I do have dietary issues with gluten and possibly sugar, so perhaps that's the reason it keeps coming back, but I can just never seem to get rid of it, which led me to your site. I want this gone for good. So, For the last 3-4 days I've been taking 2 femdophilous every day, combined with 1000 mg vit D, a B complex, Folic Acid 400 mg, 2 tbs ACV with lemon water, and a nutribiotic with grapefruit seed extract and other herbs. I've also been doing 2 500 mg vitamin C with rose hips inserted intravaginally (with new nitrile gloves every time) with coconut oil twice a day, with a 30 minute period of inserting a Hydrogen Peroxide soaked tampon right before I put in the last two before bed. The smell went away within about a day, but the discharge got worse. At first it was dark brown, like right after your period. The next day it was less brown, more pinkish brown. Yesterday it was a yellowy pinkish color, and I started noticing some clumps. This morning it was entirely yellow, but there were pink specks in it and it still had that strange clumpy consistency.. I'm hoping that the brown to yellow fade means the bacteria is dying off, and that the pink is from the rosehips, and the clumps are from the binders in the tablets?The pills are coated and they seem to have red flecks in them- which I'm assuming is the rosehips. Have you ever heard of this?? How long should I continue this regimen?? Am I doing anything that could be harmful? And is there anything else I can do to make sure it works? Thank you so much for having this resource!

Date : 13th Sep 2015   |  By : Nina
Hi Carla, Great that you have started on a probiotic that specifically includes vaginal flora. That will help speed up your recovery. Since you don't like inserting a tampon unless you are on your period, which I certainly understand, I suggest you consider using a sea sponge. You can use regular sissors to cut it to whatever size and shape you would like and you can wet it before inserting it. That makes it much more comfortable than using a tampon. Using it will make sure that you don't get any vitamin C at your vaginal opening where it can cause that burning sensation.

Date : 11th Sep 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Just got your post thanks ms Barbara will do and thanks God bless

Date : 10th Sep 2015   |  By : Carla
I forgot to mention I started on probiotic 50 billion last time and u will continue to take it and I read the story of ms Fran who took vit c for two weeks and was clear is it a week or 2 weeks taking vit c before you see your doctor. Last time I only did it for a week . But there is no odor ,just lumpy yellow discharge and burning maybe like you said from vit c on labia but I don't like inserting tampons unless my period is on. Thanks again and good talking with u hope this helps some other ladies with bv. Carla.

Date : 10th Sep 2015   |  By : Carla
Dear Carla, I think a visit to your doctor to make sure what you have really is BV is a great idea. Some of the other comments left on this page indicate that other women have also not had their BV clear with only one week on this treatment, but that when they continued for another week or two with inserting the vitamin C, their infections did finally clear. Like you they continued to have discharge, with it sometimes changing color. When their infection finally cleared, so did the discharge. Good luck. Please let us know how this plays out for you.

Date : 10th Sep 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
I have been using 500mg for a week to try to clear up a new bv episode , but after a week I still have burning and a yellow clumpy discharge . The discharge was brown at first then turned to yellow which I know was a good sign the bv was dying off. When I inserted the 500mg of vit c the symptoms were gone . Do I continue with the vit c, increase the strenth or do lIke you recommend to make a appointment with my doctor . Since you said if if does clear after a week you my have a different infection. So I am gonna make another appoint just for gp. Should I stop until I get to the doctor to give my body a rest or do I continue until I get to doctor because the vit c is the only thing that give me some relief. I have a week wait to see the doctor. I don't understand I used 250 for 5 daysMG before then 500 for the last 2 and when I went to the doctor for my follow up it was perfect . Also iam managing my stress. So what iam I doing wrong , this thing has got to go away once and for good. After the last day of vit c I will not insert one for a couple of days , then see what happens , maybe it takes a few days after your last 7 day treatment for all the vit c to come out (my discharge is still yellow) and the bring my be from the vit c because I don't use a tampon insert. Had same burning with last time. But iam still gonna make an appointment . Thanks and it good talking with u ms. Barbara . .

Date : 10th Sep 2015   |  By : Carla
Dear Cnicoleb, Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I have never hear of this before, but it is important to know. Ladies, please don't insert vitamin C right before sex, wait until right after. That way you can avoid the adverse effects of a dissolving vitamin C tablet in direct contact with the skin of a penis. Thanks again for sharing your story.

Date : 7th Sep 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
I would like to share my experience with everyone. I have had reoccurring bouts of BV for about 2 years now. I've been prescribed a refillable script of flagyl and have tried several OTC things and i will admit the vitamin C with rosehips definitely dilutes the symptoms of BV. I did have a little irritation both times but the most important thing i would like to share is about my boyfriend. A couple weeks ago i did an imsert of the vitamin C about 2pm and had sex around midnight. The next day he had a major reaction to the vitamin C. We went to the dr and she said it was acidic burn from the insert on his penis. He had red bumps on irritation. They tested him for STDs just to be safe but this insert is the case of this irritation. Almost like an allergic reaction. Has this happened to anyone else? I haven't been able to find any other stories online?

Date : 6th Sep 2015   |  By : Cnicoleb
Dear Carla, I'm glad the vitamin C treatment, meditation and breathing are turning around your BV. You are exactly right about stress. Being stressed out can lead to all sorts of health problems, including BV. New research, however, shows it isn't the stress event itself, but how you view it, that determine whether it has a negative impact on you. Kelly McGonigal has a great TED talk on it. Bascially, if you view your stress as an adventure or a challenge, stress has no negative impacts on health. For instance, it isn't okay for your mom or anyone else to cuss you out for something you didn't do. If you decide to take on the challenge of setting healthy boundaries with your mom, with each success on your part (no matter how your mom decides to behave) you are likely to experience a surge in health.

Date : 4th Sep 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Bless u ms barbara and all the ladies fighting bv , i started having problems when i used some Feminine deodorant spray and was prescibed a antiboitic for a sinus infection , before that i never heard of bv . been suffering for 5 months took, the anitboitic from my doctor , but stuff didnt work so got on the net and found great sites about the vitamin c remedy . and it worked . i used 250 for a 5 days then i found your site and used 2 days for 500 mg , when i went to the doctor ,,,my tests for bv came about clear .. hoorray , BUT about 2 weeks after that the white bv came back again so this time iam gonna do 500 twice a day morning and night for 2 to 7 days as advised by you is barbara. But iam writing because BECAUSE i really think you should know something they found out about BV. that i think cause my reinfection. STRESS. That right STRESS. I found a new study that most women under tremendous STRESS get BV at higher recocurance rates. I have parent s that are divorcing after 37 years of marriage , the day my BV came back was the day my mom told me that and cussed me out because she had no one to vent out her frustrations on , i cried went back home to my place, i was emotional and mental drained , thats when i felt the old itch and burn of bv again. being emotional upset the research said can\\\" immediately trigger bv . , because the body ph change can be dramatic due to onset high stress. \\\" when i find the study again i will post it. So iam going to see a therapy and stay away from my battling parents for a while to recover . But i thought i would just share that will the ladies, I have started meditation and breathing it HELPS , . Once we get rid of bv we have to manage our STRESS to keep BV away so if you have bv , while taking the good advice from ms barbara , please check what might be giving you STRESS in your life ladies and get rid of it while getting rid of BV. But Thanks Ms Barbara , this is a great site . God bless every woman fighting BV , WE WILL WIN. Carla

Date : 4th Sep 2015   |  By : Carla
Dear Anonymous, Yes, just insert the vitamin C vaginally and then hold it in place with a tampon or a piece of sea sponge cut to the right shape to fit your vagina.

