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Anti-Inflammatory Arthritis Creams For Feet and More: T-Relief

by Cassandra Willis
Author of Articles on Topical Liniments

Is Traumeel®, aka T-Relief, Effective for Arthritis Pain?

The active ingredients in Traumeel® (aka T-Relief) are homeopathic anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and accelerated healing agents. Some of these ingredients are natural analgesics that reduce pain while others reduce inflammation, the cause of the pain. Applying this cream to painful joints or muscles will relieve mild to moderate pain and provide some relief for intense pain.

One of the advantages to using a pain relief cream, opposed to taking pain relievers orally, is that many pain medications cause stomach damage, which ultimately makes arthritis worse and harder to heal. This is because the major underlying cause of arthritis is food sensitivities. These drugs are hard on the stomach and increase its permeability, allowing partially digested food to leak out into the blood stream. The white blood cells recognize the partially digested food as a foreign invader and attack it. This process creates more food sensitivities and increases inflammation in the body.

Traumeel Pain Relief Ointment   (the old packaging many of us still recognize)

T-Relief Pain Ointment 100 Gram  (the new packaging)

However, T-Relief® does not include any drugs that cause stomach damage and is applied to the skin, avoiding this problem completely. It is also very beneficial from an arthritis stand point because it reduces inflammation, the cause of the pain and joint damage. Some mainstream arthritis pain medications only eliminate pain, but do nothing for inflammation. This means that while you may be pain-free, the inflammation is still in your body, damaging your joints. T-Relief® minimizes inflammation and includes natural pain-relieving analgesics to ease pain from both sources.

What About Joint Stiffness?

Heel, the makers of T-Relief®, also make a similar pain and stiffness relief cream specifically for arthritis, formerly called Zeel®. They have the same homeopathic pain relief ingredients, but, while T-Relief® contains more ingredients that increase the speed of healing, T-Relief Arthritis® contains more ingredients that improve and fortify connective tissues in the body. Both of these products also come in tablet form, but for isolated pain and instant relief, I recommend using them as a topical cream.

Using these creams in tandem may be extremely helpful for managing arthritis pain and stiffness. Besides using various pain relievers, the most important and effective thing to do is move. Moving keeps your muscles limber and the circulation in your joints – use these pain creams as tools to help you keep moving.

Hidden Allergens

As mentioned above, food sensitivities are one of the major causes of arthritis. However, these sensitivities are not only triggered by what you eat; your body also reacts to what you breathe in and what you put on your skin. Before deciding to use one of these ointments, or any other product, check to make sure that all of the ingredients are safe for you.

For a detailed list of ingredients and their possible allergen hazards, read: Are Inactive Ingredients Really Inactive?

To learn more about food sensitivities and how to identify them, read about the ALCAT Test.

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5 Comments On Anti-Inflammatory Arthritis Creams For Feet and More: T-Relief

Jan, thank you for sharing your experience with using Traumeel Cream. I am glad it is helping you so much.

Date : 13th Feb 2020   |  By : Barbara Allan
You can order Traumeel on Amazon from Europe. I get a rash from T Relief but not from Traumeel Cream. I recently tried taking the tincture-5drops in a glass of water morning and evening for widespread pain and inflammation and have completely stopped taking NSAIDs and Tylenol now, which I had been on daily for 7 months. I am astounded at the systemic relief I have received from this treatment.

Date : 13th Feb 2020   |  By : Jan Voorhis
Thanks for this web page--I was in a panic when I could not pull up Traumeel which I have been using for years. Don't like the new name, but hopefully it is the same product.

Date : 13th Aug 2017   |  By : JD
Dear Jim, Traumeel is still available in the US, they just changed their name. The new name is T-relief pain ointment. I don't much like the new name, but I still love the product. Whenever I get banged up playing sports or from an accident out in the yard, it is my first line of defense. I heal up more quickly when I use it.

Date : 10th Mar 2015   |  By : Barbara Allan
Traumeel. was always the best topical remedy for many issues after my car accident.. best product ever ! I have so missed this product. Can you still buy this product in Canada .. and where ! Thankyou .. Regards Jim Gordon

Date : 10th Mar 2015   |  By : Jim Gordon

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