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Rheumatoid Arthritis or Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis?

What Are They?

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease.  The body attacks and destroys its own joints.  It is caused by a combination of genetic susceptibility and external triggers. 

Juvenile Idiopathic arthritis (JIA) is a broad term that describes arthritis of unknown cause which begins before 16 years of age.  This includes juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  Generally juvenile idiopathic arthritis benefits from the same healing strategies described here for RA.

What Are the Underlying Causes?

One of the underlying causes is a disruption in the digestive tract called leaky gut syndrome that leads to delayed food and chemical sensitivities. 

Generally a person is just fine until something particularly stressful happens, like the death of a close family member, a divorce, losing a job, having a child with a condition that requires extreme vigilance, traveling under third world conditions, chemical exposure, taking a course of antibiotics (which wipes out healthy intestinal bacterial), and/or getting an infection.

These physical and psychological stresses are enough to tip the immune system into a mode that results in RA.  Luckily there are ways to restore the immune system and take it back out of "rheumatoid arthritis mode". If you already have extensive joint damage, that can mostly not be reversed. However, it possible to stop further joint damage and to regain energy and mental clarity. This is because eliminating ongoing inflammation in the body eliminates the considerable fatigue that this inflammation causes.

Strategies for Healing the Underlying Causes of RA and JIA

If you  are not yet on arthritis drugs, I recommend you implement the alternative healing strategies in the book Conquering Arthritis for two weeks.  If you press the pedal to the metal and go all out on those strategies you may not need to go on arthritis drugs at all.

If you only have the time and energy for one strategy, I recommend taking the ALCAT test and then eliminating the foods and chemicals that test as problems for you.

If after two weeks of these strategies you are still not feeling better, I recommend you call my office and set up a phone consultation.  Often a short troubleshooting session will quickly turn around the situation.

If you experiencing rapid ongoing joint damage AND are in a place in your life where you CANNOT devote two weeks to your healing, I recommend going on an aggressive course of Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs (DMARDs).

Don't do this half way.  The benefit of DMARDs is they slow or stop ongoing joint damage.  They buy you time.  Take them at a high enough level to get the full benefit.  (See my drug guide.)

Once you and your doctor find a DMARD that is working for you, you should be in less pain and have more energy.  Then go all out on the healing strategies in the book Conquering Arthritis.  Ideally this will heal the underlying causes of your arthritis and eliminate the need for ongoing arthritis drug treatment.

If after two weeks you are not feeling better, call my office and set up a phone consultation.  As I already mentioned, often a trouble shooting session will often quickly turn around the situation.

More Support for Healing RA and JIA 

Some people learn best from a book.  Other people learn better from someone taking them step by step through the healing process.  I have an online video course in which I walk you through what you need to know to heal and the the action steps you need to take.


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