Date : 17th Aug 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi! I've had bv for quite sometime now. Probably since I was 13 until now, and I am 18 turning 19 this year. I was so embarrassed about it so I haven't went to see my doctor until a couple years ago. I've been prescribed antibiotics to cure the bv but it would reoccur after sexual intercourse with my bf. So I went back to my doctor and he prescribed me the same antibiotic. It got rid of the smell and discharge but came back after a couple weeks. So I've been struggling with this problem for awhile and I am so sick of it! The itching, foul odor and discharge. I think I will try the vitamin c tablets. Before I do that I just wanna ask how do I do this treatment? Just insert the tablet vaginally and then insert a tampon afterwards and keep it in until inserting the next tablet? .. thank you!

Date : 15th Aug 2015   |  By : Anomynous
Dear Fran, From your description, it sounds like the Gynofit probiotics available to you in Switzerland are already doing exactly what you need. No need to switch to the brands I have listed on this page. Those brands are good, of course, but I mainly have an American audience, so I posted what is easily available here. I am so happy that despite the difficulty of your particular case, that you are now BV free!

Date : 28th Jul 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Fran, I am so happy that even your difficult and highly persistent case of BV cleared in the face of your even more persistent insertion vitamin C. What a triumph! Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone! You had me worried with your reporting of shedding tissue, which is why I suggested you have gynocologist make sure there wasn't some other problem. I'm so glad that in your case, all you needed was the vitamin C for long enough for all the unhealthly types of bacteria to clear. Out of curiosity, were you also taking probiotics during this time that included the bacterial strains found in a healthy vagina? If not, doing that for while will also give you extra protection against BV ever recurring.

Date : 27th Jul 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara. I have to admit I'm not sure if the bacterial strains in the probiotic capsules I took are the kind that can be found in a healthy vagina. I took a product called Gynofit probiotic capsules that is based on lactic acid. It contains bacteria strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. rhamnosus and L. gasseri and is supposed to be good for the vaginal flora. I bought that because it's readily available here while the probiotics you mention in your article are hard to come by here in Switzerland and Amazon mostly won't even ship here. Anyway, should (god forbid) the BV reocur I will probably go to the trouble and try to get one that you recommend :-). I'm feeling very good and healthy at the moment and just hope it stays that way...thank you again for providing this great source of information here and for supporting all the BV sufferers! All the best to you! Fran

Date : 27th Jul 2015   |  By : Fran
Hi again Barbara I wrote some time ago and wanted to come back and let everyone know of how things went for me because I think it's important for others to know. I know you adviced to see a doctor after two weeks if discharge wouldn't stop till then. I did not. Instead I continued treatment (500mg vit C with rosehip twice a day plus one probiotic capsule a day untill they run out after 20 days) for two and a half weeks and then another week during my period. I did have tissue discharge but it didn't hurt at all though it frightend me a bit. I then reduced treatment to once a day for a couple more days and without inserting a tamon which lead to more discharge again (probably because the lower parts of my vagina were now cleared to the bad bacteria which didn't happen before because the tampons held the vit C up higher. After that, discharge stopped completely and everything went back to normal. To this day I'm completely BV free and doing very well, no problems whatsoever. Although you might say it's risky, I still wanted others to know that in some cases it CAN take longer to recover from the BV and still the vit. C treatment might work well. I still am so incredibly greatful for you Barbara to give these informations here. I would still be fighting this horrible condition if it weren't for this site, so thank you again! Best wishes to all who are currently suffering from it, don't give up hope! Fran

Date : 27th Jul 2015   |  By : Fran
Hi Barbra! Thank u I will Check out the rts brand. Question, I've been using 1000mg twice per day the last few days. I noticed blood down there and it's not menstrual period. Is it my dosage is too high? As well the vit C almost always onset my period early, is that normal too? Please advice.

Date : 16th Jul 2015   |  By : Ann
Hi Ann, I don't know why you are bleeding non-menstrual blood and I don't know why vitamin C seems to be bringing on your period early. Neither of those phenomenon are anything I would expect to be caused by inserting vitamin C. I suggest you stop inserting the vitamin C for now and get yourself checked out by a gynocologist. My hope is that a gynological exam will determine what is causing your bleeding so that you can correct the problem.

Date : 16th Jul 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Ann, Thanks for such an excellent question. The brand Renew Life has some probiotics that are marked RTS (room temperature stable) on the label. These probiotics are formulated to be stable at room temperature or 77 degrees. Their line called "Renew Life Ultimate Flora RTS Women's Capsules" sounds like it would be a good line for you to use while traveling. I will add a link in the article above for purchasing this product.

Date : 8th Jul 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi! Thank you. I'm on day 3 and there are lots of brownish discharge. Hope it will clear in a week. Will get back on probiotics soon too. I travel a lot for work and the vaginal probiotics need refrigeration. Do you have other alternatives that do not require that? It will help me a ton! Thank you!

Date : 5th Jul 2015   |  By : Ann
Dear Ann, Yes, the treatment for recurrent yeast infections is the same as the treatment for recurrent bacterial vaginosis. Yes, what you suggest is a good plan. Inserting vitamin C tablets for now to get your vaginal pH back in a healthy, non-yeast friendly pH range. When you get home, start again on probiotics that include the kind of bacteria that are needed in a healthy vagina.

Date : 3rd Jul 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello Barbara, i took your advice on vitamin c treatment and probiotic supplements and had really good results for a couple of months. No sign of bv or yeast infection. I'm now on holiday in Bali and didn't bring my floral probiotics. A week here and now I noticed a small white cottage like discharge. It's the yeast infection coming back. Would redoing the vitamin c inserts help? I return home on Monday and can resume my probiotic soon. What other method do u suggest to alleviate yeast symptoms? Is it the same treatment as bv??

Date : 3rd Jul 2015   |  By : Ann
Dear Olivia, The advice Cassi gave you is excellent.

Date : 30th Jun 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Mandy, You should not have pieces of tissue and pieces of skin coming out as a result of this vitamin C treatment. I suggest you visit your gynocologist to have matters checked out. You have something beyond BV going on. Please stop the vitamin C treatment completely while you figure out why you are having such an unusual reaction to this treatment and then correct that condition.

Date : 30th Jun 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Olivia, Although uncoated tablets are best, when Vitamin C capsules were all I had, I pulled the capsule apart and poured the powdery contents in while I laid on my back. It can be somewhat difficult to do, but my results were the same. Your discharge will turn gritty and yellow or orange for while while the vagina absorbs the Vitamin C. Hope this helps!

Date : 23rd Jun 2015   |  By : Cassi
Hi Barbra, I've just recently bought the vitamin c with rose hips from my health store and it came in capsels! Does it matter?

Date : 23rd Jun 2015   |  By : Olivia
I have been using the Vit C with rosehips and it works almost immediately. I've only done a couple of nights in a row, but then find it comes back in a week or so. I can see from the thread that I should do it for a week, and I'd like to try that, but today is my third day, and I have pieces of tissue coming out with the discharge! Some are bloody, some are not, but definite pieces of skin. Has anyone else had this? I'm worried I am damaging tissues in my vagina. As well, as far as maintenance, should the vitamin C be inserted after sex or during my period? These seem to be my two triggers. Thanks!

Date : 22nd Jun 2015   |  By : Mandy
Dear Fran, I am so glad that this site has proven so valuable to you. :-) Sometimes discharge continues for a while. That is fine, just continue your treatment until it clears. If it hasn't cleared in two weeks, you might want to get another diagnosis from a doctor, just in case what you have is something other than BV. As to the sour taste in your mouth, you are the first person who has ever mentioned that to me. You might want to try using 500 mg vitamin C tablets instead of 1000 mg vitamin C tablets. It sounds like you might indeed be oversaturated with vitamin C!

Date : 18th Jun 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Mott, You can insert a new vitamin C tablet as often as every few hours, but most women need only 500 mg two or three times a day to clear bacterial vaginosis. You need to keep up this treatment for 2 days to up to a week or so. Stop when all signs of the BV have cleared. As I mention in the article above, to keep BV from recurring once it has gone away, you might occationally need to reinsert a tablet once or twice, at the first signs that the BV might be recurring. Yes it is okay if you have discharge. The is normal at the beginning of this treatment.

Date : 18th Jun 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi Barbara! I can\'t thank you enough for this article and all the explaining you do to questions from so many who are suffering from BV! I was hit with this terribly embarassing condition for the first time a few weeks ago and have done extensive research for alternative waS to treat it after reading about the high reocurrance rates when BV is treated with Antibiotics. Your approach seemed the most conclusive and natural way of treatment and I\'m now on day 5 of 1000mg vitamin c with rosehip vaginally twice plus one oral brobiotics capsule daily.I still have some brown discharge and I smell differently \"down there\" than I used to but nowhere near as bad as it was with BV at it\'s peak (sorry for being graphic here). I intend to continue treatment untill everything is back to normal, even if it will take longer than a week - do you think that\'s fine? And one more question: I have a feeling of beeing \"oversaturated\" with witamin c, e.g. I have a really sour taste in my moth all the time and have to drink a lot because of this. I feel as if vit. c is coming out of all my pores. Do you know of others who have experienced this and do you think I should change the dosage? I don\'t really mind it though and just hope it will go away once I stop with the vit. c...anyway, thank you so much again for all this immensly valuable information! Fran

Date : 18th Jun 2015   |  By : Fran
Dear Jackie, No, I haven't heard of any negative side effects from the vitamin C treatment. If the tampon is bothering you, you might prefer to use a sea sponge instead, as described in the article. You can cut it to the right size and it is often more comfortable. I have not heard of the vitamin C harming the vaginal mucosa, but if you feel that is happening to you, I suggest you stop the vitamin C for a few days and see it that feeling clears.

Date : 18th Jun 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Jackie, No, I haven't heard of any negative side effects from the vitamin C treatment. If the tampon is bothering you, you might prefer to use a sea sponge instead, as described in the article. You can cut it to the right size and it is often more comfortable. I have not heard of the vitamin C harming the vaginal mucosa, but if you feel that is happening to you, I suggest you stop the vitamin C for a few days and see it that feeling clears.

Date : 18th Jun 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Mott, Having watery brown discharge like you describe is common during the first few days. The itching can also take a few days to go away. Based on what you have written it is fine to continue the treatment.

Date : 18th Jun 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Have you heard of any side effects from using the vitamin C tablets? I started this treatment last week but got off schedule and started again 2 days ago. It feels a little uncomfortable having the tablet in and using a tampon to keep it in place. I am concerned about damage to vaginal mucosa.

Date : 18th Jun 2015   |  By : Jackie
I inserted 500mg morning and night about 2 hours after I inserted I have brown discharge kinda watering light brown don't know what it is ? I anybody have that ? this is day 2 I still itching sometime you think I should stop ?

Date : 18th Jun 2015   |  By : Mott
How often I can insert vitamin c ? Can I do every month and how long I need to do it ? I start today I have discharge it that ok ? Thank you

Date : 17th Jun 2015   |  By : Mott
I've been on the vitamin c treatment, using 500mg three times a day and I've noticed a decrease in the itching but not in the odor. Does it only go away after the treatment is done?

Date : 12th Jun 2015   |  By : Michelle
Dear Michelle, How many days have you been on the treatment? Usually everything is back to normal within week, sometimes quicker. This includes bad odors disappearing.

Date : 12th Jun 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Michelle, Yes, brown discharge is a common side effect during the first few days and sometime the entire first week of treatment. As long as you continue the treatment without skipping any, BV is usually gone with a few days to a week.

Date : 12th Jun 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
I started the treatment on Tuesday. I'm also noticing a lot of brown discharge. Is that normal during the treatment?

Date : 12th Jun 2015   |  By : Michelle
Thank you. Will be trying it soon!

Date : 9th Jun 2015   |  By : Kayla
Kayla, If you just had a reaction against Monistat that was that severe, why would you want to risk a repeat by using Monistat again? Personally, I would be inclined to wait until the adverse reaction to Monistat had passed before trying any other treatments. If you are feeling better this morning, now would be a better time to start the vitamin C treatment.

Date : 9th Jun 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank you. I also had another question. The only vit C available in my house is normal vit C tabs you buy at like, Walmart. And it has Vit C as ascorbic acid and I've read in other places not to use that. Will it still be effective? Also just had a bad reaction to monistat last night and was up at 3 am with bad cramps and ended up having diarrhea (ew, I know. I'm sorry) so would it be wise for me to use the vit c tonight? Do you think it would be okay? If there is still some cream left, do you think it would cause another reaction?

Date : 9th Jun 2015   |  By : Kayla
Dear Claire, It is common for bv symptoms to get worse during the first day of treatment. I encourage you to increase your dosage from 250 mg vitramin C to the recommended 500 mg vitamin C and to keep going for at least 3 or 4 days. By then your symptoms should start getting better.

Date : 8th Jun 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Kayla, Yes, these exact same treatments can also help prevent recurrent yeast infections.

Date : 8th Jun 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi! Been reading this whole forum and wondering if it really works... It seems to. But I am at my wits end. I have a yeast infection and bv and I am going nuts... Please help! Will this still work if I have a yeast infection at the same time?? Also, been battling bv for years, I am 18 and have dealt with it since I was 15. Antibiotics never ever work. Always comes back.... Please let me know! Thank you in advance❤

Date : 8th Jun 2015   |  By : Kayla
I've had BV for 8 months and symptoms have been very tame as of late, but I was still having occasional discharge and painful intercourse, so for the past two days I have been inserting 250mg Vitamin C tablets, but the smell has gotten 10x WORSE. It's not exactly a fishy smell, more yeasty than anything. I also have a lot of brown discharge. After the second day I'm feeling slightly sick, so I'm stopping using these. I'm looking at the expensive little organic vitamins I bought (the only 250mg ones at the vitamin shop) and I noticed the ingredients are (organic): Potato Starch, Corn Maltodextrin, Corn Syrup, and Rice Extract. Yours are the only instructions online that say not to use vitamins with sugar added, so is this why my symptoms are absolutely horrible now? Thanks :(

Date : 7th Jun 2015   |  By : Claire
Dear Shirley, It is common the first day of the vitamin C treatment to feel a little worse including more itchiness than before. My experience is that if you continue, you should start feeling better by the 2nd or 3rd day. You should not have a problem with overdosing using 1500 mg of vitamin C twice a day. Because it is the pH change that matters not the absolute amount of vitamin C, using a 1500 mg tablet is very similar in effectiveness to using a 1000 mg tablet. You need enough to effectively lower the pH but a little extra doesn't make much difference, because more doesn't lower the pH, it just provides a little extra buffer to help keep your vagina pH at the therapeutic level. Do keep the vitamin C away from your labia, however. If it touches the labia, it can cause a burning feeling.

Date : 2nd Jun 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank you so much for the information on this site. It\'s been very helpful. I got the vitamin C tablet with rose hips and since I was unable to get a 500 mg or 1000 mg I got the 1500 mg. I figured I could work around with the timing of the insertion so that it wouldn\'t be an overdose. After the first 18 hours, I realized that I\'ve started experiencing itching around my vulva even though the itch wasn\'t there as at the time I inserted the tablet (just discharge and the bad smell). There\'s some yellow discharge now and the smell seems to have reduced but I\'m still checking. Want to confirm if the itching may be part of the healing process. Not going to stop immediately, with the treatment except it gets worse but I just thought to get some feedback as my experience seems to be different from what I\'ve read here so far. Thanks.

Date : 2nd Jun 2015   |  By : Shirley
Okay so i just want to say that I LOVE vitamin C i feel like my life has been lied too. Before i came across this i was Trying Everything and even tho they helped mask it a little it would ALWAYS return but with this After the first night It was gone Tonight is the 2nd night and im Overly confident. Ladies i had no Burning and im using 500mg with Rosehips in inserted it up as far as i could. I dont have any tampons to keep but im sure it wont slide down every so often i check to make sure. THANK YOU so much for this site.

Date : 28th May 2015   |  By : Deesha
Hi Deesha, Repeat 2-3 times a day until the infection clears up. It usually takes between 2 days to a week. If it doesn't clear up within a week, try using a higher dose.

Date : 27th May 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello so ive been suffering for bv For some time and i really couldn't afford to get what the doctors perscribed so i went and looked online for Natural remedies and Ran across ALOT first i tried the Yogurt which Helped but the smell kept comin back then i seen ppl say Vitamin C the only one i have is The one with Rose hips Tonight is My First night Inserting the pill First i did a Acv solution Showered and then inserted the pill Prayfully things clear up in the morning how long do i repeat this??

Date : 27th May 2015   |  By : Deesha Bee
Hi Meg, As far as I know these treatments are safe to use while pregnant, but you might want to do further research to make sure that none of these treatments has caused any problems when used while pregnant.

Date : 27th May 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Is this method safe to treat BV while pregnant?

Date : 27th May 2015   |  By : Meg
Firstly, I'd like to thank you for the information provided here, Barbara, in both the article and responses to other commenters. I'm glad I found this page as it has been very informative. I've recently been trying the vitamin C tablet inserts (250mg using a tampon to keep in place) but was curious as to how long the tampon should remain inside. I read in many of your responses that in certain situations the vitamin C can be used from ~2-4 times daily. I guess my question is, if I'm inserting a tablet twice daily, should I be leaving in the tampon the entire time? I'm also going to bump up the dosage to 500mg because I have yet to see enough of a change using only a 250mg once or twice a day and the problem has been present for 2 months now. Thank you so much in advance.

Date : 21st May 2015   |  By : Rose
Hi Rose, I would suggest changing the tampon whenever you insert a new vitamin C tablet. Do this at least twice a day. To keep costs down, you might want to use a piece of sea sponge, instead of a tampon. I have added info on using a piece sea sponge to the article. Remove it when it is time to insert a new vitamin C tablet, rinse it, and reinsert it. If it starts smelling “off” soak it for a few hours in a dilute vinegar solution (approximately 1 part vinegar, 3 parts water). Yes, given what you have told me, bump up your dose to 500 mg vitamin C two or three times a day.

Date : 21st May 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Steph, I'm glad you have found this site to be so helpful. You have obvious done your homework! Your plan seems like an excellent one.

Date : 11th May 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank you soooooo very much Barbara for your guidance with this treatment of vitamin. I have been using a 1000mg pure vitamin C tablet ( with the addition of all the non medicinal ingredients) time release tablet halved twice daily. Im aware the only difference with a time release verses chewable or just a regular pressed powderish looking pill/tab is the enteric coating. I wasn't sure as to how long this coating may take to dissolve vaginally, since when taken orally we have the digestive enzymes to help break down the coating, so being armed with that knowledge I decided my best probable option would be to snap the tablet in half so that way if the enteric coating took a long time to dissolve then at least the vitamin could begin working still yet out the exposed end of the tablet. I have been using organic pure virgin coconut oil to help with possible discomfort upon insertion, prior to insertion I have also being using a cosmetic pad after cleansing thoroughly & patting dry with some coconut oil on it and I've using it to wipe my labia with before insertion to protect against the exposed vitamin c to touch. It has been working rather well, and it seems as though possibly having applying the coconut oil to the outside may help ward off any stinging that may happen from discharge, as I'm unable to use tampons due discomfort it causes which intensifies my pain from my disability. I have also read in my research that some women have experienced external symptom relief (ie: itching, burning, stinging (I've also read that some women whom may be prone or have often bouts of BV have used coconut oil prior to intimacy with their partner's as a worry ease of potential flare ups from being intimate ) from the coconut oil being applied with a clean cotton cosmetic pad. I'm now on day 3, & not seeing any discharge from of any color, but I will continue for another 2 more days just to be sure.I wasn't aware I even had this issue until physician was doing yearly exam, 1st couple of days I had a yellowish discharge which from my knowledge is showing signs to me that I'm starting to conquer those yucky lil bad bacterial invaders, I have been using a microliner and it basically had looked as if i may had leaked a bit of urine so was nothing of a really bright yellow or brownish discharge like some others had described they had experienced but with my nursing background id presume that the range of colour of discharge maybe be an indication as to how much of those lil invaders were outta control for, I'm super glad that there is such a more natural or homeopathic way to treat this rather than with western medicines that carry the potential to cause me an even more unwelcome issue of yeast battles! Thank you so so very much for having your forum within you're site! Being able to read others' comments an descriptions of symptoms throughout the process was very helpful, me and my girl member Thank you and you're other readers posts! Sincerely, Steph Cheers!

Date : 11th May 2015   |  By : Steph
Dear Steph, I recommend one 1000 mg vitamin C tablet inserted twice a day. To prevent stinging, I recommend a tampon or menstrual sponge to keep the vitamin in place and away from the labia. I don’t have any experience with using coconut oil to prevent stinging. As long as the vitamin C stays in the vagina, stinging should not be an issue.

Date : 10th May 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi there I'm so glad I found this site! I've been doing my research an I have decided that this homeopathic way is much more suitable for me as I'm not looking to trigger secondary infections because I'm trying to resolve another! So my question is I have purchased a 1000mg vit c tablet but it is extended release. I'd like to know what is recommended dosing for this? Also I've read that using coconut oil helps with discomfort of insertion & that also coconut oil has some profound benefits to vaginal health as well! I have read that the coconut oil helps prevent the stinging sensation that can sometimes come from using vit c this way. Can you please help and let me know how to best used the vit c I have on hand?? As I am low income due to disabilities. Thanks looking forward to hearing your guidance :) Cheers!

Date : 10th May 2015   |  By : Steph
Dear Addy, Yes, insert a vitamin C tablet then insert a tampon or menstrual sponge, to keep the vitamin C in place and away from your labia. Remove the tampon or menstrual sponge when is time to insert the next vitamin C tablet, like when you get up in the morning, and then repeat the process.. As you probably already know from my article I suggest inserting a new 500 mg vitamin C tablet 2 or 3 times a day until the bacterial vaginosis clears. Yes, this will allow still allow for proper cleansing.

Date : 5th May 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Thank you for this site! If using a tampon to prevent burning like you said, do I just leave it in over night and take it out in the morning? will this still allow proper cleansing?

Date : 4th May 2015   |  By : Addy
Hello! So I rested a few days without Vit C insert. But the smell came back. Now I'm back on 1000mg Vitamin C insert twice a day. A small bits of brown discharge is noticed. i'm wondering if there's any previous stubborn case that this method does not work? Also, what is your recommendation on diets? Is sugar & alcohol bad for BV?

Date : 27th Apr 2015   |  By : Annie
Dear Annie, Go back on 1000 mg vitamin C inserted twice a day for a week. The extra time should complete kill off the bad bacteria causing the smell and discharge. Have you added back in the good bacteria like I talk about in this article? That is part of the key to stopping recurrent bacterial vaginitis. Taking a probiotic with the healthy bacteria needed in the vagina is the other important step in the healing process. Adding back the good bacteria makes it more difficult for the bad bacteria to make a comeback. These healthy bacteria work just like a lush, thriving lawn which protects itself from weeds simply because its lushness ensures there is no place for the weeds to get a foothold. The good bacteria from the type of probiotics I recommend above, reseed your vagina so that the good, healthy type of bacteria can once again grow into a lush, thriving, protective shield in your vagina, keeping out the stinky kind. Staying away from sugar and alcohol, especially in moderate to large amounts, is better for your health in all respects, including maintaining healthy, protective bacteria everywhere you need them to be, including your vagina.

Date : 27th Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi there, I've just purchased PLAIN vitamin C 500mg, because I've read that rosehip can burn a little. I'm on day three of using this treatment. So far so good, smell seems to be gone, but now my discharge is a bright yellow colour when it used to be white... Don't think it's the Vitamin C because they are white... do you think it could be the bacteria dying off?

Date : 24th Apr 2015   |  By : Jess
Hi Jess, The change in color is probably from a shift in the type of bacteria, which is what the pH caused by the vitamin C causes. Keep up the treatment for another few days until this shift to a healthy type of bacterial population is complete as evidenced by the yellow color clearing.

Date : 24th Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello i have been using vitamin c 500mg with rose hips is it ok to use that kind? Also i only use twice a week and my smell and discharge comes back. Should i use it more than twice a week? And i just started to notice some spotting im two weeks away from my period. Should me and my bf use condoms while im on taking this? Can you help me?

Date : 21st Apr 2015   |  By : Sharon Miles
Hi Sharon, Yes it is okay to use 500 mg vitamin C tablets with rose hips. I suggest using it twice a day, not twice a week. Continue a day or two after everything clears up and then stop. I don’t know why you are spotting. You may certainly use condoms if you like, but it isn’t necessary.

Date : 21st Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Pinky, Many women have brown discharge after inserting vitamin C. Keep it a few more days. It should clear. It is still quite possible to get pregnant when using the vitamin C. Do not rely on it for birth control! If you are trying to get pregnant and already having difficulty, it is possible it will make getting pregnant more difficult.

Date : 20th Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
IM having brown discharge like a period from the rose hips I inserted due to my bv is that normal also will it prevent Me from getting pregnant

Date : 20th Apr 2015   |  By : Pinky
Dear Shayla, Bioflaviods and calcium in vitamin C should not stop the effectiveness of the vitamin C but they are not necessary for this purpose. Plain vitamin C also works.

Date : 17th Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Annie, Brown discharge could be from old menstrual blood or it could be from bacterial die off. I suggest staying on the vitamin for up to a week more to see if they discharge will go away. When the extra week is up or sooner if the brown discharge stops, stop the vitamin C. For most women, chewable vitamin C is fine. It is not too harsh.

Date : 17th Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello! Thank you for your quick response. I'm wondering how long does it take for the brown discharge to clear? I'm now on 7th day of using vitamin C. the first 5 days I used 250mg Prevegyne once per day, on the 6rh day i decided to up the game to 1000mg vitamin C with rosehip. Not until mid way of this whole thing I noticed the brown discharge... I hope this is the end to my 2yr battle with BV...

Date : 17th Apr 2015   |  By : Annie
Hi I was wondering if using a vitamin c with bioflav and calcium would be to much to use or should i just go buy regular vit C with nothing else in it?

Date : 17th Apr 2015   |  By : Shayla
Dear Rhicca, Sometimes sticky discharge just has to do with where you are in your cycle. I suggest you ask about the sticky discharge during your upcoming check up.

Date : 15th Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
After the vitamin c treatment the odor is gone. But i still have a little bit sticky discharge. I want to get rid of it. What should I do? As i stated before My med. Check up is soon. Will this kind of bv or condition will show up in result? :/

Date : 14th Apr 2015   |  By : Rhicca
Dear Annie, The brown discharge might be a little old menstrual blood or it might be bacterial die off. I recommend continuing treatment until the brown discharge disappears. Yes it is okay to continue treatment during your period, although it is also okay to pause treatment during your period and resume again, if necessary after it is over. No, for most women chewable vitamin C is not too harsh on the vaginal wall.

Date : 14th Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Sorry it's called prevegyne

Date : 13th Apr 2015   |  By : Annie
Hello! I have BV for 2yrs now. I started the pregyene vitamin c treatment 250mg. I'm 5 days in. Just this morning I noticed some brown discharge. I decided to up my dosage to twice a day. Is the brown discharge an indication of the end of the bacteria die off? I see on a comment here that chewable vitamin c works too, would it be too harsh to the vaginal wall? Last question, should I continue if my period comes? Pls advice

Date : 13th Apr 2015   |  By : Annie
Ana, Thanks for the detailed description. That helps me understand your situation. It is possible that the brown part of the discharge is from your brown vitamin C tablets. If that is it, then when you quit inserting the vitamin C tablets, the discharge should go away. Assuming your smell is normal again, It would be worth the experiment to stop the vitamin C and see what happens. Otherwise continue a day or two more. From what you tell me, if the discharge is from bacterial vaginosis bacterial die off, you are nearing the end of that die off process, and the discharge should stop soon.

Date : 12th Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
1000mg BID..although you had mentioned in your last email to possibly do it as much as every 8 hours but I am at work all day so I was kind of doing it when I got up in the am and then again when i got home at night. For example, I woke up at 6am this morning and there was no discharge in panties all night and I was ecstatic. At 6am, I inserted a Vitamin C tablet and then went off to work and around 10am I had a bit of a gush of brown watery discharge.(thank god for pantiliners). I then had a little bit of brown discharge throughout the day and then around 4pm another sort of gush of brown wetness. I do believe the smell is disappearing. I then came home from work around 5pm and inserted another 1000mg tablet and lay down for a bit. When I got up I had dribbles of brown watery discharge. I do find that there isn't much or any discharge when I am horizontal(for example, it is not the first day that I awaken after sleeping all night and find nothing in my underwear and then as soon as I get up, it all drips down. Thanks again for all your help.

Date : 12th Apr 2015   |  By : Ana
Dear Ana, Before I answer your other questions, please tell me, what dosage of vitamin C are you using and how often?

Date : 10th Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara
Thanks so much for answering these questions that I have. I really have found your website invaluable and I am extremely hopeful that my BV clears up using the Vitamin C remedy. How do I know if the Vitamin C I purchased is uncoated or not and does it matter? One of your readers mentioned that she was using uncoated Vitamin C and I looked at the pill I am using and they are dull brown tablets but there was nothing written on the bottle anywhere regarding coating. Second, should I be concerned because I am not sure if the smell has gone away yet? I am in day 2-3 of treatment and i think there has been a decrease in discharge but it is still mostly brownish. I understand that this is the old bacteria dying off and I am happy about that but before I started the treatment, my discharge was thicker yellow discharge and smelly and now it is brownish and watery. Is that normal? And I am not fully satisfied yet that the funky smell is gone yet. There is definitely a decrease in the smell and I just might be soo self-conscious of my smell all the time that I can't help being paranoid. Does it take a full week for some ppl to get rid of the smell completely? Finally, can I do the treatment while I am on my period? I am worried that I will be close to clearing this up and then my menstrual cycle will come next week and I will have to start at the beginning again. Thanks again for all your help.

Date : 10th Apr 2015   |  By : Ana
Dear Rhicca, I would suggest not inserting any vitamin C starting 24-48 hours before your doctor’s appointment. That should be enough time for any chalking discharge from the vitamin C tablet binders to clear. If your BV has not yet fully cleared or if you have intimacy during that time without using the vitamin C, then without the vitamin C, the BV might show up again. If the BV has cleared and you don’t have intimacy in the day or two before your doctor’s appointment, there should be no problem.

Date : 9th Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello! I'm back again. After my treatment of vitamin c. I still have discharge but no smell at small amount only. But whenever I tried again the vitamin c it does clear up but there still have chalky discharge after whenever I will have an intimacy with my bf insert 1 up therethere for surely relief. I just wanna know,because i'll have medical check up coming soon.if i insert vitamin c before my medical will bv would show up at the result? Required the medical check up for work and at my school, I'm nervous it will affect and would embarrass me. :/

Date : 8th Apr 2015   |  By : Rhicca
Dear Ana, I suggest inserting a 1000 mg vitamin C tablet every 8 to 12 hours until everything is back to normal in terms of odor and no more discharge from the infection. You will get a little chalky discharge from the binders in the binders in the vitamin C tablets. Don’t worry about that. That should disappear within a day ending the insertions.

Date : 8th Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi there, I bought 1000mg of Vitamin C and tried this last seems to have helped and there was a significant decrease in discharge and odor. Its been about 15 hours and the smell and discharge is beginning to come back again.Because i am taking 1000mg i just wondered how long i need to wait before I insert another tablet. I don't want to overdose my vagina if you know what I Thanks for all your help..I sure hope this clears up.

Date : 8th Apr 2015   |  By : Ana
Dear Jersey, If the blood is not menstrual blood, then please have a medical professional check out what is going on. Until you understand where the blood is coming from, stop the vitamin C tablets. If you have an open sore, the vitamin C tablets will irritate it. Yes, the brown discharge could be because of blood or it could be because of bacterial die off from the vitamin C tablets working.

Date : 7th Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
It was bloody when I would wipe... almost as if it was irritation. And the chalky discharge is brown... maybe bc of the blood? I'm no where close to getting my period... is this normal? Should I continue with the tablets?

Date : 7th Apr 2015   |  By : Jersey
I tried the vitamin C and the next day smell was gone but... i was bleeding and the discharge was chalky... is that normal? I just want to be cured... can I continue using the vitamin C ?

Date : 7th Apr 2015   |  By : Jersey
I have been suffering from bv for about a yr now. I think its from my one and only ,sex partners semen. Since he eats junk food a lot. Anyway im 19 and have smelly , thin white discharge. Like old cabbage..which is an upgrade from fishy smells i used to have. Ive tried antibiotics, probiotics, yogurt and more. But sadly nothing has worked permanently.I just recently purchased vit. C 1000 mgs im hoping for some safe,sustainable results.

Date : 7th Apr 2015   |  By : Nene
Dear Jersey, A little bit a chalky discharge is normal when using vitamin C. The chalky discharge should stop within a day of stopping the vitamin C. The chalkiness is from the binders in the vitamin C tablet. Where you bleeding because it was that time of month for you?

Date : 6th Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Antionette, I’m glad the vitamin C tablets are working so well for you. The vitamin C itself does not cause brown discharge, however, the die off of bad bacteria can. If this is what is going on, the brown discharge should clear up in a day or two. I suggestion continuing the vitamin C insertion until the brown discharge is gone.

Date : 4th Apr 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
I tried this as a complete skeptic, but I was desperate for something, since I wouldn't be able to get to the doctor anytime soon. It's incredible...two pills and the smell is completely gone! I have, however, had dark brown that normal from the pills? I'm not quite close enough to my period for it to be the beginning of that. I used 1000 mg Vitamin C with rose hips, just the generic brand from Walmart.

Date : 4th Apr 2015   |  By : Antoinette
Dear Jersey, To prevent burning, keep the vitamin C away from your labia. I suggest using a tampon or a menstrual sponge to hold the vitamin C tablet away from your vaginal opening.

Date : 31st Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
I tried inserting a vitamin C tablet last night and got a burning sensation. Is that normal? Also throughout the day there was blood from inflammation as well... normal??? However the discharge did vanish and there is no smell. I inserted another pill tonight but farther up to hopefully prevent stinging. How much longer do I need to keep this up? How do I keep the stinging away? It seems to be working but it\'s painful and no way to pull the pill out!

Date : 30th Mar 2015   |  By : Jersey
Dear Isis, Cleocin Ovules contain an antibiotic, so you will need to take a probiotic such as a recommend in the article above, that can replenish your healthy vaginal flora, if you want to avoid recurrent infections. Using Cleocin ovules together with vitamin C will not help, because the vitamin C is to restore your vaginal pH to the optimum pH range for healthy vaginal flora, yet the antibiotic will kill off those same healthy flora. I recommend starting on a probiotic that is the right type to restore your healthy vaginal flora (see the article above for recommendations) and then inserting a vitamin C tablet two or three time a day for 2 or 3 days. Stop when you no longer have discharge and everything smells normal again. A little chalky white discharge is nothing to worry about. It is from the binders in the vitamin C and will disappear after you stop the vitamin C. I recommend against intimacy until you get your inflection cleared up.

Date : 28th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
I went to the dr for an off scent that wasn\'t me but no discharge . She prescribed me Cleocin Ovules and then a tablet to prevent yeast infections. I did the ovule one night and next day couldn\'t stand the leaking/discharge although the scent was gone. I skipped a night, did it again and the next day had the discharge/leaking which made me uncomfortable again. I went ahead and bought the vitamin C with rosehips and inserted last night (as well as taking one orally) and noticed the morning a different discharge which was cloudy and sticky, no scent (thankfully). Is this normal? I went from no discharge to now creating one with both items. The cleocin was an oily discharge I\'m assuming from the ovule substance. The vitamin C is a sticky cloudy discharge? I went ahead and inserted another Vitamin C this morning to see what happens. Would it be okay to douche and maybe clear everything and start with Vitamin C? What about any intimacy during this time? =( SO uncomfortable with this new discharge)

Date : 28th Mar 2015   |  By : Iris
Dear Jo, I’m so happy for you! If you could help get the word out by sharing this page with other women, I would greatly appreciative!

Date : 24th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, yesterday I tried 1,000 mg vitamin C. Since using it I have had no discharge at all and the smell is completely gone! I'm in shock! I've been battling with this for a long time and that one tablet has made it go away! I don't think the sugar or sweetener matters as it's completely gone! I'm so happy and grateful I found this site. I hope every woman finds it. Thank you :)

Date : 24th Mar 2015   |  By : Jo
Dear Jo, The vitamin C tablets I have contain in addition to vitamin C, calcium stearate, cellulose and silica. They don’t contain any sugar or other sweeteners. It would be better to use a brand that doesn’t add sugar or other sweeteners, because both those both natural and artificial sweeteners can affect your vaginal flora in negative ways.

Date : 23rd Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Rhicca, As I mentioned in another post to you, the inert binders in vitamin C tablets cause a small amount of chalky discharge. That stops after you stop using the vitamin C Yes, please take a break from inserting vitamin C tablets, so you can get a good read on how you are doing. It sounds like you make no longer have any problems.

Date : 23rd Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Is it natural to still have discharge after the treatment in vitamin c? I stopped yesterday, still have it today.. But small amount only. no smell and chalky/sticky after meals.. I stop the treatment after 10days because I\'m scared on its side effect down there.. :3

Date : 23rd Mar 2015   |  By : Rhicca
Dear Cay, I am not aware of vitamin C having any power to delay the start of menstrual bleeding. However, because sperm needs an alkaline environment to survive, it is possible that if you insert a vitamin C tablet before sex, that would make it more difficult to get pregnant. To maximize your chances of pregnancy, I suggest not inserting a vitamin C tablet for at least 6-12 hours beforehand, so that the acidity from the vitamin C is no longer strong enough to interfere with the sperm.

Date : 23rd Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Can using vitamin c with rosehips prevent my period from coming? My one period tracker says im 6 days late and the other one I use It said I was supposed to start the 20th snd nothing yet. I haven\'t did a pregnancy test yet because my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over 2 years and everytime my cycle is late I always run out and buy tests just to be let down. Im gonna go ahead and test tomorrow to make sure im not pregnant. But just wondered if it could prevent it or mess with it in any way

Date : 23rd Mar 2015   |  By : Cay
Just a quick question.. Most vitamin C tablets have sugar or sweeteners in them. Are they ok to use? Thanks x

Date : 23rd Mar 2015   |  By : Jo
This works! Vitamin C works! I tried my first 500 mg tab last night. Today, 100% turn around. At least on the ridiculous odor that had me fearful to even move an inch at work, fearful someone catch wind of it in passing. Trust, it was that bad. Excited to try it for a few more nights; just to see. This saved me an expensive copay and prescription. Mad I didn't find this remedy sooner. I've been embarrassed for weeks.

Date : 19th Mar 2015   |  By : Erika
Dear Rhicca, I’m glad you are doing so well. If the discharge is a small amount of chalky something, that is likely left over from the inert binders that were holding the vitamin C capsule together. This type of slight and chalky discharge from the binders in the vitamin C tablet is nothing to worry about. It will go away after you stop using the vitamin C. Continuing to use the vitamin C tablets 3x/day will not hurt anything. If your discharge doesn’t clear up after a few more days on the vitamin C and then a few day break from the vitamin C, I recommned that you visit a doctor to make sure what you have isn’t something else besides BV, but from your description, it sounds like it is already almost completely cleared up.

Date : 19th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hello. I am in my 7days treatment with vitamin c(500mgday&500mgnight).. I still have discharge after meal & every time I insert it. No smell at small amount only.. I'm planning to continue,this time trice a day. Is it alright to do it? Does it have bad effect if I over use it?

Date : 19th Mar 2015   |  By : Rhicca
Ricca, It sounds like, in your case, you just need a little more vitamin C for your BV to finish clearing up. I recommend continuing the vitamin C but increase the frequency so that you are also inserting another tablet during the middle of the day. Yes, it is okay to have intercourse, as long as your partner is monogamous with you and washes well with soap and water afterwards. You don’t want your infection to be passed on to anyone else or back to you! Also right after intercourse, insert one or two extra vitamin C to help correct for a rise in pH from any ejaculate.

Date : 16th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara
Hello. Just wanna update you in my condition. After 2days of insertion (day&night like you said) I still have discharge but I only have it AFTER meal time ONLY but it\'s smell-less thank god! It\'s sticky.. Just some drops not much. How long should I do this? I think 3days won\'t be enough in my case. And also... Can I have an intercourse in the middle of treatment? Thanks in advance!

Date : 16th Mar 2015   |  By : Rhicca
Dear Dana, The vitamin C tablet will dissolve on its own. No need to take it back out.

Date : 16th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara
For the vitamin C tablet, are you just supposed to take it out after a certain amount of time? will it dissolve on its own? sorry if these are stupid questions--just wondering!!!

Date : 14th Mar 2015   |  By : Dana
Dear Dana, Good question. No need to remove the vitamin C tablet. It will dissolve on it own. You may notice a little chalky white residue from the binders within the tablet. It is nothing to worry about. .

Date : 12th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Thank You! Glad you like the information on my site! Since ejaculate is likely what is raising your vaginal pH and thereby setting you up for recurrent BV, I suggest you get into the habit of inserting a vitamin C tablet either a few hours before or shortly after sex, so that the pH problem is corrected very quickly, so quickly that your recurrent bouts of BV stop.

Date : 12th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
For the vitamin C tablet, are you just supposed to take it out after a certain amount of time? will it dissolve on its own? sorry if these are stupid questions--just wondering!!!

Date : 11th Mar 2015   |  By : Dana
Hi I use to always go to the doctor for my BV and then I found out how bad antibiotics are for the body so now I do lots of research to be healthy and keep it under control I have used yea tree oil suppositories and yea tree oil douches and tea trea oil on a tampon I find this does work well but I recently used a regular summers eve douch and then rephresh vaginal gel right after I know douching is bad but I wanted to start from scratch If that makes since anyways that was really helpful but me and my fiancé have a lot of sex and my symptoms always come back so I'm always trying to fight what seems like a never ending battle.. I came across your page and now I'm trying a 500mg vitamin C capsule held in place with a tampon as you suggested I'm really hoping this will work but I'm nervous when I see my fiancé tomorrow I might have the discharge I heard about I'm really nervous because I feel like it's a burden on my boyfriend and he shouldn't have to deal with my smelly-ness :( but I really hope this works I love your site it's so informative!!

Date : 11th Mar 2015   |  By : Thank you!!
Is it okay to use a synthetic type of vitamin c? There is so much to choose here. I'm kinda confused on what to buy. --)

Date : 11th Mar 2015   |  By : Rhicca
Dear Rhicca, Synthetically made vitamin C is fine. What you need is the pH shift, and any vitamin C tablet that is 250 mg or higher should be able to give you that.

Date : 11th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Kris, The kind of discharge you get while using vitamin C tablets depends on the kind of bacterial infection you have. Yes, sometimes the discharge is yellow from the infection. Continue the vitamin C for several days or until everything smells and looks normal again. In the rare event that it hasn’t cleared after a week of the vitamin C treatments, I recommend going to a doctor. Then it is probably some other type of infection.

Date : 10th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Does anyone get clumpy yellowish discharge while using the vitamic c?

Date : 10th Mar 2015   |  By : Kris
Dear Brenbre, Once the smell and other symptoms have disappeared, you may discontinue the vitamin C and resume normal activities. If you notice symptoms starting to come back, that indicates that your pH is a little high again. It is common and natural for women to have pH fluxuations, often tied into the menstrual cycle. If this happens to you, insert a vitamin C tablet again. The quicker you catch and correct these pH fluxuations, the quicker the problem clears up.

Date : 9th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, I just started using the Vitamin C routine for an ongoing BV issue that antibiotics will not keep away, the smell and other symtomps seem to have gone away after 3 days, how long should i continue? And when is it ok to have intercourse again?

Date : 9th Mar 2015   |  By : Brenbre
If I understand you right, your cottage cheese like discharge has almost disappeared after a few days of the vitamin C treatment. That is good. Continue the vitamin C treatment until it is completely gone. The cottage cheese like discharge was from the infection itself, not the vitamin C treatment. Different infections cause different types of discharge. Because the vitamin C tablet has binders in it, sometimes you will notice a little chalky white discharge. This is what is left of the vitamin C tablet. It is nothing to worry about.

Date : 9th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
If I understand you right, your cottage cheese like discharge has almost disappeared after a few days of the vitamin C treatment. That is good. Continue the vitamin C treatment until it is completely gone. The cottage cheese like discharge was from the infection itself, not the vitamin C treatment. Different infections cause different types of discharge. Because the vitamin C tablet has binders in it, sometimes you will notice a little chalky white discharge. This is what is left of the vitamin C tablet. It is nothing to worry about.

Date : 9th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Is it really normal to have a discharge that looks like a cottage cheese(of course its different from a std discharge) after inserting a vitamin c? There is some ,but just a slightly discharge almost gone.

Date : 8th Mar 2015   |  By : Rhicca
Thanks for always answering our questions quickly :) On my third night which is last night I didn\'t insert anything because I wanna make sure first and wait for your advice. So I will continue this again later at night because its already afternoon. How long should I do this? I still have discharge but it doesnt smell that before. Thanks again ^^

Date : 6th Mar 2015   |  By : Rhicca
Dear Rhicca, From your update, it sounds like the Vitamin C tablets are working. My guess is that if you continue treatment it will clear up within 2 or 3 days, perhaps sooner. Discontinue treatment when there is no longer any funny smell and no longer any unusual discharge. In the future, if you start treatment at the first sign that anything is “off” your treatment time will be much shorter, probably one or two days.

Date : 6th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Dear Ricca, How often are you inserting a vitamin C tablet? When I use 500 mg, I do it morning and night. Since you are using only 250 mg, I suggest adding a new one 4 times a day. I think your dose may not be strong enough for the strength of the infection you are fighting. If it doesn’t clear up in 2 or 3 more days, you may need to try something else, but my guess is that to correct your pH imbalance you need more vitamin C that you have been using.

Date : 4th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
I've had the company of BV for the past 6 years and until recently I figure I should find a natural remedy... (Mainly because I hated going to the doctors so many time and I was tired of spending so much money) First of all I was super scared to do anything that had to do with my lower area. All my reads said douching was horrible for you and further irritation could occur with other solutions. And I didn't try any of them for a while. I read a few good reviews on yogurt, apple cider vinegar, vitamin c and hydrogen peroxide. I was on the fence about using apple cider vinegar or the vitamin c tablet. And I chose the tablet mainly because its review the results seem efficient and effective. I found a non-coated tablet (I wasn't sure which bottle had what, but I went with my gut feeling that gel wasn't a necessary ingredient in a tablet and opened the bottle and viola non coated) it was a 1000 mg, (Which I was nervous about because the studies that supported the usage of vitamin c tablets used 250-500 mg). I inserted the tablet by hand and used plastic tampon applicator to keep the tablet there and lay down for a bit. I also had to use a pad because I figure stuff would come out because of my reading and it did. When I sat up and I felt something come out (total experience sake, it was dark brown but it was close for me to have my period so I figured it was just the gross blood), I went to go wipe, smelled it because I'm weird and it didn't smell like anything. I was ecstatic. It felt funny inside and it felt like I needed to pee or push something out for an hour or so. So I wouldn’t pee after you put in the pill, it burned enough when it leaked down and my opening burned… just more so when I peed. It’s still a bit sensitive when wiping (8 hrs. later) but that may be because it was 1000mg, I’m not sure. Sorry if I grossed anyone out, but if you’re like me I’d want to know everything that can happen so that’s why I am so descriptive with my experience. I hope this helps! I’m so grateful for all your responses or I wouldn’t be able to be comfortable with my body again. Thank you all!

Date : 4th Mar 2015   |  By : Grateful
Hello! I wanna share my 1stnight exp. Using vit.c (cevit250mg).. There are a lot of yellowish discharge coming out last night until now. This is my 2nd night, should I continue this for 6 days? Is it normal that I still have discharge coming out fr. me?? I'm confused and at the same time scared that it won't do anything in my case. :((

Date : 4th Mar 2015   |  By : Rhicca
Dear Marie, I do not recommend using boric acid. Too many women have had negative experiences using it to treat bacterial vaginosis. If you have an open wound inside, you need to seek medical help immediately. If you use vitamin C again, use a tampon or menstrual sponge to keep the vitamin C tablet deep inside the vagina where it can do its job. That will stop the stinging. Yes, it can sting when it gets near the opening.

Date : 1st Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Help! After using a boric acid suppository for bv, things were fine. The next morning after showering I used the vitamin c tablet. It was burning but thought it was okay. The next day when I went pee it burned a lot. I looked in the mirror and the inside of my vagina was very red and burned inside. I douched with hydrogen peroxide and water which seemed to help but do worried about getting an infection having an open wound in there. Has anyone had this issue? I'm so scared!

Date : 28th Feb 2015   |  By : Marie
Dear Cathy, The vitamin C can cause a burning sensation if it touches your labia area. To easily prevent this burning make sure you insert the vitamin C tablet well into the vagina and then use a tampon or a menstrual sponge to hold it in place. The vitamin C will then stay where it needs to stay to be effective and no longer cause any burning sensations.

Date : 23rd Feb 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
YB, excellent question about vitamin C and copper IUDs. My understanding of how copper IUDs work is that part of why it is a contraceptive is that the copper causes a chronic irritation of the uterine wall. This inflammation makes it difficult for an egg to implant and this inflammation also attacks and destroys sperm. Since vitamin C is also sometimes used to calm down inflammation, I don't know, but I suspect that it vitamin C gets inside your uterus, it might make your IUD less effective as a means of contraceptive. Since the antiinflammatory effect of vitamin C is transitory, if you use vitamin C vaginally to clear bacterial vaginosis, I suggest you wait a 2 or 3 days from your last use of the vitamin C, before you have unprotected sex again, to make sure any antiinflammatory effect the vitamin C might be having in your uterus has passed.

Date : 23rd Feb 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi I have been having problems with BV for the last few months. I used metrogel for two cycles two different months but the symptoms come right back. I have tried vitamin c tabs and it really works but I'm very concerned that it will get stuck inside my u turns via the cervix. When I insert it I feel like there's a pressure almost sucking it to the outside of my cervix. Do you know if it's dangerous if it dissolves and the particles go inside the uterus? I also want to mention that I have a copper IUD. Thanks

Date : 22nd Feb 2015   |  By : YB
Hello I just wanted to ask if after using the vitamin c is it suppose to burn. I tried this insert thingy and it burns really bad is that normal but I do find that it helps a little afterwards

Date : 22nd Feb 2015   |  By : Cathy
Hey im in South Africa, i visited your site when i had terrible odor due to depo injections, on my last month of depo i started to notice a brown discharge with terrible odor, couldn\'t have sex with my husband cause i was feeling embarrassed,iv been on and of flygyl antibiotics for ever as soon as they finished the terrible thing returns. after work on Friday i ran straight to dischem and grabbed myself a tub of 100 vitamin c tablets.500g its written natures way, they are non flavored and no home inserted 1 tab and withing 30 munites i was odorless and no discharge to my amazement, its day 4 today as i write to you and still loving my life.believe me whe i say within 2 hours of inserting vitamin c i had good lovemaking with hubby with out disturbance!!! it really works!!

Date : 16th Feb 2015   |  By : Tracy
Wooooooooo, i came here when i had terrible odor due to depo injections, on my last month of depo i started to notice a brown discharge with terrible odor, couldn't have sex with my husband cause i was feeling embarrassed,iv been on and of flygyl antibiotics for ever as soon as they finished the terrible thing returns. after work on Friday i ran straight to dischem and grabbed myself a tub of 100 vitamin c tablets. its written natures way, they are non flavored and no home inserted 1 tab and withing 30 munites i was odorless and no discharge to my amazement, its day 4 today as i write to you and still loving my life.believe me whe i say within 2 hours of inserting vitamin c i had good lovemaking with hubby with out disturbance!!! it really works!!

Date : 16th Feb 2015   |  By : Tracy
Hi Rhicca, Yes, you can insert chewable vitamin C capsules with rosehips directly into the vagina. I recommend also using a menstrual sponge or tampon to hold the capsule in the vagina away from the labia. It the vitamin C shortly after insertion gets directly on the labia it can be irritating.

Date : 9th Feb 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Can I insert the chewable vitamin c with rosehip tablet in the vagina?

Date : 9th Feb 2015   |  By : Rhicca
Hi Melissa, yes, chewable vitamin C tablets will also work.

Date : 28th Jan 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi there I'm curious to find out if the vitamin C chewable would work also.

Date : 27th Jan 2015   |  By : Melissa
Dear Shauna, Vitamin C power in capsules will not work as well as vitamin C tablets. This is because once a capsule dissolves, all the vitamin C powder will be released very quickly. The whole purpose of using vitamin C tablets is a sustained drop in pH so that the bad bacterial can no longer survive. Tablets dissolve slowly, so that that the pH change is sustained over a longer period of time.

Date : 20th Jan 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
I have Vitamin C but it's the powder capsules.would that work?

Date : 20th Jan 2015   |  By : Shauna
In response to the question about Prevegyne: It is a 250 mg vitamin tablet in time release form that is marketed for bacterial vaginosis. From what I could see from a quick internet search, it is marketed for use in Canada. Although someone has been clever enough to market this home remedy (a vitamin C capsule inserted in the vagina) for clearing bacterial vaginosis, in my opinion, any 250 mg or 500 mg vitamin C tablet would work, meaning just purchase whatever brand of vitamin tablet is available in your area of the world. Fancy marketing and selling vitamin C with a fancy name brand that sounds pharmaceutical, isn't going to make it work any better. It just means the company making it can charge more because of the perception that it might be somehow better.

Date : 14th Oct 2014   |  By : Barbara Allan
Hi, Just a query about the vitamin C. what product is it called in Australia that I need to purchase. I know that in America its called Prevegyne. thanks.

Date : 14th Oct 2014   |  By : Paris

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